Jill Krementz Photo Journal: On the Road Again

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Ingrid from Ecuador is the manager of the Pratesi pop-up. You can call her directly at 929-353-3085. The store is open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. all seven days.
Note to readers: I asked Ingrid if she would remove her mask for two seconds; I was standing ten feet away and double-masked!

A big outing over here on East 48th Street … all the way to 47th and Lexington where I found the very best pop-up store (Pratesi Firenze) selling mini crossbody bags ($39) in every color imaginable.

Up until this afternoon I’ve been Covid-hibernating, rarely going out. And when I have, it’s been with everything in my side pockets: house keys, credit card, Kleenex, and a bit of cash.

I’ve missed having my camera, along with my notebook.

But now — emboldened by having received my first vaccine injection (Moderna) this past Saturday —I feel ready to try a few forays into the world outside.

For my first post pandemic journal I’d like to share some photographs from my “shopping spree.”

Kicking off with a self-portrait of me with the $39 yellow leather mini crossbody bag I purchased at Pratesi.
I’m double-masked and that’s my Canon PowerShot ELPH I’ve been using ever since I went digital in 2008.

The crossbody mini bags are available in 35 colors.
In addtion to bags, there’s a large assortment of coin purses, wallets, toilet kits, and gloves — all handcrafted in Florence.
The ladies gloves made of buttery soft leather and lined are $48 available in the usual incremental sizes … 7, 7 1/2, 8, etc.
I personally love brightly colored gloves because they aren’t so easily lost.
These gloves with rabbit trim fur cost $79.
I was amused by these two larger bags shaped like cameras and surprised when Ingrid told me they were probably the best sellers in the store; $440.

These 3-way backpacks (with handles) can be carried, worn crossbody, or on one’s back. They are $79.
As you can see, the backpacks also come in a wide range of colors.
And they are on sale.
This backpack (in multiple colors) has a chain tucked inside and can be used as a regular shoulder bag; $69.
And then there’s this wonderful duffel bag on wheels; $459.
I hope you enjoy a visit to this pop-up shop as much as I did.
It’s next to the Roger Smith Hotel on the East side of Lexington Avenue on 47th Street. Open 11-7 daily and on weekends.

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