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Hilary and I were delighted to hear from a fashion friend, Lisa Sun, who wanted us to know about her latest endeavor. We first met Lisa in 2013 when we created a video about her new line. The name Gravitas, Lisa humorously confessed, originated in her first professional review: “Lisa comes across as young and overly enthusiastic at times. She should seek to have more gravitas.” And so her search for the elusive attribute began.

“For me that meant being inspired and inspiring my peers, and admitting that the way I look can shape how I take on the day. To have gravitas is to be beyond doubt, and to instead own your moment. And to my own moment, I needed the perfect dress. A dress that combined the quality and innovations I’ve come to expect. One that felt as chic as my best luxury-label pieces, and as slimming and confidence-boosting as my favorite yoga pants. Who knew it could be done!”

Lisa did! She created a stylish line of dresses with comfortable build in shapewear, a boon to every gal’s figure and all manufactured in New York City. At that time, the line had 10 styles of dresses — now they have a complete collection including skirts, pants, tops and comfy wear to keep up with our Covid conscious dressing. Each design is named for an inspirational heroine.

Love Yourself Tregging, $88 / Simone Dress, $275 / Louisa Dress, $164 / Sofia Dress, $198 / Victoria Skirt, $228

Now Lisa is turning her talents to helping workers in the Garment District hold onto their jobs. “Our GRAVITAS team has spent the better part of 2020 manufacturing face masks and gowns for the front lines. In the process, we were moved by the resilience and kindness of our NYC Garment District community.” GRAVITAS is introducing The Factory Line as a love letter to NYC — every dollar is going to the workers.

Lisa came to the field of fashion with a philosophy that is firmly committed to quality, value and community. We were not surprised to learn of this latest philanthropic venture. Please pass on the word as every dollar touches 58 people directly.

And for a look back in time, here is the video that we created with GRAVITAS in 2013.

Hilary put together her pick of Made in New York pieces. “As a born and raised New Yorker, I love to promote anything connected with this great city, especially during this difficult time. Sadly many businesses have had to close due to the pandemic and shifting shopping trends. But there are still some great finds, like the ones below, that give a boost to your spring look while supporting New York workers.”

Alix Of Bohemia Laura Petunia Dress, $780 / Alix Of Bohemia Embroidered Jacket, $1580 / Lingua Franca Texas Strong, $380 / Markarian Floral Top With Peplum, $995 / Jenifer Creel Ceo Ring, $2200 / Jenifer Creel Diamond Name Charm, $1300

Made in NYC is an initiative of the Pratt Center that supports New York City’s Manufacturers. We reached out to Joanna Reynolds, Associate Director of the organization. “This year has shown why it’s so critical to help companies grow and thrive in New York City, within weeks, many Made in NYC businesses pivoted their production to provide PPE, hand sanitizer and hospital gowns to frontline workers, while others donated food and other supplies to local hospitals.”

I went shopping on Made in NYC and found some wonderful things like a trove of Personal Protective Equipment, including masks, shields, sanitizers and physical distancing aids.

Vesterpertine is a company that produces Eco Chic Reflective items and provides safety for biking, jogging, walking or any other daily activity. It would be a great addition to your Spring Break packing list.

Christine A Moore has been designing and manufacturing in New York for 25 years.  She is one of the darlings of the Central Park Conservancy Frederick Law Olmstead Luncheon, know as the “Hat Lunch.”

A guilty pleasure is perusing past years’ photos on NYSD.

WildAire creates fabulous packable hats.

Our friend Andrew Werner handcrafts Fleured, an elegant boutonnière, available in the finest cashmere to adorned leather.

Remade USA creates bags from recycled leather — either your own or sourced by them.

And who knew? Hanky Panky? Yep, made in New York!

Wing and Weft, home of LaCrasia Gloves, is the last glove manufacturer left in the Garment District.  They created the gloves that Jill Biden wore for the inauguration.

And speaking of the Inauguration, Jill’s outfit was designed, produced and hand finished in the Garment District by Alexandra O’Neill’s Markarian.

And there are so many other ventures both startup and established that are committed to keeping the best of work and life in our fair city.

Please shop them and support the efforts of dedicated fellow New Yorkers. #NewYorkStrong

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