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The Brain & Behavior Research Foundation's International Awards Dinner at the Pierre.

Broadway composer, lyricist, and director Jason Robert Brown was honored with The Museum of the City of New York 2018 Louis Auchincloss Prize on Wednesday, November 14, 2018. The prize is presented to writers and artists whose work is inspired by and enhances the five boroughs of New York City. Brown is a Tony award-winning composer, lyricist, conductor, arranger, orchestrator, director, and performer. His epochal Off-Broadway musical The Last Five Years was cited as one of Time Magazine’s 10 Best of 2001 and his 1995 theatrical song cycle Songs for a New World received a major revival at New York’s City Center last summer.

The evening’s presentation included a special performance by Jason Robert Brown, featuring Betsy Wolfe and Norm Lewis and highlighted objects from the Museum’s extensive Theater Collection, which documents theatrical performance in New York City from 1785 to present day.

Whitney Donhauser, Jason Robert Brown, Tracey Pontarelli, and James G. Dinan
Jason Robert Brown, Norm Lewis, and Betsy Wolfe

Guests included Chairman of the Museum of the City of New York, James G. Dinan and event Chair Tracey Pontarelli, Honoree Jason Robert Brown and wife Georgia Stitt, Cynthia Foster Curry and Bernard Curry, Sondra Gilman and Celso Gonzalez-Falla, Blair Husain, Cindy and Stephen Ketchum, Norm Lewis, Simone Mailman, Claudia Overstrom, Betsy Pitts, Betsy Wolfe, Lisa Abel, Robert Finger, Budd Goldman, Elizabeth Graziolo, David Guin, Bruno Quinson, Art Rosner, Alan Siegel, Daryl Brown Uber and Bruce Uber, and Peter Volandes.

Tracey Pontarelli, Mary Ann Cantino, and Ken Pontarelli
Maryann Quinson, Bruno Quinson, and Whitney Donhauser
Whitney Donhauser, Julian Yap, Lauren Flicker, and Jason Robert Brown
L to R.: Simone Mailman and Cindy Ketchum; Whitney Donhauser and Cynthia Foster Curry
Noelle Keane, Paula Lascano, and Sophia Volandes
Michael Sillerman, Whitney Donhauser, and James G. Dinan
Evan Proach and Liz Graziolo

The Brain & Behavior Research Foundation, the world’s largest private funder of mental health research grants, presented its 2018 Outstanding Achievement Prizes to ten scientists and awarded the Pardes Humanitarian Prize in Mental Health at its International Awards Dinner on Friday, October 26, at the Pierre. The evening celebrated the power of neuroscience, psychiatric research and humanitarian efforts to change the lives of people who are living with mental illness.

The scientists were recognized for extraordinary achievements in research on schizophrenia, mood disorders, child and adolescent psychiatry, and cognitive

Dr. Herbert Pardes, Bob Wright, Judge Steven Leifman, and Dr. Jeffrey Borenstein, BBRF President & CEO
L to R.: Dr. Kristin Brennand, Maltz Prize Winner, and Dr. Jeffrey Borenstein; Dr. Jean-Pierre Changeux and Dr. Jeffrey Borenstein

The Pardes Humanitarian Prize was awarded to Judge Steven Leifman, associate administrative judge in Miami-Dade County, for leadership in reducing the number of people with mental illnesses in jail and prison. The Honorary Pardes Humanitarian Prize was presented to Bob and the late Suzanne Wright, founders of Autism Speaks, for leadership in advancing autism research and increasing understanding and acceptance of people with autism spectrum disorder.

2018 BBRF Outstanding Achievement Prizewinners. From L to R: Dr. Xiao-Jing Wang, Dr. Jean-Pierre Changeux, Dr. Benjamin Goldstein, Dr. Joseph Piven, Dr. Kristen Brennand, Dr. Anissa Abi-Dargham, Dr. Herbert Pardes, Dr. Guillermo Horga, Dr. Jeffrey Borenstein, Dr. Schahram Akbarian, and Dr. Ami Klin

The Brain & Behavior Research Foundation awards research grants to develop improved treatments, cures, and methods of prevention for mental illness. These illnesses include addiction, ADHD, anxiety, autism, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, depression, eating disorders, OCD, PTSD, and schizophrenia. Since 1987, the Foundation has awarded more than $394 million to fund more than 4,700 leading scientists around the world, which has led to over $3.9 billion in additional funding. 100% of every dollar donated for research is invested in our research grants. The Foundation’s operating expenses are covered by separate foundation grants.

Qian Lin and Dr. Xiao-Jing Wang, Goldman-Rakic Prizewinner
L to R.: Marla Press and John Kennedy Harrison, II; Dr. Jeffrey Borenstein and Dr. Altha Stewart
Susan and Bob Wright, Honorary Pardes Prize Winner
Dr. Max Gomez and Bob Wright
Dr. Bill Carson, Judge Steven Leifman, 2018 Pardes Prize Winner, and Dr. Jeffrey Borenstein
Toby Meshberg and Barbara Streicker
Dr. Maria Oquendo, Carol Atkinson, Carole Mallement, and Anne Abramson
Dr. Helen Mayberg and Stephen Lieber, BBRF Chairman of the Board
Stephen Lieber and Dr. Herbert Pardes
Dr. Sol Levin, Dr. Bruce Schwartz, Dr. Lloyd Sederer, and Dr. Dilip Jeste
Back row, l. to r.: Dr. Bruce Schwartz, Dr. Altha Stewart, Dr. Nancy Wexler, Dr. Max Gomez, Marni Zabel, and Gerry Modell. Front row, l. to r.: Dr. Francis Lee, Lilian Sicular, Stephen Lieber, Dr. Herbert Pardes, Dr. Sol Levin, and Mary Lynn Woolley
Back row, l. to r.: Dr. Daniel Weinberger, Alice Wexler, Dr. John Krystal, Dr. Bonnie Becker, Dr. Helen Mayberg, Dr. Robert Hirschfeld, and Dr. Bob Bazell. Front row, l. to r.: Dr. William and Carol Carpenter, Dr. Dilip Jeste, Kari Stoever, and Dr. Jack Barchas

The Decoration & Design Building hosted the Fall Market 2018 in the heart of Manhattan’s Design District to discuss this season’s theme, Luxury: Redefined & Redesigned. Owner, Charles S. Cohen opened the two-day trade-only event with his perspective of the evolving definition of luxury resulting from the design headquarters’ carefully curated programming and discussion. The Fall Market 2018 saw an exponential growth in attendees, welcoming over 3,000 members of the trade, and a wealth of new programs including six Keynotes, 21 In-Showroom Programs, one Special Event, five Cocktail Receptions, 118 Open Houses and 14 NEW Experiential Events. Top editorial voices, leading industry trade organizations and dozens of design influencers convened for the DDB Fall Market 2018 to discuss the future of luxury, redefined and redesigned by interior design’s top to-the-trade companies.

Owner and real estate developer Charles S. Cohen delivers opening remarks for Fall Market 2018

The first keynote session Fancy That! The Shifting Definition of Living Fabulously, moderated by then Editor-in-Chief Sophie Donelson of House Beautiful brought together New York designers Anne Maxwell Foster and Suysel dePedro Cunningham of Tilton Fenwick, plus LA designer David Netto to discuss what is worth the luxury price tag at Duralee. The leading minds in design shared their unique views on how budgeting and ingenuity can deliver the same luxury quality at an even more desirable price. Contrary to what some may believe, living in the lap of luxury is not afforded sans budgeting.

The Luxury Design Revolution was hosted by Town & Country Editor-in-Chief Stellene Volandes with renowned designer Kelly Wearstler. Transporting guests 100 years back through the design history of Kravet Inc., this keynote session celebrated a century in the home design business. To better understand the future of design and how it is to be redefined, this discussion took a broad look at the history of legendary interior designers, that have propelled us forward.

Liz Nightingale, Brittany Chevalier McIntyre, Juan Montoya, Ryan Korban, and Alicia Cannon

Closing the first day of keynote sessions, Creating and Conveying Luxury in the Retail, Hospitality and Restaurant Realms assembled an esteemed group led by Executive Editor Brittany Chevalier McIntyre of Luxe Interiors + Designs alongside designers Juan Montoya, Ryan Korban and Alicia Cannon at Warp & Weft. Eagerly contributing their experiences, creating and conveying luxury in the most extravagant lifestyle spaces, guests learned how these influential designers execute an overall concept on behalf of their clients. Effortlessly balancing a client’s brand identity, the designer’s impeccable vision and the most innovative, yet functional, materials are paramount when developing luxury retail, hospitality and restaurant spaces. Immediately following the keynote session was a book signing of Ryan Korban’s newest book Interiors and Juan Montoya’s latest design book.

Opening the second day, Tangible vs. Intangible Luxury welcomed media sponsor Financial Times “How To Spend It” and Global CEO Annastasia Seebohm of the luxury lifestyle management concierge and service company, quintessentially to lead a panel discussion joined by Founder Richard Lambertson of Lambertson Truex leather accessories, Owner Anthony Champalimaud of Troutbeck Hotel and Group Contract Director Carolyn Mitchell of Style Library in the brand’s showroom. Panelists discussed how possible it is that nostalgia or emotions from an experience can give a well-crafted product its luxury appeal.

Dean Rhys Morgan, Wendy Goodman, Robert Rufino, Garrow Kedigian, and James Aguiar

The afternoon keynote Custom Luxuries was led by Editor-in-Chief Jacqueline Terrebonne of Galerie, partner at Maison Gerard Benoist Drut, partner at Sawyer|Berson Brian Sawyer, and Co-owner Caterina Fabrizio of Dedar in their new atelier-like space. To the guests’ advantage, the exclusive session covered one-of-a-kind fine fabrics, furnishings and designs that surmount the wildest visions of esteemed designers and their respective clientele.

The DDB Fall Market 2018 closing keynote Global Luxury was hosted at Matteo Gennari’s newly minted showroom by Editor-in-Chief Erika Heet of Interiors alongside world-renowned designers and travelers Joe Nahem of Fox-Nahem, Roric Tobin of Bradfield & Tobin and Sandra Costa of Sandra Costa Design Group. From the world traveler’s perspective, the distinguished group offered guests their unique knowledge on residential and commercial designs across various climates, cultures and societies. Immediately following the keynote session Iris Dankner hosted a Holiday House: Ten Years of Designing for a Cure cocktail reception.

The In-Showroom Programs examined the new standard of luxury and its influence on the next generation in our all-access world. This Fall 2018, Market Week offered design visionaries, aspiring designers and leading trade and editorial publications insight into the future of luxury. Throughout the two information-filled days, both time and comfort were identified as defining the modern concept of luxury, creating a common thread.

New this season, the Decoration & Design Building introduced Experiential Events, where brands had the opportunity to engage with new and prospective clients joining the design conversation. Aspiring designers and design influencers were excited for the opportunity to meet-and-greet illustrious members of the design trade. They also enjoyed hands-on experiences, exclusive presentations and a celebratory champagne toast.

Dallas Bonds, Alyssa Abrams, Isabelle Harrington, and Liz Nig
David Netto, Suysel dePedro Cunningham, Anne Maxwell Foster, and Sophie Donelson at the Fancy That!
Carlo Camillo and Cecilia Ramos
Michael Simon, David Reitner, Sarah Ramsey, and Caleb Anderson
Roric Tobin, Joe Nahem, Sandra Costa, Liz Nightingale, and Erika Heet
Stellene Volandes, Kelly Wearstler, and Cary Kravet at The Luxury Design Revolution keynote session
Iris Dankner
Ryan Korban signs a copy of his book Interiors

Photographs by Chad David Kraus (Brain and Behavior); Kitti Dadi (D&D)

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