Michelle Yeoh, Jean Reno, and Martine Assouline launch Paris Brain Institute America

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Zofia Borucka Reno, Jean Reno, Jean Todt, Michelle Yeoh, Maurice Lévy, Professor Gérard Saillant, and Martine Assouline.

What do we know about the brain, our most essential organ? Very little. It might even be possible that scientists know more about the universe than neuroscientists know about the brain. Yet nearly one billion people worldwide suffer from neurological or psychiatric disorders. There is an urgent need to speed up and fund scientific research.

This is precisely what Paris Brain Institute, an international scientific and medical research center of 800 neuroscientists, researchers and entrepreneurs located at the heart of the Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital in Paris, did last week at the French Consulate in New York when it launched its American non-for-profit Paris Brain Institute America.

Michelle Yeoh.

For this first fund-raising dinner of Paris Brain Institute America, Academy Award Winner Michelle Yeoh and world-renowned actor Jean Reno, both ambassadors of Paris Brain Institute since its creation in 2010, joined the efforts of the Chair of Paris Brain Institute America and publisher Martine Assouline, the President of Paris Brain Institute Professor Gérard Saillant, its executive director Alexis Brice, Dr. Bassem Hassan and Dr. Claire Wyart, along with the dinner co-chairs: Publicis Chairman Maurice Lévy, motor racing executive Jean Todt, Richard Mille, as well as Leticia and Stanislas Poniatowski, and Nicolas and Natasha Poniatowski.

“The launch of Paris Brain Institute America marks a new step in our journey to fund and support brain research, and more specifically, international collaborations,” Yeoh told the audience of 90 business leaders, financiers, and philanthropists.

Dr. Bassem Hassan.
Martine Assouline, Jean Reno, and Inma Barrero.

“The goal of Paris Brain Institute America is to foster collaboration between scientists, clinicians, partners, and donors on both sides of the Atlantic so that we can accelerate research on brain diseases,” Martine Assouline added. “This partnership will advance science and improve the lives of millions worldwide.”

“Don’t forget,” Dr. Bassem Hassan explained during a conference at the Lycée Français of New York earlier last week: “We are our brain, and our brain is who we are.”

By the end of the evening, Paris Brain Institute America had raised its first half million dollars to move brain research forward.

Click here to learn more about Paris Brain Institute America.

Jean Todt.
Diane Brady.
Edmund Bellord and Marc Levy.
Pauline Lévêque Levy, Tom Glocer, and Claire Wyart.
Zofia Borucka Reno and Professor Gérard Saillant.
Prudence Inzerillo, Kai Jiang, and Seren Shvo.
Michael Shvo, Michelle Yeoh, and François-Xavier de Mallmann.
Hans Vestberg.
Christy Ferer and Marielle Lethrosne.
Edgar Legaspi, Martine Assouline, and Inma Barrero.
Diane Brady and Dr. Claire Wyart.
Michael Shvo, Michelle Yeoh, Jean Todt, and Seren Shvo.
Alexander von Perfall and Carole Delouvrier.
Jerry Wonda and Olivia Tournay Flatto.
Natasha Poniatowski and Dr. Brian Alexander.
Steve Chen, Michelle Yeoh, Jean Todt, and Emily Chen.
Prosper Assouline and Eva Jeanbart-Lorenzotti.
Maurcie Lévy, Jean Todt, and Dr. Bassem Hassan.
Charles de Viel Castel, Janine Hill. and Tom Hill.
Grace Jiang, Jean Todt, and Kai Jiang.
Professor Alexis Brice and Allan Chapin.
Consul Général of France Jérémie Robert and Olivia Tournay Flatto.
Hans Vestberg, Maurice Lévy, Vincent Bitker, Marielle Lethrosne, and JC Agid.
Marc Levy, Jean Reno, Jean Todt, Zofia Borucka, Michelle Yeoh, Jérémie Robert, and Jerry Wonda.
Allan Chapin, Professor Gérard Saillant, and François Henrot.
François Chateau, Olivia Tournay Flatto, and François Henrot.
Shinuna Karume-Robert, Gildo Pallanca Pastor, and Martine Assouline.
Shinuna Karume-Robert, Diane Brady, Nannette Lafond-Dufour, and Jerry Wonda.
Carole and Philippe Delouvrier, Janine Hill, Tom Hill, Marie Glocer, and Tom Glocer.
Maurice Lévy, Marie Glocer , Edgar Legaspi, and Pauline Lévêque Levy.
Jean Todt, Michelle Yeoh, Maurice Lévy, and Gérard Saillant.
L. to r.: François Chateau and Nicolas Poniatowski; Rosario Arnaud and Inma Barerro.
Professor Gérard Saillant and Marielle Lethrosne.
Maurice Lévy, Anne-Olivia Berthet, and Richard Mille.
Gildo Pallanca Pastor and Dr. Claire Wyart.

Photographs by Jill Nelson/AnnieWatt

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