Mother Nature’s exterior designers

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First signs of spring in Central Park. 3:00 PM. Photo: JH.

Monday, February 25, 2019. A cold and often rainy weekend in New York. Overcast and glum from the looks of things. But I’m keeping my eye on the yellow witch hazel buds in the Park which should be followed by the forsythia in the next ten days or so. Then Mother Nature’s exterior designers move in.

In the meantime, way out West in Scottsdale, Arizona, or “Zona” as Blair Sabol (and probably millions of others) refer to it because last Wednesday, as you may have heard, they had a “snowstorm.” This is the first big snowstorm they’ve had since I don’t-know-when. Blair said they’ve had “dustings” very occasionally but this one came down. The temperature dropped from 70 degrees into the 30s. And along came the snowman.

I talked to her yesterday. As it does now in New York, the snow is just about melted. But it was fun while it lasted and her dog Sunshine loved it. So did her friend Patrick Halbe, who photographed the frolicking. He aint never seen snow!

Blair’s first snowball! The letters NOWHAT that you see in the background are part of Blair’s mother Audrey’s art collection.
Sunshine’s first snow!

The driveway.
Troon mountain behind Blair’s house.
Serious snow mountains in north Scottsdale.

Special Notice: I’m going to be late in publishing today’s full Diary because this morning I will be at the Funeral Mass for Lee Radziwill who died this past Friday at her home here in Manhattan. I hope to bring back some coverage of the occasion. Whatever I gather, we’ll be online with the story as well as a Memory I’ve written about Lee, by shortly after the noon hour.

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