Miracle on Madison Avenue

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Elizabeth Loomis, Anna Kennedy, Eleanora Kennedy, Muffie Potter Aston, Matthew Bauer, Whitney Schwartz, Betsy Pepe, Diane Crary, Naomi Waletzky, Jennifer Creel, Shabnam Henry, Ruth Fleischmann, and Lesley Vecsler at the 37th Annual Miracle On Madison Avenue.

Tuesday, December 5, 2023. Sometimes rainy otherwise overcast but with temps in the low 50s, keeping with the mild Autumn weather we’ve been having this year. Good weather for getting out, and perfect timing with the holidays and Christmas just 20 days to The Day.

These have been good days weather-wise to shop for the upcoming holiday(s). They’re also good days in New York to look ahead and raise funds for philanthropic work. Which is what the Society of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center was doing this past Saturday when they were hosting the 37th Annual Miracle On Madison Avenue between 58th and 86th Street (and adjoining side streets).

It’s a clever fund-raising event that has benefited the Society of MSK for over 11 consecutive years. It’s a Saturday event, organized by the Madison Avenue B.I.D. (Business Improvement District). Just learning that detail was interesting to me because Madison Avenue is one of the greatest attractions for visitors and local citizens alike. It has a presence; just the drive up the avenue gives an impressive chance to get a beautiful look at the commercial presence for which it is world famous.

Kathy Arrix, Tom Arrix, Elizabeth Loomis, Anna Kennedy, Eleanora Kennedy, Muffie Potter Aston, Jennifer Creel, Shabnam Henry, Betsy Pepe, Whitney Schwartz, Lesley Vecsler, Diane Crary, and Ruth Fleischmann.

Last Saturday was a perfect day, weather wise, and Madison Avenue from the 50s to the high 90s is a great residential and commercial neighborhood.  It has everything commercially for its residents as the millions who love to see What’s Up and New and Beautiful.

In other words, it’s fun just being there and seeing it all come together.  And on this venture there were strolling holiday carolers, the MSK Caring Canines Therapy Dog Team; you could also get a free sketch of your dogs by artist Andrea Caceres. And for every purchase made at the 70 participating stores, 20% of sales benefited the Society of MSK’s initiatives at MSK Kids.

Members of the MSK Caring Canines Therapy Dog Team.

It was a beautiful pre-Christmas weekend. Every store had a Special Miracle on Madison host from The Society of MSK including Muffie Potter Aston who is President of The Society of MSK; Austen Cruz, Chair, Associates Committee;  Jennifer Creel, Shabnam Henry, Anna Kennedy, Eleanora Kennedy, Ruth Fleischmann, Leslie Heaney, Gretchen Gunlocke Fenton, Tori Greenleaf Kempner, Annelise Peterson, Candice Miller, Whitney Schwartz, Betsy Pepe, Lesley Vecsler, and Elizabeth Loomis.

As you can plainly see, it was an all-good weekend for their supporters and neighbors and those who just happened to be passing by and coming upon a good idea in a good place.

Diane Crary and Ruth Fleischmann.
Shabnam Henry and Jennifer Creel.
Eleanora Kennedy and Muffie Potter Aston.
Matthew Bauer.
Diane Crary.
Kathy Arrix, Tom Arrix, and Muffie Potter Aston.
Betsy Pepe.
Ruth Fleischmann and Diane Crary.
Jennifer Creel.
Eleanora Kennedy.
Tanya Taylor.
Jennifer Creel, Lesley Vescler, Tanya Taylor, Muffie Potter Aston, and Matthew Bauer.
Holly Peterson and Muffie Potter Aston.
Muffie Potter Aston and Maylin Murphy.
Leslie Heaney and Madeline Dolan.
Muffie Potter Aston, Dani King, and Elizabeth Loomis.
Shoppers that were unable to make the event in person were invited to call participating retailer’s Miracle Personal Shoppers listed on the Madison Avenue B.I.D. website, here

The Society of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center — founded in 1946 to raise funds for patient care — is a volunteer organization dedicated to promoting the well-being of patients, supporting cancer research, and providing public education on the prevention, early detection and treatment of cancer.

Society volunteers work in close collaboration with the physicians and staff of MSK to support the Center’s mission of delivering the best cancer care to its patients and their families who come to the Center for treatment from all over the world.

With expertise in over 400 cancer types and almost 2,000 clinical trials underway at a given time, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK) is a world leader in patient care, research, and educaton. MSK makes a massive difference in the lives of millions of people facing cancer around the world.

Muffie Potter Aston with Ralph Lauren Bear.

For a complete list of stores and businesses, click here.

Photographs by Richard Dewitt

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