Jay Heritage Center Celebrates its 30th Anniversary of Moonlight at Jay Soirée

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Cocktails in the new Jay Gardens designed by Thomas Woltz.

Over 300 supporters of the Jay Heritage Center (JHC) enjoyed a night of spectacular weather on Saturday, September 17, first touring fragrant gardens designed by Nelson Byrd Woltz and supping at sparkling tablescapes under the moonlight afterwards. The evening marked 30 years of leadership in preservation and environmental stewardship at the historic Jay Estate in Rye. The landmark home was transformed into an educational center in 1992 and is a notable member of the Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area and Westchester County’s African American Heritage Trail.

Nonie Reich, daughter of one of JHC’s founders, applauded the course navigated by JHC as did New York State Assemblyman Steve Otis and Senator Shelley Mayer. A live auction of bespoke dinners and a green electric MOKE were highlights of the party that was co-chaired Christie Bonasera, Aileen Burdick, Lindsay Martin, Caroline Walker and JHC President Suzanne Clary.

The celebration raised over $300,000 for outreach initiatives.

Brian and Emily Wells, Corry Hyer, and Ali Jacobs.
Stacia Smart and George Reich.
John Bello and artists from the Gotham Project.
Cheryl Small Jackson, Francine Shorts, Gloria Welcome, and Janette Wilson.
Michael Kovner and Jean Doyen de Montaillou.
Katherine Ernest, Richard Mumby, Samantha Walker, and Ashley Gendron.
Nicole Friedman, Mallory Gershenfeld, and Taryn Clary.
Todd and Maureen Krugman with Nonie and Chris Reich.
The reflecting pool.
Bill and Danielle Kindler with Alexandra and John Hagens.
Dan Vogel with John and Sarah Richardson, Lindsay Martin, Kyle Armbrester, and friends.
Lindsay Martin in a brand new green MOKE.
Shelby Green and Jay Adler.
Kait Strobel with Will and Hallie Nazer de Jaucourt.
Chris Beardsley, Allison Young, with Colleen and Will Metzidakis.
L. to r.: Jorge Otero-Pailos and Laurence Lafforgue; Sumi Nair and Brian Cady.
Randy Lim, Nora Ndoci, Mallory Gershenfeld, Taryn Clary, Nicole Friedman, and Valentin Quan.
Megan Evans, with Alex and Macauley Kerr.
Luke and Tracy Edwards.
Guests strolled through the herb gardens.
Andrew and Frannie Rochat with Birgitte and Dan Townley.
Sunset in the Jay Gardens.
Kevin Peraino and Lucas Hunt.
Suzanne Clary and Nonie Reich.
Peter Hancock and Libby Alexander.
Nonie Reich shared reminisces about her mother and other JHC founders.
Maria Hancock and Marie McKeige.
John Galantic with Jessica and Michael O’Mary.
Stephanie Linehan and Joyen Ingrassia.
Moonlight Soiree Co-Chairs Caroline Walker, Christie Bonasera, Suzanne Clary, Aileen Burdick, and Linday Martin.
Caroline Wallach, Steve Otis, Suzanne Clary, Senator Shelley Mayer, Kevin Peraino, and Tracy Edwards.
State Assemblyman Steve Otis and Senator Shelley Mayer congratulated the JHC Board on their 30th Anniversary.
Auctioneer Lucas Hunt.
Francine Shorts keeps the bidding lively.
L. to r.: Danielle Tagger-Epstein and Daniel Epstein; Jay Cantor.
Oskar Lewnowski and Rob Alexander.
Emily and Bobby Tisdale.
L. to r.: Adam Lanza and Dylan Naughton; Daniell and Brad Neuman.
Olivia Lewnowski, Sasha Galantic, and Peter Hancock.
Rich and Suzanne Clary with Sen. Shelley Mayer.
The Gotham Project.
Lindsay Martin, Katherine Ernest, Ashley Gendron, and Richard Mumby.
Alexis and Jon Scahill with Kim Berns.
Scott Wallach with Greg Ingrassia and Seth Lax.
Patrick and Liz Garrett with Greg and Jen Swanson.
Perfect last song was Don’t Stop Believing!
Kyle and Pippa Armbrester, winners of a new MOKE.

Photographs by Cutty McGill and Kim Crichlow.

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