"The Gates" from Sheep's Meadow with the buildings along Central Park South in the background. 1:30 PM. Photo: JH.

Friends were surprised to read a couple of weeks ago on Page Six that Tiffany and Louis Dubin were parting ways after 18 years of marriage. The beautiful Mrs. Dubin is the step-daughter of Alfred Taubman who brought “vintage” fashion and style into the mainstream first with auctions at Sotheby’s and then with her own boutique at Bendel’s. Mr. Dubin is the international real estate developer. The split is said to be amicable, and with these two, it very possibly is.

Is it something in the water? Two more of the New York Social Set’s most popular couples are also said to be heading for splitsville. Both are classic examples of partnerships actualized out of ambition on one hand and desire on the other.

In one, he’s allegedly
had it Up To Here with her party girl ways. A May-September (September, not December) alliance, he is a successful and innovative businessman who made a huge fortune from his creative efforts later in life. After he’d raised a family with a first wife.

She … was a cutie when they first met about twenty years ago. In the last couple of years, however, she’s taken to idealizing the cuties (good-looking younger guys) she sees in her New York nightlife.

Her dissatisfaction, oft expressed by dissing him, has been the talk of their set. You never know what comes between two people when a marriage sours but from the outside-looking-in this one looks like When Too Much Is Not Enough (or: All I Want Is Everything). There are children also, and those close to the couple believe he cares too much to abandon ship.

However, in the meantime, there’s said to be not one but two lovely ladies ready to provide the TLC’s he’s been missing from his missus. And, god knows, in Palm Beach, where the couple have a residence, there are probably a couple dozen who would be more than happy to do the honors once they hear he’s back on the market.

Un-marriage Number Two has been
in and out of the rumor mill several times in the past several years. The well-liked couple are well established on the New York-Southampton axis thanks to his Social Register name and her ambition — little of which seems to have rubbed off on him, for despite his pedigree, she’s the one who’s kept them Out There and made life interesting.

In times past, she’s needed the shoulder to cry on. This time he’s been telling people he’s bailing. If that’s so, she may be worried … but relieved. For her it’s been strictly Too Much of Not Enough, or: enough already.

New York is now into the second and final week of Jeanne-Claude and Christo’s “The Gates” in Central Park. Last Saturday I went along for the tour when JH and the Digital covered the upper end of Park, from 110th Street south. On a cold but sunny early afternoon, there were thousands taking in this fascinating phenomenon that enchants, exhilarates and stimulates all kinds of feeling and conversation.

Saturday night I had dinner at the new private club Fizz with a friend and a couple from the Pacific Northwest who were in town specifically to see “The Gates.” After three separate visits including one that took in the entire 23 miles of the installation, and a front row view from their hotel room, her feelings ran the gamut, and often all at the same time. But the final opinion capped it: it’s just great.

Yesterday JH took it in again because of the freshly fallen snow, and again – this being his third or fourth visit – it looked different and felt different from each time before. And the Park was packed, even in the inclement weather. And the crowds were visibly delighted, amused, lifted, and in awe. Even those who weren’t sure they liked it.

A friend of mine who came (in out of the rain)
from Los Angeles came to catch a glimpse and also visit the Plaza Hotel which is about to undergo a change of focus, had a helluva time finding a hotel room anywhere. So the Christos have achieved exactly what they set out to do when they first started presenting the idea many years ago: boost the commerce of the city with tourist dollars and give the Park a much needed boost out of its dead-winter blues.

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Douglas Hannant's collection for Fall as seen in the Bryant Park tents during Fashion Week
Models backstage ...
... preparing for the show
Models pre-show
Marie Douglas-David and Somers Farkas
Ann Barish and Geoffrey Bradfield
Jane Hanson
Lorraine Bracco, Debbie Bancroft, Douglas Hannant, Patty Raynes, and Frederick Anderson
Barbara Bancroft, Deborah Norville, Jamee Gregory, and Hilary Ross
Pamela Gross, Dennis Basso, Lorraine Bracco, and Somers Farkas
Reading up
Deborah Norville
Fabian Basabe
Mark Gilbertson
L. to r.: Kathy Hilton and Pamela Gross; Beth Rudin DeWoody; Dennis Basso, Michele Herbert, and Grace Hightower.

February 22, 2005, Volume V, Number 32
Photographs by Jeff Hirsch/NYSD.com & Rob Rich (Hannant)


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