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The Horticultural Society of New York's 22nd Annual New York Flower Show™ Gala at the Metropolitan Club.

The Horticultural Society of New York hosted its 22nd Annual New York Flower Show™ Gala at the Metropolitan Club on Tuesday, May 7th. This year’s event honored Nicholas Varney, Founder and Owner of Nicholas Varney Jewels, for his creative and inspired designs that feature an unexpected range of natural materials and bring the wearer closer to Mother Nature. The gala featured confection-inspired topiaries decorated with macarons and flowers. The installations were generously designed by internationally recognized contemporary artist Will Cotton and brought to life by Jameel Gilbert of J. Gilbert Studios. Jared Goss, Chairman of the Board, led the gala, which raised over $230,000 for The Hort’s vital programs and services: Horticultural Therapy, Children’s Education, Public Programs, and Urban Greening.

L. to r.: Maria Roach, George Roach; Nicholas Varney, Sara Hobel, and Jared Goss
Alatia Bradley Bach, Michael Foster, and Elizabeth Schubert.
Barbara de Portago, Gregory Hedberg, and Margaret Hedberg.
Bryan Bailey and Karl Rozak.
L. to r.: Heather and Jerry Bratberg; David Orentreich and Frances Schultz.
Carleton Varney and Christine Ebersole.
Elisabeth Saint-Amand, Memrie Lewis, and Frances Schultz.

Frederica Lauder, Tom Gibb, and Leigh Lauder.
L. to r.: Huguette and Dennis Hersch; Jean Rutherfoord, Thomas Rutherfoord, Dalton Ruffin, and Paula Ruffin.
George Stephenson, Antony Merck, Ann Long Merck, Sheila Stephenson, Diane Van Amerongen, and Leigh Curry.
Isabel Toneli, John Argenti, and Jennifer Argenti.
L. to r.: Frances Schultz and Ann Long Merck; Jessica and Bryan Cho.
Jared Goss, George Pisegna, Anna Nadezhina, and Peter Tcherepnine.
L. to r.: Marina Killery and Charles Holmes; George Roach and Natalie Pray.
Kyle DeSantis, Drew DeSantis, Kelly Golden, Mitchell Hatcher, and Michael Golden.
Michael Kovner and Jean Doyen de Montaillou.
Michelle Brookshire, Tim Brookshire,  and Jane Schwab.
Sara Hobel, Brendan Johnston, and Katie Whipple.
L. to r.: Eric Javits, Gloria Fieldcamp, and Di Mondo; Gregg Schenker and  Maria Estrany-y-Gendre.
Susan Zises Green and Jill Fortney.
L. to r.: Nicole Patrick and Tennyson Singer; Mary Van Pelt and Mark Gilbertson.
Tom Gibb, Bruce Addison, and Robert Lindgren.
Eleanora Kennedy and her handsome tablemates.

Over 200 guests attended the 19th annual 21 Leaders for the 21st Century awards gala honoring 21 women and men who have helped promote and empower women and girls around the world. The event, presented by Women’s eNews, took place on Monday, May 6th, at Club 101 in New York City.

The evening was hosted by Tamsen Fadal, eleven-time Emmy award-winning journalist and anchor of PIX 11 News, author, executive producer and host of Broadway Profiles for The Broadway Channel. Lori Sokol, Executive Director of Women’s eNews, presided over the event.  Loreen Arbus, President of The Loreen Arbus Foundation, The Goldenson-Arbus Foundation, and Loreen Arbus Productions, Inc., was the Honorary Gala Chair. Honorary Gala Co-Chairs were Abigail Disney, documentary filmmaker and co-founder, Level Forward; Lauren Embrey, President, Embrey Family Foundation; and Suzanne Lerner, Co-Founder and President, Michael Stars.

Loreen Arbus presented The Loreen Arbus Champion for Disabilities Award to Jd Michaels. Lauren Embrey presented The Rita Henley Jensen Investigative Journalist Award to Danielle Belton, Editor-in-Chief at The Root. Wendy Davis, former Texas State Senator, 2014 Texas Democratic Gubernatorial nominee, and Founding Director of Deeds not Words, was the keynote speaker for the gala as well as an honoree. 

The evenings honorees were: Gisselle Acevedo, President + CEO, The Ackerman Institute for the Family; Danielle Belton, Editor-in-Chief, The Root; Dr. Susan M. Blaustein, Founder + Director, WomenStrong International; Ted Bunch, Chief Development Officer, A Call To Men; Carolyn A. Butts, Founder + Executive Director, African Voices; Wendy Davis, Founder + Director, Deeds not Words; Robyn Hatcher, Founder + Owner, SpeakEtc.; Meika Hollander, Co-Founder + CEO, Sustain Natural; Katja Iversen, President + CEO, Women Deliver; Cynthia López, Executive Director, New York Women in Film and Television; Rosalind McLymont, Executive Editor, The Network Journal; Brette McSweeney, President, Eleanor’s Legacy; Ana Oliveira, President + CEO, New York Women’s Foundation; Tony Porter, CEO, A Call To Men; Stephanie Sandberg, Executive Director, LPAC; Sean Strub, Executive Director, Sero Project; and Alicia Syrett, Founder + CEO, Pantegrion Capital LLC.

Lori Sokol, Executive Director, Women’s eNews gives opening remarks at the 19th Annual Women’s eNews 21 Leaders for the 21st Century Gala.

VIPS in attendance included: Women’s eNews Board Chair Ambassador Alice Dear; Board Members Kimberly Seals Allers and Xian Horn; Maysoon Zayid, Lee Llambelis, Julie Burton, Teresa C. Younger, Gloria Feldt, Gloria Joseph, Joan Jedell, Martha Fling, Debbie Werner, Leslie Roberts, Tari Hartman Squire, Camilla Barungi, Lauren LoGiudice, and Marie Wilson.

This year’s gala presented an ‘In Memory of’ in tribute to Lenora Lapidus, the head of the Women’s Project of the ACLU, who passed away earlier this week from breast cancer. She was a 2017 21 Leaders for the 21st Century honoree.

Loreen Arbus and Jd Michaels.
Gala Co-Chair Lauren Embrey and honoree Danielle Belton.
Honoree Rosalind McLymont and Fritz-Earle McLymont.

Women’s eNews is an award-winning nonprofit news service covering issues of particular concern to women and providing women’s perspectives on public policy. With writers and readers around the globe, Women’s eNews’ audience stretches from New York City to New Delhi and all points between, reaching an estimated 2.5 million readers each year.

Women’s eNews editors seek out freelance writers from around the world to write on every topic from politics, religion, economics, health, and science, to sustainability, education, sports, and legislation. Women’s eNews relies on the best practices of journalism and has gained enormous credibility by providing factual journalism every day.

For more information about Women’s eNews or the Women’s eNews 21 Leaders for the 21st Century Gala, contact James Grant at jamesgrantpr.com.

Abby Richmond, Larisa Klebe, Cynthia López and Vanessa Wruble.
Ana Oliveira and Lori Sokol
Lauren Embrey, Danielle Belton, Tamsen Fadal, Loreen Arbus, Jd Michaels, Lori Sokol and Suzanne Lerner.
L. to r.: Gala host Tamsen Fadal; Robyn Hatcher and Sean Strub.
Stephanie Sandberg, Brette McSweeney, Robyn Hatcher, Danielle Belton and Katja Iversen.
Margarita Cortes, Cynthia López, Yvonne Russo and Ariel F. Auvers
L. to r.: Women’s eNews Board Chair Ambassador Alice M. Dear; Lori Sokol and Loreen Arbus
Ted Bunch, Suzanne Lerner, Maya Bunch and Josh Bunch
L. to r.: Xian Horn; Boo Grace and Joan Jedell.
Gisselle Acevedo, Martha Fling, Leslie Roberts and Debbie Werner.
Susan Blaustein and Alan Berlow
Alicia Syrett and James Major.

The New York Center for Children (NYCC) hosted its 24th Annual Spring Celebration Benefit at The Peninsula New York in New York City. NYCC celebrated 24 years of helping the most vulnerable children achieve their full potential. The annual benefit helps raise funds for the Center’s work in healing, prevention and education. This year’s event featured a “The Magic of Hope” theme, which reflects the organization’s aim to bring about hope to victims of child abuse and help these children achieve their dreams. All of the evening’s proceeds will benefit the center. The event raised $200,000 toward the organization’s mission to support victims of child abuse and their families.

NYCC honored Manhattan District Attorney, Cyrus Vance, Jr. with the Champions for Children – Innovation Award. The benefit also featured live music by the Dennis Alan Jazz Trio, and a silent auction which included exciting travel offers, fine dining, tickets to cultural performances, fashion accessories and more. Jeremiah Evarts, Director of the Di Donna Galleries, was the Master of Ceremonies and Auctioneer for the event.

Linda Schoenthaler, Cyrus Vance Jr., Martin S. Foont, and Adam Kudelka.

Other notable attendees included: John Allen, John Diebold, Martin S. Foont, Betsy Hoover, Adam Kudelka, Isabel Marcal, Christine Rales, Christine Crowther, Swati Sawjiany, Linda Schoenthaler, John Troisi, Jean Shafiroff, Leesa Rowland and Michele Herbert.

This year’s benefit committee included: Glenn Askin (Event Chair), Linda Schoenthaler, Betsy Hoover, Isabel Marçal, Meghan Pardi, Christine Rales, Barbara Rosen and Lauren Vernon.

Founded in 1995, NYCC is the only independent center in New York City to provide free, comprehensive evaluation and therapy services to children who have experienced physical and sexual abuse and their families, for as long as their healing requires. NYCC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that relies on donations to ensure it is able to provide these services.

Linda Schoenthaler, Betsy Hoover, Lauren Vernon, Glenn Askin, Christine Rales, Barbara Rosen, and Isabel Marcal.

To date, the center has helped more than 15,000 families receive care. The NYCC also provides groundbreaking training programs on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of child abuse, attended by medical students, doctors, nurses and first responders worldwide. More than 20,000 professionals have been trained through NYCC’s educational programs.

Founded in 1995 with the support of the late Broadway producer Marty Richards and philanthropist Georgette Mosbacher, The New York Center for Children (NYCC) is a child-friendly Center, providing free, comprehensive evaluation and therapy services to victims of child abuse and their families. NYCC also offers professional training on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of child abuse. All of the programs and services to children and families at NYCC are completely free of charge. NYCC is a not-for-profit organization that relies on donations to cover the costs of operations. NYCC serves all families, including those without insurance. In addition to evaluation and treatment, the children at NYCC also benefit from tutoring, mentoring and extracurricular events. NYCC serves children from all five boroughs of New York City. The child-friendly space is located at 333 East 70th Street, on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

For more information on NYCC, visit  newyorkcenterforchildren.org

Kimberly Mannino, Alicia Parker, Christine Crowther, Jonathan Crook, and Pradeep Raman.
L. to r.: Jeremiah Evarts; Jean Shafiroff.
Lauren Vernon, Maria Elena Christiansen, Leesa Rowland, and Michele Herbert.
Luba Burtyk and John Troisi.
Isabel Marcal, Meghan Pardy, and Christine Crowther.
Susan Allen, John Allen, and Linda Schoenthaler.
Melissa Kudelka, Adam Kudelka, Swati Sawjiany, and Pranav Sawjiany.

Photographs by Gonzalo Marroquin /PMC (The Hort); Patrick McMullan (The New York Center for Children); Astrid Stawiarz/Getty (21 Leaders).

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