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The scene at Young New Yorkers for the Philharmonic's Summer Benefit.

The Young New Yorkers (YNY) for the Philharmonic held their Summer Benefit at a private New York City club. Sarah Jane Gibbons, Chair of the Young New Yorkers for the Philharmonic, and Deborah Borda, Linda and Mitch Hart President and CEO, welcomed guests who enjoyed a chamber music performance by four musicians from the New York Philharmonic:  Michelle Kim, Soohyun Kwon, Jin Suk Yu, Hannah Choi, violins; and guest pianist, Duk kyu Kim.

The performance was followed by a seated dinner and dancing. Proceeds from the event help support the Philharmonic’s educational and public programs. Benefit Committee Co-Chairs present included Sarah Jane and Trevor Gibbons and Spencer L. Reames.

Yoni Arbel, Leona Clague, Naoko Reames, and YNY Benefit Committee Co-Chair Spencer L. Reames.
L. to r.: Sarah Jane and Trevor Gibbons; Melissa Goitia and Jeremy Seidner.
Prather Claghorn, Jake Claghorn, Christie Fredericks, and A.J. Houston.
NY Phil Flutist Yoobin Son, Alex Maccaro, and Eliz Agopian.
L. to r.: Naoko Reames, Farhana Ahmed, and YNY Benefit Committee Member Bettina Bennett; M. Lai and Esuna Dugarova.
NY Phil musicians Soohyun Kwon (far left) and Jin Suk (Jason) Yu (second from right) with YNY Chair Sarah Jane Gibbons.
Mary Burr, Seth Lloyd, Claire Molloy, and Ryan Salvatore.
L. to r.: Brooke Coby and YNY Benefit Committee Member Katie Tenney; Brad Mahlof and Britta Lippert.
Deborah Borda, NY Philharmonic Linda and Mitch Hart President and CEO.
CJ James, Bailey Foote, Rich Scott, Daniel Trucil, Kristen Scott, and Stanley Matuszewski.
Peter Sculco and YNY Chair Sarah Jane Gibbons.
Guest pianist Duk kyu Kim, Naoko Reames, NY Phil musicians Soohyun Kwon and Hannah Choi, YNY Chair Sarah Jane Gibbons, NY Phil musicians Michelle Kim and Jin Suk (Jason) Yu, and Spencer Reames.

On Monday, June 27th, The Frick Collection hosted Pride at the Frick: A Cheng-Harrell Midsummer Evening. A celebration of the LGBTQ community at the Frick for the museum’s Fellows, Young Fellows, and guests, the event was inspired by the current year-long installation series Living Histories: Queer Views and Old Masters.

The Living Histories project features new works by four contemporary artists, each in conversation with major Frick paintings, with particular emphasis on issues of gender and queer identity typically excluded from narratives of early modern European art. The fourth and final work to be displayed as part of the project, Toyin Ojih Odutola’s The Listener, will be on view throughout the event. April Kim Tonin, the Frick’s Ayesha Bulchandani Head of Education and Public Engagement, will present a short program on the work in the lower garden area of the museum.

Sponsored by Trustee Tai-Heng Cheng and Cole Harrell, the event was held at Frick Madison, the museum’s temporary home in the iconic modernist building on the Upper East Side designed by Marcel Breuer. Guests experienced the Frick’s masterpieces reframed at Frick Madison and encountered one of the world’s foremost collections of European paintings, sculptures, and decorative arts. Ranging from the Renaissance to the early twentieth century, the once-in-a-lifetime presentation includes works by celebrated artists such as Bellini, Degas, Fragonard, Gainsborough, Goya, Ingres, Rembrandt, Titian, Van Dyck, Vermeer, and Veronese.

Miguel Ferreya de Bone, Casey Kohlberg, Lizzie Asher, Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Director Ian Wardropper, Trustee Tai-Heng Cheng, Cole Harrell, Mercedes de Guardiola, and Trustee Sharese Bullock-Bailey.

Cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, courtesy of Olivier Cheng, were served  in the lower garden area of the museum, and short talks offered in the galleries throughout the evening.

Event Committee included Lizzie Asher, Sharese Bullock-Bailey, Ian Ferreyra de Bone, Mercedes de Guardiola, Casey Kohlberg, Charles Myers, and Alexander Roque.

Mercedes de Guardiola, Lizzie Asher, Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Director Ian Wardropper, Trustee Tai-Heng Cheng, Casey Kohlberg, Trustee Sharese Bullock-Bailey, Cole Harrell, and Miguel Ferreya de Bone.
Paul Solberg, Anne Drummond, and Christopher Makos.
Dasia Moore, Evelysse Vargas, Mercedes de Guardiola, Austin Allan, and Head of Marketing Alexis Light.
Curatorial Assistant Rebecca Leonard discussing works of art in the French 19th Century Gallery.
Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Director Ian Wardropper, Trustee Tai-Heng Cheng, and Cole Harrell.
Cole Harrell, Trustee Sharese Bullock-Bailey, Casey Kohlberg, Trustee Tai-Heng Cheng, Lizzie Asher, Mercedes de Guardiola, and Miguel Ferreya de Bone.
L. to r.: Leelah Logan; Emir Pehilj and Paul Muratore.
Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Director Ian Wardropper, Martha Loring, Helen Clay Chace, and John Durocher.
Head of Individual Giving Rowan Moody, Christy Coombs, and Penelope Riley.
Simon Navarro, William Rosenberg, and David Roll.
Associate Chief Librarian Suz Massen, Christie Grimm, Danielle Amodeo, Casey Kohlberg, and Anita Saggurti.
Matthew Usukumuh and Dr. Diarra K. Lamar.
Agasha Irving and Julieta Lozano.
L. to r.: Adria Spivack and Chief Librarian Stephen Bury; Trustee Tai-Heng Cheng and Jane Moss.
Harry Hill and Charles Gross.
Associate Director of Development Angie Calderwood, Leah Orescan, Nicole Martin, and Marley Amico.
Consul General of Iceland Nikulás Hannigan and Rán Tryggvadóttir.
John Durocher, Martha Loring, Suzzara Durocher, Helen Clay Chace, and Tristan Durocher.
Zak Risinger, Trustee Sharese Bullock-Bailey, William Benjamin, and William Harper.
Perrin Quarshie, Matthew Simonetti, Trustee Tai-Heng Cheng, and Philip McCarthy.
L. to r.: Tijana Ibrahimovic; Deputy Director of External Affairs Tia Chapman and Mike Bice.
Victoria Pelgrift, Jackie Elfe, Arden Wolf, and Adrien Lesser.
Shantell Martin.
Pallas Gutierrez, Eli Cohen, Sierra Armstrong, Sohyoung Park, and friend.
Brandon Lam, Lorenzo Azevedo, and Anthony Valencia with friends.
Allison Ecung.
Geep Warhoftig and Toby Teitel.
Trustee Tai-Heng Cheng, Margaret Sung, Mike Schmidtberger, and Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Director Ian Wardropper.
Trustee Tai-Heng Cheng, Asher, Cole Harrell, Mercedes de Guardiola, Trustee Sharese Bullock-Bailey, and Jonathan LeWinter.
Lizzie Asher, Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Director Ian Wardropper, Trustee Sharese Bullock-Bailey, Casey Kohlberg, Trustee Tai-Heng Cheng, and Cole Harrell.

In the same nabe, Tina Beriro hosted a cocktail party in her beautiful apartment at the Pierre to celebrate the patrons of Lighthouse Guild, the leading vision and health organization.

Tina introduced longtime supporter Marc Rosen who told a charming story of how Lighthouse Guild came to be, going back to its founding in 1908 by the two Holt sisters of the Holt Reinhart publishing fortune. Using their full year’s clothing allowances to start it along with their girlfriends the Misses; Vanderbilt, Astor, Whitney, Pulitzer etc.

Patty Raynes, Marc Rosen, and Tina Beriro.

Introducing Lighthouse Guild’s CEO, he told of a visit to Ellis Island where he learned that immigrants who were visually impaired needed to learn a skill to support themselves before they were allowed to enter the country and were housed on the island where they were taught basket weaving. A far cry from the life changing advances of today.

Tina Beriro and Lighthouse Guild President & CEO Dr. Cal Roberts

Lighthouse Guild’s CEO and President, Dr. Calvin Roberts, announced the launch of the Lighthouse Guild Technology Center — the premier assistive technology resource in the U.S. The state-of-the-art facility combines expert training with the right technology to help people who are visually impaired attain their goals.

The Technology Center will also drive innovation by bringing together the scientists, developers, entrepreneurs, academics, physicians, and (critically) the end-users to create transformative solutions for people worldwide.

Guests included; Gale Hayman, Patty Raynes, Margie and Michael Stern, Susan Gutfreund, Kathrine Bryan, Saundra Whitney, Felicia Taylor and Peter Gottsegen, Lighthouse Board Chairman James Dubin and his wife Susan, Ruth Woolard, Denise and Bernard Schwartz, Eric Margolis, Lighthouse CEO Dr. Calvin Roberts and wife Andrea, Marc Rosen, Vanessa Noel, Thomas and Marilyn Kahn, Erick Blanc, Carole and Philippe Delouvrier and Dr. Mada Hapworth.

Jeremy Edelson, Jenna Berman, Alicia Andrews, and Brian Dever.
Andrea Roberts, with Joe and Daria Zawadzki.
L. to r.:  Lighthouse Guild Board Chair James and Susan Dubin; Peter Gottsegen and Felicia Taylor Gottsegen.
Saundra Whitney.
Susan Gutfreund with Lucky and Marc Rosen and Katherine Bryan.
Irving and Laine Sitnick.
L. to r.: Gale Hayman and Marc Rosen; Bernard and Denise Schwartz.
Dr. Cal Roberts with Marilyn and Tom Kahn. 
Vanessa Noel and Tina Beriro.

Photographs by Fadi Kheir (Young New Yorkers); Eugene Gologursky/Getty & Matteo Prandoni & Deonté Lee/ (Frick); Rob Rich (Lighthouse).

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