Les Amis Château Vaux-Le-Vicomte Celebrates its 40th Anniversary with a Garden Tour and Gala Dinner

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Built by Nicholas Fouquet and owned by the de Vogüé family for five generations, this 17th-century Château nestled in the French countryside 50 minutes outside of Paris sits at the heart of a rectangular moat, surrounded by breathtaking French formal gardens. The harmonious blend of Louis Le Vaux’s magnificent Baroque architecture, artist Charles Le Brun’s imaginative decorations, and André Le Nôtre’s exquisite jardins à la française directly influenced frequent guest Louis XIV’s creation of Versailles.

A tour of Le Nôtre’s famous gardens at Château Vaux-Le-Vicomte …

To celebrate the anniversary the de Vogüé family planned a weekend of events including a lunch and private day out in Le Nôtre’s famous garden hosted by landscape designer Fernando Wong and La Comte Alexandre de Vogüé.

Ted Smith, Alease Fisher, Guillaume Housse, Tim Johnson, Hope Smith, and Sophie Harber.
Jot de Vogüé, Fernando Wong, Elisabeth Saint-Amand, Alexandre de Vogüé, Robert Lane Fox, Carolyn Miner, and David Harber.
Robert Lane Fox and Fernando Wong.
Alease Fisher, Fernando Wong, Alexandre de Vogüé, and Hope Smith.

Following in the footsteps of last year’s designer Christian Louboutin, Wong was also asked to reimagine the Château’s famous vestibule for the annual gala.

Using inspiration from the Château’s spectacular gardens Wong covered the vestibule columns in Schumacher’s Chiang Mai fabric and the walls in blue and white Hampton stripe in a nod to the tent like follies at Château de Groussay. He also enlisted English artist David Harber to create a magnificent sculpture for the event inspired by Agapanthus plants.  To top it off he returned the orange trees that were stolen by Louis XIV when he jailed his former friend Fouquet.

The Château’s famous vestibule reimagined by Wong for the annual gala.

The installation debuted at a candlelit gala dinner hosted by La Comtesse Patrice de Vogüé, Marina Kellen French and Kulapat Yantrasast.

Fernando Wong, Anne Dias, and Tim Johnson.
L. to r.: Marina Kellen French and Max Hollein; Countess Patrice de Vogüé and Marie Nugent-Head Marlas.
Paul and Dayssi Olarte de Kanavos, Alexandre de Vogüé, Kim Heirston, and Paul Vogele.
Andrew Gundlach, Min Jung Kim, Dr. Wolfram Koeppe, and La Duchesse d’Estissac.
L. to r.: Mr. and Mrs. Ted Smith; Carolyn H. Miner and Amin Jaffer.
Fernando Wong, Kathryn Raphael, and Tim Johnson.
L. to r.: Ascanio de Vogüé and Mrs. Joan Kahn; Jordan Rhodes and Alexandra Kittle.
Paul Tallman, Fernando Wong, Tim Johnson, Alease Fisher, and Benni Frowein.
L. to r.: Baron et Baronne Jean-Conrad Hottinguer; David and Sophie Harber.
Fernando Wong, Tim Johnson, and Octavian Popa.

Photographs by Guillaume Beniot

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