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Cooling down.

Friday, November 3, 2023. Cold out there, 45 degrees as I write this Diary late Thursday night. Although the weatherman forecast upper 50s for today.

The Art Show at the Park Avenue Armory opened Wednesday night as always with a benefit preview for the Henry Street Settlement. Our friend, artist/author/collector Charlie Scheips took it all in with pleasure and sent us the following report:

“The show, a selection of member galleries of the Art Dealers Association of America (ADAA), is always an eclectic treat of modern and contemporary Art.  It’s on view this weekend each day at noon.  Here are some of the works that I liked. Many of the galleries feature the work of a single artist which is always a pleasant relief from the visual overload of taking in an art fair.”

The Art Show at the Park Avenue Armory.
Sarah Gavlak with one of Lisa Anne Auerbach’s knitted “Illicit Libraries” series.
Nina Childress’s tribute paintings of the late art dealers Colin de Land and Pat Hearn at Nathalie Karg.
L. to r.: Artist Joel Mesler and Rabbi Berel Lerman at Cheim & Read; Tarrah von Lintel with one of Mark Sheinkman’s paintings.
Michael Werner featured a show of Peter Saul works.
Petzel Gallery featured Peiter Schoolwerth’s 2011 series of paintings of digital transformations of Old Master paintings.
A fantastic Hockney 1974 color pencil drawing of Yves-Marie at Mary Ryan.
The crowd arrives.

Watercolors by George Sand.

Alex Barlow and Tom Gitterman.
Vntage Czech photography including Funke and Dritikol at Gitterman.
The amazing ceramics of Bertozzi & Casoni at Sperone Westwater.
The Grey Art Gallery’s Michele Wong and Lynn Gumpert with Marianne Rosenberg. Rosenberg’s grandfather Paul was Picasso’s dealer.
LiLiana Porter’s Man Drawing in Uniform at Krakow Witkin.
Kurt Kauper painting from his “Watching Men” at Mark Selwyn Fine Art.

Meanwhile back to DPC: There is so much on the social calendar right now. Next week looks like it’ll be double or triple the events because — as I learned last night at dinner — a large number of the Palm Beach crowd have to leave town by November 6th to get their six months (no taxes) if they wanna save those millions that they’ve already got. So, many of the most important ($$$) events have to be held by or before that date.

This coming Monday night, for example is featuring three “major” events: the NY Public Library is holding their annual major dinner; the Lauder Brothers, Leonard and Ronald, are hosting their 16th Annual Connoisseur’s Dinner for the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation and this year they are personally donating $200 million to their project. 

I’ve been covering some of the Lauder philanthropies for a number of years, beginning with Evelyn Lauder’s Breast Cancer Research Foundation. I watched it grow and improve and the numbers changed dramatically. They get things done. When Ronald and Leonard Lauder started their Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation they stated it was to Find a Cure; for this modern ailment. I knew then they’d succeed, or rather, we’d succeed.

Soon-to-be Museum of Modern Art honoree Beth DeWoody, with Charlie Scheips, at The Art Show on Wednesday night.

Then on Monday night also over at the Museum of Modern Art, they are feting my friend Beth DeWoody for her dedication to the world of Modern Art. I don’t know what I’m talking about here except I know Beth and I’ve watched her build her expertise, her collections and her knowledge over the years. She’s another example of someone who can engage the public with her choices, as well as her devotion to the artists’ community.

Because I’ve known her since she was starting out in life, I’ve observed her growth as a member of the artists’ community. She’s already been compared to Peggy Guggenheim as a major collector in contemporary Art History. Except she’ll be the Beth DeWoody of her age. I am one of those individuals who has had the privilege of her interest in my life professionally. One of many I can easily assume.

Meanwhile, Palm Beach or no today Meredith and Hunter Ellis recently celebrated the New York City opening of the JAMES Showroom at the Interior Arts Building. It is designed by Meredith, an interior designer, to feel like a dream New York apartment with individually decorated rooms featuring the textiles of Casa Branca, Casamota, McLaurin & Piercy, Sister Parish, and others. 

The rattan bed from Paolo Moschino was a crowd favorite, as was the Tequila tasting and tasty Texas appetizers from BITE, with a plethora of hot sauces! Guests included: Jamie Creel, Bunny Williams, David Kleinberg, Jesse Carrier, Mara Miller, Dennis Scully, Patrick Mele, Cindy Rinfret, Alison Levasseur, Ellen Niven, Chesie Breen, Darren Henault, Lisa Fine, Brian Sawyer, Virginia Tupker, Tori Mellott, Tony Freund, David Netto, and more. We are ready to move right in!

Alison Levasseur and Bunny Williams.
Brian Sawyer, Jamie Creel, Carlos Mota, and Patrick Mele.
Darren Henault and Meredith Ellis.
David Kleinberg with Susan and Douglas Crater.
Frances Schultz, Chesie Breen, and Lisa Fine.
L. to r.: Hunter and Meredith Ellis; Hunter Ellis and Dennis Scully.
Mara Miller, Ellen Niven, and Jesse Carrier.
Taylor Stebbins and Cindy Rinfret.
Virginia Tupker and Tori Mellott.

An intimate dinner hosted by Alessandra Branca at Antonucci Cafe followed, with a charming tomato inspired tablescape. It was a perfect NYC Fall night of creativity, Texan treats, then pasta!

L. to r.: Jesse Carrier and Suzanne Kasler; Cindy Rinfret and Juan Montoya.
L. to r.: Georgia McElveen, Alison Levasseur, and Andrew Uihlein; Maddie O’Malley.
Patrick Mele and Alessandra Branca.

Photographs by Middle Grey Studios & Elizabeth O. Baker Photography (Branca)

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