National Institute of Social Sciences Gold Medal Gala

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The cocktail reception in the Great Hall of the Metropolitan Club for the National Institute of Social Sciences' 108th Annual Gold Medal Gala.

“The National Institute of Social Sciences serves as a crucial convener of the best and brightest minds in America,” declared Honoree Jennifer J. Raab at the 108th Annual Gold Medal Gala on Tuesday, December 6th, when the storied not-for-profit added Neil deGrasse Tyson, Philip J. Landrigan and Jennifer J. Raab to the long list of international citizens and educators recognized for their outstanding contributions to society.

Over dinner in the sparkling Ballroom of the Metropolitan Club, NISS President Fred Larsen moderated a lively panel discussion with Tyson, Raab and Landrigan, eliciting laughter and applause from the captivated audience. The evening also recognized PhD candidate Betsy Priem, one of 2022’s five grant recipients to attend.

Fred Larsen, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Jennifer Raab, and Dr. Philip Landrigan.
Dr. Philip Landrigan and Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Guests included Noel Lateef, Larry and Klara Silverstein, Elbrun and Peter Kimmelman, Harold Holzer, Valerie Paley, Heidi and Allen Roberts, Daisy Williams, Claudia Maree Mailer, Melissa Samide, Anthea Butler, Jim Grossman, Edward Liebow, Jennie Kassanoff, Pierre and Jenny du Pont, Barbara Tober, Karen Burke Goulandris, Ken and Barbara Jackson, Jonathan and Madelaine Piel, Suzanne and Robert Farrell, John Swing, Kathleen Maher, Dianne and Mark Melodia, Lauren and Neil Moriarty, Gracey Stoddard, Victoria Tomkins, James Curtis and Jason Colin, Lev Sviridov, Catherine Shraga, Karen Wagner, Win and Mary Rutherfurd, Gregory Peterson, Tommi Salmela, Yuval and Elina Greenblatt, Joshua Graham Lynn and Lindsay Lynn, and Brian Linnane. Gala chairs for the evening were Michelle and Fred Larsen, and Angela and Rod Hickey.

Dr. Philip Landrigan, Jennifer Raab, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and Fred Larsen.

“The NISS Gold Medal has been described as a Nobel Prize for the social sciences,” explained President Larsen. Previous honorees, which include four U.S. presidents and 16 Nobel Prize winners, include individuals who have made outstanding achievements in the social sciences, law, government, education, philanthropy, the arts, medicine, science, and industry. They include Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Madeleine Albright, Sandra Day O’Connor, Kwame Anthony Appiah, Daniel Kahneman, Kofi A. Annan, Madame Chiang Kai-Shek, Fulton Sheen, Paul Krugman, Darren Walker, J. Pierpont Morgan, Helen Keller, and Marie Curie, to name a few.

Dinner is served at the NISS Gold Medal Gala.

Under the tutelage of President Larsen, the institute continues to increase the scope of its support of PhD candidates and bring awareness of the advances in the social sciences into public attention. Established in 1912 and chartered as a not-for-profit by Congress, the National Institute of Social Sciences is an honorary society of Americans dedicated by service and philanthropy to the public good and joined together to recognize and celebrate those who have achieved at the highest level. In addition to presenting its Gold Medals each year, the National Institute awards grants to PhD candidates in the social sciences and holds public symposia on critical societal issues.

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NISS Trustees.
Neil Moriarty, Lauren Moriarty, Kay Ferreri, and Michael Ferreri.
L. to r.: Dr. Philip Landrigan and Jennifer Raab; Fred and Michelle Larsen.
Henry Larsen and Grace Severance Larsen.
Brian Linnane, Anthea Butler, Michelle Larsen, and Karen Wagner.
L. to r.: Angela Cason and Roderick Lyons Hickey III; Jennifer Raab and Elbrun Kimmelman.
Bob and Suzanne Farrell, with Michelle and Fred Larsen.
L. to r.: Neil deGrasse Tyson and Jennifer Raab; Michelle Larsen and Peter Kimmelman.
John Swing, Bill Derry, Rebecca Squire, Betsy Kellem, and Kathleen Maher.
L. to r.: Daisy Williams, Anissa Valenti, Henry Larsen, and Claudia Maree Mailer; Max Beaulieu, Elina Greenblatt, and Yuval Greenblatt.
Neil deGrasse Tyson, Dr. Philip Landrigan, Jennifer Raab, and the Knickerbocker Cadets.
Elbrun Kimmelman, with Allen and Heidi Roberts.
Victoria Tomkins, Richard Gordon, and Mary Davis.
Roderick Lyons Hickey IV and Neil Degrasse Tyson.
Shere Khan and Neil deGrasse Tyson.
Jennifer Raab and Klara Silverstein.
Mark Melodia, Dianne Melodia, Jason Colin, and James Curtis.
The Landrigan and the Piel families.
L. to r.: Michelle Larsen and Peter Kimmelman; Claudia Maree Mailer and Daisy Williams.
Gracey Stoddard, Margery Colloff, Harry Graberstein, Richard Rippe, Caroline Ritter, David Sloterbeck, Brooke Stoddard, Frances Stoddard, Oscar T. Stoddard, and Sandy Rippe.
Katherine Moon, Henry Evans, and Charlotte Moon.
Jim Grossman, Valerie Paley, and Harold Holzer.
Charles Boak and Dr. Karen Burke.
Barbara Tober and Neil deGrasse Tyson.
Philip J. Landrigan, Mary, Landrigan, Mary Landrigan-Ossar, Doug McAlinden, Sarah Piel, Jonathan Piel, Madelaine Piel, Jennifer Ratner, Elizabeth Savir, and Frank Wilkinson.
Henry Larsen, Henry Evans, Honda Jayathilake, Claudia Mailer, Daisy Williams, Anissa Valenti, Charlotte Moon, Melissa Samide, Natasha Buschman, and Caroline Crider.
Daniel Cashdan, Michael Delgado, Casey Doyle, John-Paul Gutierrez, Larissa Gutierrez, Saunghee Ko, Novaughn Miller, Dalia Miller, Akil Nurse, and Christine Wijaya.
Grace Severance Larsen, Liting Chiang, Roderick L. Hickey IV, Andrew Hoffenberg, Linda Lin, Dierdre Ricaurte, Dorothy Ruderman, Caroline Strutner, and Steven Jellinek.
Elbrun Kimmelman, Peter Kimmelman, Jennifer Raab, Hani Beyhum, Stephen Lassonde, Heidi Roberts, Allen Roberts, Margaret Sabin, Lev Sviridov, Anthony Viscusi, and Margo Viscusi.
Mallory Easton, Betsy Priem, Catherine Shraga, Thomas, Marchini, Michele Jeffery, Elise Harris, Lindsay Lynn, Amanda Edell Joshua Graham Lynn, Daniel Hurewitz, and James Jeffery.

Photographs by Jill Nelson/

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