Mount Sinai Health System’s 35th Annual Crystal Party “Stay at Home Gala”

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In the Conservatory Garden for the 34th annual Crystal Party for Mount Sinai Health System.

This has been the social season that wasn’t in New York this year. Ordinarily through the decades the Springtime is when the town gets out and about again. Between the first week in April and the end of the first week in June, it is a celebration of gala events, most often in evening, where Philanthropy reigns.

Many many millions are raised to benefit wide variety of organizations from the arts, the charities and the host of cultural and medical institutions that serve the citizens as well as the world that looks to New York as the center of the world. It is also a habit of neighborliness in New York style. Many of these benefits have brought people together in friendship as well. The annual events call attention to that.

I was reminded of this when I learned that Mount Sinai Health System’s annual Crystal Party will not be celebrated in person as it has been for the past three decades. They’re calling it their “Stay At Home Gala” because that is exactly what the guests will be doing.

Originally slated for a gala evening, it was to have been celebrated on this day (May 7th) in the beautiful Conservatory Garden in Central Park, under the glorious nighttime sky and with the benefit chairs, trustee Joe Plumeri and his wife Susan. 

But out of an abundance of caution, due to concerns for community spread of COVID-19 their annual benefit was cancelled.

The phrase, “we are in this together,” has taken on new meaning during this crisis. Mt. Sinai’s frontline staff have selflessly risen to the challenge posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

 The Crystal Party has created treasured memories with families and friends with a memory-tugging look back at these glamorous and special moments throughout the years.

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