Marifé Hernández hosts friends to celebrate The International Circle of the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées

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The crowd of 50 at the home of Marifé Hernández.

Among our city’s finest ambassadors for culture are Marifé Hernández and her husband Joel Bell.

“When I discover something wonderful, I want to share it, and I want all my friends to know about it, and I want everybody to go,” said Marifé to 50 of her closest friends who gathered at her home on Thursday June 8th to learn of her newest endeavor, The International Circle of the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées. “I discovered the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées when I was about eight or nine, because I was lucky enough to have a grandmother who took me to Paris every year and to this beautiful theater.”

Marifé Hernández and Michel Franck.
Michel Franck sharing the history of the Théâtre.

With this, she introduced the theater’s director general, Michel Franck, who explained, “Ours is one of the most beautiful theaters in Paris. But what makes it special is intimacy; although it is relatively large, it always feels intimate, with all our seats no more than 30 meters from the stage.  It is this atmosphere, a feeling of community, that makes us a family we hope you will join.”

The International Circle of the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées plans a five-day September trip to Paris that incudes the opening of the new season with the Orchestra and Choir of La Scala de Milan and the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, as well as private entertainments including a concert and cocktail hosted by Comte Patrice de Laage de Meux (patron of the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées) in his hôtel particulier, a dinner given by Veronique Bich in her Paris apartment, a tour of the Laurent-Perrier Domain and its cellars, Tours-sur-Marne, and a lunch at Chateau de Louvois.

The exterior of Théâtre des Champs-Élysées features bas-reliefs by Antoine Bourdelle.
The interior of the Théâtre includes a dome by Maurice Denis, paintings by Édouard Vuillard and Jacqueline Marval, and a stage curtain by Ker-Xavier Roussel.

Michel Franck went on to explain, “From our beginning, and through our history we are home to great art and artists, Stravinsky and Nijinsky, Josephine Baker (and celebrating her again next year), Maria Callas’ farewell concert, Bruno Walter, Rubenstein, Horowitz, Toscanini, Karajan, Ozawa, Boulez, Muti, William Christie, Jacques Brell and Elton John. Cecilia Bartoli will be with us again soon because she says this is her home, a home for artists. They find it rewarding to be part of us and we hope our American friends will feel the same.  The one thing that we are not is on the Champs-Élysées, we are nearby on avenue Montaigne. But that, too, is part of our history.” 

For more information on The International Circle of the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées kindly write: Julia Neugebauer at

Adrienne and Gigi Vittadini, with Marifé Hernández.
April Gow, Furio Rinaldi, and Guillame Kientz.
Caroline and Max Jahn.
Elena Smirnova, Sarah Buschmann, Abdiel Vázquez, and Jarek Peterson.
Fabrizio Arengi, Max Jahn, Marifé Hernández, and Alberto Mariaca.
L. to r.: Kitty Ockenden and Elbrun Kimmelman; Marie-Monique Steckel and Jerry Wonda.
Jean Christian (JC) Agid and Jerry Wonda.
Jerry Wonda, Barbara Herrera de Garza, Felipe Tristan, and Abdiel Vázquez.
Judith Pisar.
Julia Neugebauer, Joel Bell, Marifé Hernández, and Michel Franck.
L. to r.: Mrs. Kaoru Ishikane, Galina Novikova, and Ambassador Kimihiro Ishikane; Peter and Megan Fleischut.
Nanette LaFond Dufour, Felipe Tristan, and Philippe Delouvrier.
Karen Hsu, Mariffe Hernandez, and Michel Franck.
Matthias Ederer, Caroline Jahn, Miriam Stoner, Sean Conroy, and Max Jahn.
Max Jahn, Caroline Jahn, Marifé Hernández, and Joseph Bartning.
Michel Franck, Ariane Batterberry, and William Bernhard.
Shirley Lord Rosenthal.
Yolanda Santos.
Orville Schell, Shazleen Ivanov, Marifé Hernández, Michel Franck, and Philipp Ivanov.
Robin Blum, Julia Neugebauer, Elbrun Kimmelman, and Ron Blum.
Roddy Gow, Marie-Monique Steckel, and Orville Schell.
Sana Sabbagh, Marifé Hernández, and Julia Neugebauer.

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