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The dance floor at The Museum of the City of New York's annual Winter Ball at Cipriani 42nd Street.

The Museum of the City of New York (MCNY) held its annual Winter Ball at Cipriani 42nd Street on February 21st, 2019. Sponsored by Louis Vuitton, the Winter Ball raised nearly $700,000 to help fund the museum’s exhibitions, public programs, and education programs that served over 50,000 students and teachers this year.

The ball was hosted by Ronay Menschel Director and President Whitney Donhauser and the Museum of the City of New York’s Director’s Council: Sara Ayres, Jamie Creel, Mark Gilbertson, Amory McAndrew, Calvert Moore, Nicole Hanley Pickett, Kathy Prounis, Allison Rockefeller, Tara Rockefeller, Andrew Roosevelt, Alexia Hamm Ryan, Sana H. Sabbagh and Burwell Schorr. The Director’s Council is a group of individuals who have established an on-going commitment to the museum and its mission.

Museum of the City of New York (MCNY) Exhibition Program at the 2019 Winter Ball

“The Museum of the City of New York tells the story of the city’s past, present and future,” said Whitney Donhauser. “To understand many contemporary issues, you need to understand the history of the city.”

Burwell Schorr, Alexia Hamm Ryan, Mark Gilbertson, Kathy Prounis, Nicole Hanley Pickett, Whitney Donhauser, Allison Rockefeller, Calvert Moore, and Andrew Roosevelt
L to R.: Kathy and Othon Prounis; Dayssi Olarte de Kanavos, Mark Gilbertson, Alexandra Lind Rose, and Nancy Sambuco
Nicole Miller and Kim Taipale
Stacey Bronfman and Alex Roepers
Shana Gary, Charlie Sloan, Stephanie Hessler, Jeremy Smith, Paige Boller, and Wendy Mocco
Anthony Bellomo, Christopher Spitzmiller, KevinBarba-Hill, and Josh Barba-Hill
L to R.: Kathy Prounis, Sergio Orozco, and Yaz Hernandez; Burwell and Chip Schorr
Amy Fine Collins, Prince Dimitri of Yugoslavia, and Somers Farkas
Whitney Donhauser, Mark Gilbertson, and Jennifer Cacioppo
Elizabeth Graziolo and Evan Proach
L to R.: Amy Rogers and Hartley Rogers; Claire Robinson and Andrew Right
Jackie Astier, Jennifer Creel, and Alexandra Lind Rose
Terry Fitzgerald, Libby Fitzgerald, Lisa McCarthy, and Brian McCarthy
L to R.: Peter Marino and Whitney Donhauser; Dennis Basso and Guilford Robinson
Kate Allen, Lauren Duff, and Jennifer Oken
Melissa Morris, Chappy Morris, Teresa Colley, and Bruce Colley
Joachim Bader and Mary Snow

On February 23, 2019, Tony Award winning actress and Grammy-nominated vocalist Jessie Mueller wowed a crowd of the world’s most discerning arts patrons at the gorgeous Palm Beach home of Hudson News owner James Cohen and Galerie Magazine Founder Lisa Fayne Cohen. Known as “The Circle” – Lincoln Center’s Great Performers Circle brings together a select group of discerning arts patrons several times a year for salon-style evenings in beautiful private homes and iconic landmarks throughout New York City and beyond.

James Cohen, Jessie Mueller, and Lisa Cohen

A soft sunset provided the brilliant backdrop as guests enjoyed dinner and a masterfully spellbinding performance by Mueller, best known for her 2014 role as Carole King in Beautiful: The Carole King Musical, for which she won a Tony Award.

A veritable who’s-who of arts philanthropists enjoyed this breathtaking evening, including author Annie Falk, L&L Holding Co. Chairman & CEO David Levinson and philanthropist wife Simone Levinson, Toll Brothers Co-Founder Bruce Toll and Interior Designer Robbi Toll, former Hearst Magazines Chairwoman Cathie Black, Sun Trust Bank Market President Chris Chase, Barron International Group CEO and Chairwoman Lisbeth Barron, and Tony-award winning theatrical producer, Fran Weissler. Lincoln Center’s Acting President Russell Granet recognized Lincoln Center trustees, Related Companies Chairman and Founder Steven Ross, Corporate Arts Directors Chair Betty Levin, Ronnie Ackman, Bank of America Global Wealth and Investment Management, Vice Chairman Keith Banks, Co-Founder of Ascena Retail Group, Elliot Jaffe and Malkin Properties chairman Emeritus Peter L. Malkin.

Harvey and Babs Snyder, Hilarie Morgn, Lisa and James Cohen, and Mitchell Morgan
Priscilla Heudlein and Roe Green
James Cohen, Cathie Black, and Tom Harvey
Arnie and Paola Rosenshein
George Regan and Marianna Abbate
Ken Wyse, Burt Minkoff, Betty Levin, and Russell Granet
Lauren Pakan and Shiv Sethi
James and Lisa Cohen with Simone and David Levinson
Tina and Jeffrey Bolton
Tara Kelleher and Roy Zuckerberg
Rachel Jones, Cody Fiesel, Mark and Jennifer Miller, and Rob Cohen

Photographs by Sylvain Gaboury /Patrick McMullan (MCNY); Mike Jachles/ (The Circle)

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