Jumping into June

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Robin Pzena, Karen Klugman, Judith Greenblatt, Gail Cohen, Jane Mark, Deborah Devinsky, and Mona Kanter at The Jewish Museum’s 26th Annual Most Amazing New York Art & Design Tour Ever.

The Jewish Museum’s 26th Annual Most Amazing New York Art & Design Tour Ever, held on May 22, 2019, attracted over 200 attendees. Guests enjoyed breakfast and the Museum’s current exhibition, Leonard Cohen: A Crack in Everything. This was followed by self-guided tours of some of New York’s most spectacular private Upper West Side residences. Jane Wilf and Judith Greenblatt were the co-chairs of the event, which raised a record $360,000 to benefit the Jewish Museum.

Event Co-Chairs Judith Greenblatt and Jane Wilf.
L. to r.: Jane Wilf and Rachel Wilf; Sara-Ann Wallerstein, Susan Scherr, and Marilyn Scherr.
L. to r.: Amy Gold and Helaine Pruzan; Beth Rustin and Amy Rose Silverman.
L. to r.: Alice Gottesman and Orit Efrati; Sondra Mack and Kelsey Rudin.
Tracey Pruzan, Elizabeth Sahlman, and Susan Scherr.
L. to r.:Susan Feinstein and Mitzi Eisenberg; Wendy Block and Michelle Coleman.
Emily Sutton, Stephanie Spar, Deborah Raiman, Terri Goldberg, and Ruth Anne Kamins.
L. to r.: Linda Landis and Sheree Mandelbaum; Nikki Levy and Avis Richards.
Allyson Wiener, Deborah Devinsky, Tara Rutman, and Danielle Reyman.
L. to r.: Amy Biloon, Leslie Dannin Rosenthal, Ruth Anne Kamins; Mara Berger and Cori Wilf.

The Association of Community Programs for the Homeless (ACE) celebrated another year of success last night with its yearly gala at The St. Regis Hotel. This year’s theme was Phantom of the Opera and brought old and new friends together including ACE founder Henry Buhl, Donna and Richard Soloway, ACE honoree Jorge Iragorri, Afsaneh and Donald Smith, ACE honoree Janet Goldman, Keiko Ono Aoki, Baroness Gabriella Von Langendorff, Eileen Guggenheim, ACE honoree Leslie Feldman and Pat Haskell, among others. The event was emceed by Val Greenberg and Rob Shuter and Michael Amante and Lauren Jelencovich performed music from the much-loved show.

Henry Buhl.

Founded by Henry Buhl, ACE works with homeless men and women throughout New York City, providing job training, work experience and a lifetime support network to help our program participants achieve their goals and establish economic independence.

Vicki McLoughlin and Keiko Ono Aoki.

Today, ACE has grown to serve more than 600 people each year with workforce development, adult basic education and job readiness/life skills training in our vocational rehabilitation program, Project Comeback. In addition, ACE provides lifetime support services and opportunities for career growth in their aftercare program, Project Stay, and access to affordable housing through one of their most recent initiatives, Project Home. Since 1992, ACE has helped over 3,000 New Yorkers overcome homelessness, incarceration and addiction to find full-time jobs and start new lives.

Arian Piazzi, Massimo Piazzi, and Pat Haskell.
L. to r.: Afsaneh Smith and Donald Smith; Sandra Sanches, Henry Buhl, and Janet Goldman.
Larry Wohl, Leesa Rowland, Katerina Feldman, and Leslie Feldman.
Richard Soloway and Baroness Gabriella von Langendorff.
L. to r.: Donna and Richard Soloway; Mako Igima and Tucker Robbins.
Sandra Sanches and her fiancé Gregory Redmond.
Lauren Imparato and ACE Honoree Jorge Iragorri; Valerie Greenberg and Rob Shuter.

On May 30th, The Associate Committee and their many friends happily JUMPED INTO JUNE at Doubles, the Private Club in The Sherry-Netherland. All 200 guests enjoyed a delicious dinner of asparagus salad, Nantucket crab cakes followed by dancing after (of course!) the chocolate ice cream sundaes were served.

The evening was enjoyed by: Whitney and Henry Topping, Marisa and Robin Von Bokhorst, Mark Gilbertson, Georgina Schaeffer, Hilary Dick, Polly Onet, Alexandra and Louis Rose, Celeste Manice, Tatiana and Thorne Perkin, Othon and Kathy Prounis, Kate and Andrew Davis, Priscilla and Alexis Zoullas and many, many more.

Tana Dye, Mark Gilbertson, Marcia McCabe, and Lil Phillips.
Jennifer Powers, Holly Hunt, and Natalie Strange.
L. to r.: Marisa van Bokhorst and Robin van Bokhorst; Celeste Manice and Tatiana Perkin.
Henry Topping, Susanna Hong, and Will Hoh.
Chris Momsen, John Rustum, and Page Rustum.
L. to r.: Hilary Dick and Polly Onet; Louis and Alexandra Rose.
Stephanie Clark and Celeste Manice.
Dr. Amar Ranawat, Andrea Ranawat, Sarah Pruellage, and Bill Pruellage.
Kate and Andrew Davis.
L. to r.: Danielle and Tolomy Erpf; Othon and Kathy Prounis.
Whitney Topping, Debra Peltz, and Wendy Hoh.
Tim Fisher, Whitney Mogavero, and Drew Mogavero.
L. to r.: Victor Geraci and Chele Farley; Priscilla and Alexis Zoullas.
Alison Harmelin and Samer Hamadeh.

Photographs by Angela Pham/BFA.com (Art Tour); Annie Watt (ACE); David Dupuy/AnnieWatt.com (Doubles).

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