No Holds Barred: It’s the Virus Stupid!

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I used to hear the line “We get the President we deserve.” I never really understood it, but now I think I am beginning to get it. Let’s just get past Wednesday January 20, 2021.

For the past two months it has felt like our nation (world?) was in free fall. Nobody seemed at home in the White House to finish the job. Which in the end has been a mess on all sides. Here I was, used to being “on the brink.”

Photo by Selcuk Acar/NurPhoto via AP

Then everything seemed “up for grabs” — and on January 6th it “rock bottomed” out at the Capitol.  Just look at the emblemic selfie of the goon with one leg up on Pelosi’s desk looking at her mail. Or how about the Instagrammed guy in an antler fur headdress and topless tattooed chest (pictured right) calling himself “Nazi Hippie Shaman” (this is what happens when the far right and new age collide). Happy New Year!

Witnessing that Capitol scene left many of us with back spasms, anxiety attacks and more insomnia (as if the previous 9 months didn’t do the same?). My chest muscles actually became inflamed from all the deep breathing I was doing lately.  I have a pal who said she stopped zooming her therapist because she doesn’t want to talk to anyone anymore.  She says people now bore her — most of all she bores herself.  After all, what is there left to say?  She also mentioned that she is 65 and now feels therapy is a waste of time at this point.  Agreed!  I say, “fake it till you make it.”

I still can’t get over the rough opening of 2021.  I like the meme I received of the Joker showing Pennywise the clown around the workplace. I say, ‘21 is going to be one giant rehab after hitting our Capitol building “bottoming out.” Let’s get Joe sworn in and get to work — no inaugural parties or festivities! Why? 400,000 people are dead, and we have so much to do.

I actually feel sorry for Biden inheriting such a giant melt down. He is seemingly a kind, centered and serious man … a little frail for sure.  So let him just stay alive and (dare I say) LEAD!

James Carville did say recently, “It’s not the economy, stupid.  It’s the virus, stupid.” I say, “It’s the leadership, stupid.” In the end, stupid is where we are all now stuck — so please, let’s “Betty Ford” ourselves out of this place.  It might not take the traditional 30-day rehab. No doubt it will take years! But what else do we have to do?

Meanwhile, the social media (when it isn’t censoring) keeps bubbling along with other “explosions” like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West ending their marriage.  Is that really a saga of the times?

Too bad we won’t be seeing Kanye running for office. Or will we? It’s also the end of the Kardashian TV show, and they are cashing out of their beauty business.  But Kanye will be continuing his clothing line at the Gap.  So, the beat goes on.

A taste of the Yeezy x GAP collection.

Then we have Meghan and Harry reportedly feeling “alone” from the pandemic and experiencing a terribly “painful” year since the couple’s nanny moved back (after Megxit) to the UK.  This culminated in their announcement that they are quitting all social media due to the abusive responses.  Markle found it all “almost un-survivable.” Maybe they are showing solidarity with Trump by leaving the media platforms.

The Sussex Royal “bombshell” was only second to Hilaria (wife of Alec) Baldwin’s scandal over her Spanish heritage.  Are we supposed to care about all this? But maybe that is why she changed her name from Hilary to Hilaria.  There is only so much we can take of all this TMZ celebrity diversion.  That used to be amusing, but now none of it “sticks.” At the moment, we have a ton of hotter issues on a very crowded plate. Now more than ever, celebrities are meaningless.

Hilary or Hilaria, this is the real trick!

Personally, I have turned from the political negativity to the medical positive.  My one “hot date” I am looking forward to is my vaccine appointment which is set for mid-February in my doctor’s parking lot. I can’t wait!

Waiting with bated breath!

But there has been much confused panic about the vaccines as well.  Everyone wanted it last week.  The roll-out was slow, faulty and who gets it first (for once I am happy and proud I am 75).  The vaccines turned into a hell realm like everything else.  Now the dust is settling, and we all need to calm down. Everyone will get theirs in a timely fashion.

The shot rush has been insane.  You don’t have to fly to Florida to stand (or park) in an 8-mile-long line around a stadium because your state doesn’t have enough.  At one point, Florida said it would inoculate everyone, even if you don’t live there.  Not helpful for the second shot protocol but some people just want a needle in an arm and are willing to fly to Florida for the day and back.

As for my sad state of Arizona — “the mecca of mess” — we are now the hotspot and leading in viral infection. Our color on the viral hotspot map is more than red; it’s burnt brown. Our surge numbers keep climbing and our hotels are close to full of vacationing Californians who are sitting mask-less at crowded pool sides. What can I say? Party on!

At this point we are all “exposed”… daily.  Recently I had to go for one of those “rapid” Covid tests with a staff of very young, cute, and kind male and female nurses (super masked but fake eyelashes visible).  No more “Mrs. Doubtfire” as medics anymore.  I got an appointment and was taken (in my car) right on the dot — no lines — no hassles.  It was as festive as a great outdoor farmers or flea market.  The NEGATIVE results were texted to me in two hours!

Pulling up to the Covid rapid test station.
Cute and fun Covid rapid testing CNA’s.

My doctors (all of them already double vax dosed by last week) said the vax shots were handled the same terrific way.  No muss, no fuss, no reaction other than a sore arm for 24 hours! A momentous event!

As for vax era fashion and retail, who can really think about retail’s foot traffic at a time like this?  We still don’t know how long we are really immune with the shot, and obviously the masking-up and distancing will continue till 2022.  Consumer confidence will take a hit for some time.  And now with more “strains” appearing, it looks like “Covid free in ’23.” But then what?

I did, however, receive my greatest fashion item of 2020 last week.  The state of Georgia is now considered a historical and political circuit breaker.  And now a popular place to relocate!  My true blue pal from Georgia Stephen Miller (and I am not just referring to politics) sent me his 2020 Senate “run-off” voting sticker — a gorgeous Georgian Peach!  I bet I can get a fortune for that in a few years!  Ah … 2020 elections swag gold.  Imagine, something political worth keeping!

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