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Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation's Women of Distinction Luncheon Co-chairs Nancy Brown, Ellen Crown,  Michele Sweetwood, Marilyn Chinitz, Honoree Nicole Pozzi,  Honoree Tanya Zuckerbrot,  Elyse Newhouse, Michelle Swarzman, and Carolyn Rowan.

Patrons of the American Friends of the Oxford Philharmonic were hosted by Board member James Sherwood at ‘21’ Club to honor Sana Sabbagh, the Dinner Chair of the orchestra’s third Annual Summer Party in London at the Wallace Collection on Monday, June 24th. This will be the second year that Sana has underwritten the black tie concert and dinner, that has included soprano Joyce DiDonato, violinist Nicola Benedetti and this year, baritone, Sir Bryn Terfel performing with members of the orchestra.

The evening begins with a champagne reception, followed by a seated concert for 150 guests in the Great Gallery of the Wallace Collection, after which guests are guided to the conservatoire courtyard garden room for a summer solstice dinner. The orchestra has announced plans for a gala concert and dinner at the Frick Museum on September 18th, 2019, leading up to their debut performance at Carnegie Hall on May 4th, 2020.

Guests at the ‘21’ Club reception included: Barbara & Donald Tober, Baroness Veronique Bich, Maria Christina & John Bilimatsis, CeCe & Lee Black, Geoffrey Bradfield, Dr Karen Burke, Sharon Bush, Nabil Chartouni, Muffie & Desmond Fitzgerald, Olivia Flatto, Joann Gilbert Holmes, April & Roddy Gow, Karen Hsu, Pamela & Andrew Jacovides, Charles Holmes, Elbrun Kimmelman, Leila Larijani & Russell Hirshfield, Jeanne Lawrence, Annabelle & Alberto Mariaca, Judy Faye McLaren, Ann Nitze, Mai Harrison, Dee Schwab, Lyndsay Howard, Olga & Vladimir Balaeskoul, Julia & Jamal Nusseibeh, Nancy O’Sullivan, Natalie Pray, Adrianna & Gianluigi Vittadini, Christopher Wright and Victoria Wyman.

Giosettia Capriati, Desmond Fitzgerald, Sana Sabbagh, and Muffy Fitzgerald.
April Gow, Pamela Jacovides, Andrew Jacovides, and Leila Larijani.
Christopher Wright, Judy McLaren, and Roddy Gow.
CeCe Black and Judy McLaren.
Desmond Fitzgerald, Sana Sabbagh, and Jamal Nusseibeh.
L. to r.: Russel Hirshfield and Leila Larijani; Victoria Wyman and Elbrun Kimmelman.
Pamela Jacovides, Nicholas Kourides, and Andrew Jacovides.
John Bilimatis and Mary Christina Bilimatis.
Natalie Pray, April Gow, and Karen Hsu.
Adrianna Vittadini, Gianluigi Vittadini, and Teresa Bulgheroni.
Christopher Wright, Cynthia Zabel, and Joann Gilbert-Holmes.
Margo Langenberg, Sana Sabbagh, and CeCe Black.
L. to r.: Ann Nitze and Karen Hsu; Jamal and Julia Nusseibeh.
Annabelle and Alberto Mariaca with Karen Hsu.
Mai Harrison, CeCe Black, Natalie Pray, and Giosettia Capriati.
Veronique Bich, Sana Sabbagh, and Elbrun Kimmelman.
Veronique Bich and Judy McLaren.
Nabil Chartoui and Olivia Flatto.
Victoria Wyman, Geoffrey Bradfield, and Margo Langenberg.
April Gow, Karen Burke, and Cynthia Zabel.
Christopher Wright, Anna Nadeghina, Roddy Gow, David Bloch, and Peter Tcherepnine.
Elbrun Kimmelman, Lyndsay Howard, and Roddy Gow.
Giosettia Capriati, Barbara Tober, and Dee Schwab.
Olivia Flatto, Karen Burke, and Jeanne Lawrence.
Sharon Bush, Gianluigi Vittadini, and Mai Harrison.
Christopher Wright and Donald Tober.

“Great nations write their autobiographies in three manuscripts—the book of their deeds, the book of their words, and the book of their art. Not one of these books can be understood unless we read the two others; but of the three, the only quite trustworthy one is the last.”

With these words from John Ruskin, Institute of Classical Architecture & Art (ICAA) President Peter Lyden opened the 38th Annual Arthur Ross Awards dedicated to recognizing the highest achievements in “the book of art” from a diverse set of talented architects, designers, artists, and academics, including architect G. P. Schafer, writer, director, producer and novelist Julian Fellowes, artisan W.P. Sullivan, architects and urban designers Urban Design Associates, painter Anthony Baus, writer Professor James Stevens Curl, and architect Jaquelin T. Robinson.

ICAA Board Members and Arthur Ross Co-Chairs Steven Gambrel, Suzanne Tucker, and Alexa Hampton with 2019 Arthur Ross Award Winner Julian Fellowes.

On Monday, May 6th 2019, over 400 supporters of the ICAA gathered at a private club in New York City to celebrate the winners of the 38th Annual Arthur Ross Awards. Established in 1982, the Arthur Ross Awards further the educational mission of the ICAA by recognizing the achievements and contributions of architects, painters, sculptors, artisans, landscape designers, educators, publishers, patrons, and others dedicated to preserving and advancing the classical tradition.

ICAA Board Chairman Russell Windham presented the awards to the following laureates by category: G. P. Schafer Architect (Architecture), W.P. Sullivan (Artisanship & Craftsmanship), Urban Design Associates (Community Design & City Planning), Julian Fellowes (Fine Arts), Anthony Baus (Fine Arts – Painting), Professor James Stevens Curl (History & Writing), and Jaquelin T. Robertson (Board of Directors Honor).

ICAA Board Chairman Russell Windham presenting the 2019 Arthur Ross Awards

The 2019 Arthur Ross Award winners were selected by a jury that included Elizabeth Dillon (Chair), Whitley Esteban, Pierre Crosby, Bunny Williams, Phillip J. Liederbach, and Mitchell Owens. Co-Chairs of this year’s Arthur Ross Awards include Steven Gambrel, Alexa Hampton, and Suzanne Tucker. Honorary Chairs include Janet C. Ross, Suzanne R. Santry, Bunny Williams, and Ambassador and Mrs. William J. vanden Heuvel.

Distinguished guests included previous Arthur Ross Award winner, director and screenwriter James Ivory, Lady Henrietta Spencer-Churchill, Robert A.M. Stern, Peter Pennoyer, Tham Kannalikham, John F.W. Rogers, Oscar Shamamian, Jamie Figg, Patricia Hearst Shaw, Margize Howell, Joe Tuana, and Caleb Anderson, among many others.

Anthony Baus, 2019 Arthur Ross Award Winner (Fine Arts – Painting).
Gil Schafer III of 2019 Arthur Ross Award Winning Firm G. P. Schafer Architect (Architecture).
Julian Fellowes, 2019 Arthur Ross Award Winner (Fine Arts).

ICAA Board Members in attendance included Anthony Barnes, Gary L. Brewer, Pierre Crosby, Stanley Dixon, Barbara Eberlein, Richard Economakis, Mark Ferguson, John Flower, David B. Forer, Jared Goss, Clay Hayles, Kirk Henckels, Phillip J. Liederbach, Thomas L. Lloyd, Anne Kriken Mann, John B. Murray, Lyn Muse, Mark Pledger, Foster Reeve, Suzanne R. Santry, Peter J. Talty, and Bunny Williams.

The 2019 Arthur Ross Awards were made possible thanks to the generosity of the Evening Sponsors, Janet C. Ross and Livingston Builders, Inc., as well as Sponsors Bulley & Andrews, John F.W. Rogers, and Tischler und Sohn USA Ltd, with custom-made plaster centerpieces donated by Hyde Park Mouldings. The Awards raised a record $560,000 in support of the ICAA’s mission to advance the appreciation and practice of the principles of traditional architecture and its allied arts by engaging educators, professionals, students, and enthusiasts.

L. to r.: Janet C. Ross and 2019 Arthur Ross Award Winner Julian Fellowes; James Ivory and ICAA President Peter Lyden.
ICAA Board Chairman Russell Windham with 2019 Arthur Ross Award Winners Anthony Baus, Bill Sullivan, Julian Fellowes, Professor James Stevens Curl, Paul Ostergaard, Eric Osth, and Gil Schafer III.
Tham Kannalikham and John F.W. Rogers.
James Anderson, Lady Henrietta Spencer-Churchill, Teresa Manns, and ICAA Board Member and Arthur Ross Co-Chair Steven Gambrel.
ICAA President Peter Lyden, Margize Howell, and Jimmy Mills.
ICAA Board Members Lyn Muse and Foster Reeve.
ICAA President Peter Lyden, Harriet Wennberg, Executive Director of the International Network for Traditional Building, Architecture & Urbanism (INTBAU), and James Green.
Barbara Sallick and Peter Pennoyer.
Heather Bandur, ICAA Board Member Mark Pledger, and Christiana Pledger.
ICAA Board Member Jared Goss and Douglas Wright.
ICAA Board Members Stanley Dixon and Thomas L. Lloyd.
ICAA President Peter Lyden, Elizabeth Dupree Lynch, 2019 Arthur Ross Award Winner Julian Fellowes, and Nikki Walter.
ICAA Board Members Suzanne R. Santry and Kirk Henckels.

On April 29th, the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation recognized 26 years of the Women of Distinction Luncheon and the significant impact that women continue to have in shaping the world we live in.  This year’s event raised over $1.8 million to advance the Foundation’s mission to cure Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis and to improve the quality of life of children and adults affected by these diseases.

Honorees included: Nicole Pozzi, ESQ., Woman of Distinction in Law; Tanya Zuckerbrot, MS, RD, Woman of Distinction in Health & Wellness; Barry Salky, MD, FACS; Brooke Stimmel, Rising Star.

L. to r.: Tanya Zuckerbrot and Lori Stokes; Marilyn Chinitz and Nicole Pozzi.

Luncheon co-chairs included Marilyn Chinitz, Ellen Crown, Elyse Newhouse, Carolyn Rowan, Michelle Swarzman, and Michele Sweetwood.

Carolina Herrera presented her Fall 2019 Collection and Lori Stokes, Co-Host, Fox 5 Good Day New York served as the Mistress of Ceremonies.

L. to r.: Hunter Moran and Brooke Stimmel; Ellen Crown, Dr. Howard Sobel, and Brittney Sobel.
L. to r.: Michael Osso and Nicole Pozzi; Lois Robbins.
Dr. Barry Salky and Hunter Moran.
Ellen Crown and Michele Sweetwood.
Elyse Newhouse and Michelle Swarzman.
L. to r.: Lisa Konsker and Amy Schwarzman; Mariksa Hargitay and Callie Thorne.
Pauline Arama-Olsten and Arlena Olsten.
Patty Smyth and Marcia Mishaan.

Photographs by Annie Watt (Oxford Phil); Jared Siskin/PMC (ICAA); Rob Rich (Crohn’s & Colitis)

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