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We need Ghislaine Maxwell to stay alive. In fact, the entire world needs her to stay alive. Not just for the unraveling of the Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking case, but to give us all something else to think about other than the ongoing Covid nightmare and political mania.

The Maxwell case is a worthy scandal for these times of cultural/global collapse. And who better than Ghislaine Maxwell (a woman!) to take down the world in one fell sexual and financial swoop. I’m ready to watch the show!  Aren’t we all?  Bring on the popcorn and the recliner!  But imagine … we have to wait a whole year for her trial!  Why?  Post-election concerns?  Nobody seems to know why the delay.  After all, we need a giant scandalous take-down and shakedown … NOW! Let’s give Covid a run for its money!

Ghislaine Maxwell sitting pretty not too long ago. ©Patrick McMullan

Some of my friends insist “the whole Epstein thing” is simply too tawdry and disgusting. They dismiss it like it’s in the same category as the current Johnny Depp and ex-wife Amber Heard repulsive blow-up. That couldn’t be further from the truth.  Epstein isn’t Hollywood and it’s not limited to celebrities.  The Ghislaine factor “has legs and heft.”  In the end, Ghislaine may reveal the who’s and what’s and those “who’s and what’s” are likely to be the people who have a great deal of power in the world.

It’s not just about blackmailing and sex trafficking (though that’s bad enough) and It is way past nailing Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Alan Dershowitz, Kevin Spacey and dear Prince Andrew.  The celebrity “names” are just the first tier — the girls may have been just the cherries on top of the whole extortion cake.

When Ghislaine (who sometimes goes under the names of Gay, Jan, Janet, Jen and now Jizzlaine!) spills the real beans, the whole world might explode. Pedophilia and power seem to go hand in hand, but there is the rumor that the Mossad is behind the whole operation.  You see how this rolls?

After all, “follow the money” has haunted the Epstein controversy for years, and no one has gotten to the bottom of that deep pocket. How did this guy get so much coin so fast, and did the sex trafficking become the main business?  I leave that whole issue to the financial experts who can’t seem to find the money thread.

I’d rather concentrate on Maxwell who is loaded with material.  Imagine, she has 7 names and lived (in the last year) in 36 locations and was finally busted in a New Hampshire mansion retreat?

To flee, or not to flee, that is the question.

Why didn’t she pull a Roman Polanski and flee to freedom in her native France?  She is now supposedly married to a younger tech CEO, Scott Borgerson, who is worth 100 million (Epstein was worth $500 million. How come Maxwell is only worth $20 million — not fair for a high-end pimp business associate and best friend!) Apparently Borgerson is her “beard” and went real estate shopping with her, both under different names.

The real interest is how does a girl like Maxwell end up in a place like this?  What was the motivation?  Apparently, money and lots of sex with girls and guys, and hobnobbing with jewel thieves, informants, and Bill Clinton.  Sure, she was in love with Epstein — and both of them matched up perfectly as partners in crime.  He was as bad as she! Epstein might have represented something of her own controversial father who was a wealthy, brutal publisher and ended up strangely murdered (the Mossad was “hinted at” in this case as well).

A friend of Maxwell suspected her own father abused her (and she had an awful childhood) so becoming a psychotic monster with Epstein might have been a natural way to go.  But remember in the end “it’s only business” for these two. But whatta biz!

What I really love is the daily “Jizzlaine” blog provided by The Sun (my paper of record — no “cancel culture” controversy there).  They keep the story up to date.  Providing those disturbing court “artist renderings” of Maxwell at her court appearance with black “Pikes Peak” eyebrows and brown paper “jail shroud” (the jail gave her a paper wardrobe to prevent suicide attempts).  She was pronounced a “flight risk” and promptly held without bail. (She wanted to post $5 million and stay at The Regency Hotel, which might raise the popularity of that hotel in a Covid time of dropping hotel reservations).

A Sun court rendering.

In the meantime, we don’t even get a mug shot of her for instant t-shirt sales. Instead we get a report of a few tears shed, her hair now long in a bun, and her phalanx of 6 lawyers — some having represented “El Chapo.”  No doubt they will keep her on the move from cell room to cell room or even vary the actual jail facilities.  Actually, Attorney General Bill Barr should end up just sitting outside her cell 24/7 if he wants her really guarded against murder or suicide.

Her next appearance will be in July 2021. She is charged with recruiting three underage girls, all the crimes having to do with transporting minors for sex, and two counts for perjury.  Some of the victims have alleged she not only “groomed” them but raped them as well. I think Maxwell will live out her “detainment.” If convicted, she serves 36 years. She is currently 58. Let’s see how she unfolds in the fullness of time!

If you want to get a feel for all of this froth and dirt, I suggest you watch Netflix’s terrific documentary series “Filthy Rich.”  It is actually one of the most beautifully photographed productions with a haunting soundtrack and gorgeous slo-mo drone shots of all the Epstein properties and massage rooms.  Not to mention, the revealing interviews with the Palm Beach police detectives, and a few “maintenance men” on Pedophile Island (Epstein’s private little St. James getaway).

The series also reveals a skeptical view of Palm Beach (with all its privilege and exclusivity) that many of us have never seen or heard about.  Obviously, there is a creepy factor to all the complicated behavior that Epstein was allowed to get away with — with “society”, the local PB cops, the federal lawyers, and frankly the world!

But most unfortunate of all, we get to see and hear from the major victims who were all believable and authentic and now mostly in their thirties.  They are compelling, and none of them looked or sounded like the Weinstein or Cosby version of #MeToo accusers.  They were not “industry players.”

The Epstein women were young and innocent (some were 14) with similar tough broken childhoods (some were “West Palm Beach survivors.”  All of them were “trafficked” into Epstein mansions. They didn’t freely walk into a Peninsula Hotel Suite to talk about a potential acting or producing job. None of them got settlement money, a day in court or deals of any sort.  And there was no Ronan Farrow standing up for them in print.

“Filthy Rich” finally gave the victims their spotlighted moment, and may I say this film is gracefully produced around such a sordid tale.  The victims were given a sense of dignity and gravitas that many of the #MeToo “screamers” didn’t achieve. The #MeToo movement seemed to have died with all the accusations thrown at Joe Biden last year… nothing stuck.

Epstein and Maxwell in lockstep back in ’95. ©Patrick McMullan

The Epstein women had to wait their turn; but sometimes the best is saved for last, and now karma takes over.  They had their teenage years destroyed by Maxwell and Epstein and didn’t even become Victoria’s Secret models (though Victoria’s Secret CEO Les Wexner was heavily involved with Epstein and allowed Epstein to “audition” a few Slavic girls in various hotels in Los Angeles for a catalogue shoot).

Now we will have to hear how Maxwell had “nothing to do” with the sexual abuse and that she, in fact, was abused by Epstein herself (her rumored defense). As I said, the sex scandal is one thing but when you start to follow the money all over the world it makes you wonder.  Was every powerful person flying on the Lolita Express (Epstein’s private jet) to and from cities and islands for perversion? Is this all about social dominance and bad parenting and dysfunctional childhoods? How does this all happen?

As publisher pal of mine Judith Regan said, “In the end, this is the story of all time about the exploitation of the vulnerable. Because it highlights how the entitled, the corrupt and the mighty hath fallen.”

But never mind the world – who have we not considered who has suffered unjustly in this sordid situation?  The dear Queen of England!  She has to deal with Prince Andrew and his “sweating issues” with underage women. Or how about his involvement with letting Maxwell and Kevin Spacey get photographed sitting on The Queen’s very own throne in Buckingham Palace!  Now come on!  Let’s keep sleaze from The Queen.  She is all we have left in “rising above it all.”

She also has to deal with the Harry and Meghan ridiculous “reality show” which is tanking with every one of their online “woke” appearances. Last week, Harry and Meghan did a strange video on the fight against gender and racial inequality.  Meghan spoke the most in her new super long and straight extended Kardashian hairstyle.

Harry looked like he was a hostage — uncomfortable and nervous and finally talked about “privilege” and “righting the wrongs of the past.” They have been hitting all the wrong notes lately; delivering food without masks to the needy in Santa Monica in early Covid. Rumors are flying that Harry seems lonely and sad in California, and Meghan is alienating all her old friends.  Clearly, they have become a part of the flood of irrelevant celebrity attention whores.

Too bad they arrived in LA to reboot themselves as Covid crash landed all around them.  My suggestion to them is to make a sex video quickly. At least learn from Kim Kardashian who may become USA’s First Lady if Kanye has anything to say about it.

But please … whether you are a sadly lost and disturbed ex-royal living in Beverly Hills or a sullied Prince at Buckingham Palace … at least allow The Queen to live out her reign in dignity and peace.  Especially in these tasteless times of sordid sex, and high crimes and misdemeanors.

Meanwhile, I beg of you —

God Save the Queen!

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