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Philanthropists behind the Philharmonic's Lunar New Year Gala

The New York Philharmonic held its annual Lunar New Year Concert and Gala. Approximately 300 guests attended, and more than $1.1 million was raised for the Philharmonic. The evening’s proceeds will support a wide range of New York Philharmonic performances and offstage projects — from the free Concerts in the Parks to education activities that reach New York City students.

The celebratory evening ushered in the Year of the Pig with a Gala concert conducted by Kahchun Wong in his Philharmonic debut. The fire-themed concert opened with Li Huanzhi’s Spring Festival Overture, followed by the US Premiere of Fire Ritual, a new violin concerto by Oscar winner Tan Dun, with Bomsori Kim as soloist; Stravinsky’s The Firebird Suite; a selection from Mozart’s The Magic Flute, with soprano So Young Park; and more.

New York Philharmonic performs the US Premiere of Tan Dun’s Fire Ritual
Violinist Bomsori Kim, conductor Kahchun Wong, and the New York Philharmonic
Soprano So Young Park, conductor Kahchun Wong, and the New York Philharmonic

Guests of the Lunar New Year Gala arrived at 6:00 p.m. for an hour-long cocktail reception on the Grand Promenade of David Geffen Hall. The concert began at 7:30 p.m., and was followed by a traditional Asian attire / black-tie dinner, also held on the Grand Promenade.

The evening’s event was catered by Restaurant Associates, and the décor was provided by Van Vliet & Trap.

Decor by Van Vliet and Trap

Guests included: Steve Martin and Anne Stringfield; UN Ambassador to Singapore Burhan Gafoor; Consul General of China in New York Huang Ping; Jen Gatien; Noreen and Kenneth Buckfire; Gary W. Parr; Jean Denoyer and Dr. Karin Hehenberger; Lavinia Branca Snyder; Gala Co Chairs Angela Chen, Guoqing Chen and Ming Liu, Misook Doolittle, Mei He, Sharon Wee and Tracy Fu, Agnes Hsu-Tang and Oscar L. Tang, and Shirley Young; conductor Kahchun Wong; violinist Bomsori Kim; soprano So Young Park; New York Philharmonic Chairman Oscar S. Schafer and his wife, Didi; New York Philharmonic Music Director Jaap van Zweden; and New York Philharmonic President and Chief Executive Officer Deborah Borda.

Agnes Hsu-Tang, Shirley Young, and Mei He
L to R.: Karin Hehenberger and Jean Denoyer; Laura Chang and Arnold Chavkin
Baichao Lan, Yilun Xu, Susan Rose, Ruobing Zhang, Chen Chun, and Sarah Jane Gibbons
Hae-Young Ham, Agnes Hsu-Tang, Deborah Borda, So Young Park, and Angela Chen
L to R.: Angela Chen, Sharon Wee, and Misook Doolittle; Jen Gatien
Ida Liu, Jason Hirsch, and Dr. Nancy Xu
Kahchun Wong and Jaap van Zweden
L to R.: Frank and Elizabeth Newman; Elihu and Susan Rose
Karen LeFrak, Carol Schaefer, and Charles and Anne Niemeth
Agnes Hsu-Tang and Deborah Borda
L to R.: Harold Mitchell AC and Nadia Taylor; Mei He
Paula Lawrence, Florence Davis, Shake Nahapetian, and Robert Jones
L to R.: Karen LeFrak and Gary Parr; Guoqing Chen, Ming Liu, and Misook Doolittle
Sharon Wee, Zarina Varukatty, and Ambassador Burhan Gafoor
Shirley and Charles Shamel with Pauline and Sam Wang
L to R.: Oscar Tang and George Sycip; Anne Stringfield and Steve Martin
Stephanie Flatley, Barbara del Valle, Angela Meredith-Jones, and Tamara Stalker
Chinese Consul General Amb. Huang Ping and Shirley Young
Laura Chang and Kahchun Wong

On Tuesday, February 5th at The Breakers, Weill Cornell Medicine hosted their annual Healthy Living Symposium and reception to Palm Beach area residents. The event, which attracted more than 200 attendees, focused on the latest in cancer research and treatment options.

The symposium brings together leading physicians and scientists from Weill Cornell Medicine to speak about some of the most pressing health concerns of our time. These top-tier specialists share their knowledge and expertise with symposium attendees, providing strategies for disease prevention and practical information on how to lead a healthier life.

Dr. Silvia Formenti presenting

The symposium was moderated by Weill Cornell’s Dean Augustine M.K. Choi and Dr. Lewis Cantley, the Meyer Director of the Edward and Sandra Meyer Cancer Center, and featured three expert speakers, including: Silvia Formenti, MD, Radiation and Immunology: Secret Weapons Against Cancer; Sarah Rutherford, MD, Treating Cancer in the Older Patient; Christopher Barbieri, MD, Prostate Health in the 21st Century

Dr. Christopher Barbieri, Dr. Sarah Rutherford, Dean Augustine M.K. Choi, Weill Cornell Student Overseer Andrew Griswold, Dr. Silvia Formenti, Dr. Lewis Cantley
Robert and Helen Appel
Dean Augustine M.K. Choi and Dr. Mary Choi
Robert Fagenson and Linda Berley
Leonard and Fleur Harlan
Ellen, Edward, Janice and Gary Davis
Donna Dodson and David Dodson, MD
Bruce and Betty Polansky
Madeline Morris and Stuart Katz
Margrit Bessenroth-Lynn and Richard A. Lynn, MD

On January 28, 2019, NewYork-Presbyterian hosted their annual Palm Beach Symposium at The Raymond F. Kravis Center. At this year’s annual symposium on high-tech therapies and compassionate patient care, attendees learned more about aging healthy and focusing on the mind and body.

The event was moderated by Steven J. Corwin, M.D., President and Chief Executive Officer of NewYork-Presbyterian, and Herbert Pardes, M.D., Executive Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees of NewYork-Presbyterian and featured presentations by Dr. Peter Fleischut, Dr. Peter Stahl, and Dr. Chiti Parikh.

Dr. Peter Fleischut, Shauna Coyne, Dr. Laura Forese, Dr. Peter Stahl, Dr. Chiti Parikh, Dr. Herbert Pardes, and Dr. Steven Corwin
L to R.: Robert and Anne James; Margaret Wolff and Charles Prince
Wayne and Carol Osten
Dr. Steven Corwin, Dr. Laura Forese, and Roman Martinez
Dr. Peter Stahl, Dr. Chiti Parikh, and Dr. Peter Fleischut
Linda Teitelbaum and Dr. Myron Teitelbaum
Dr. Steven Corwin, Margaret Wolff, and Russell MacDonnell
Dr. Steven Corwin, Dr. Laura Forese, and Dr. Herbert Pardes

Photographs by Chris Lee, Linsley Lindekens, & Fadi Kheir (NY Philharmonic); StudioBrooke (Weill Cornell); Jacek A. Gancarz (NewYork-Presbyterian)


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