No Holds Barred: Time to Move ON

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I've experienced the 60-day trial and I'm not interested!

At least the President gets 100 days before the critics start lowering the boom, but so far the opening of 2021 has been a tough slog for all of us. And people are wondering if it will ever end.  Thumbs are down and we aren’t even into March.

The good news is that the vaccine story is keeping all of us afloat as more people have gotten their first shot and our viral infection and hospital numbers are dropping daily. Our country now looks the color of a light tangelo on the New York Times hot spot map. Supposedly we are on our way to an early Herd Immunity. Maybe.

But hot-tempered impatience seems to be the overall mood now. We have dropped down from full outrage a month ago. We aren’t as bottomed-out depressed and maybe we think we see the light at the end of whatever tunnel.  BUT… we still have to double mask, handwash and socially distance and wait for the REAL emotional and atmospheric thaw to hit. Mid-March?

Even in the West, our “Winter” won’t be over till we hit 80 degrees, which is promised in the next ten days. Of course, Palm Beach is already there, and nobody wants to hear that.  So, we are all stuck in the high irritation of wanting to be on the other side of all this — and it’s beginning to show.

My best friend in NYC got in a screaming match with a sanitation worker about the garbage mountain piled outside her door featuring a toilet and an array of dog poop. The snow delayed a lot of garbage collections in certain neighborhoods unless they are managed by Tony Soprano.

Remember the popularity of pandemic pooch adoptions 8 months ago? Rescue services were all cleaned out. Now they are full again. People got too aggravated to train their newfound pups during quarantine and didn’t feel like calling a trainer at $110 an hour.  So back the canines went to shelters.  Covid dog romance has worn thin.

A visual metaphor of  winter in the city!

Then there are the people between vaccine 1 and 2 who can’t stand the warning to be careful. An 80-year-old acquaintance who had his first shot decided to go out on a date a day after his injection with a former girlfriend who had Covid in December and still has the antibodies. He confessed they had a marvelous time and enjoyed a sweet “kissing session.” WHAT? Well … to each his own comfort zone!

Here we thought the “super spreaders” were the grandchildren. But remember 65 is the new 40 and so “elders” are now becoming emboldened with the shots and off they go as more of them are “single and wanting to mingle.”

The older community have had it being cooped up and most have already booked themselves post vax number 2 to Hawaii or Hilton Head by April. Some are even ready to do India or Bhutan by November. They figure they don’t have much time left.  They want to get out and live, live, live!  The Hospitality business will be overjoyed — even though airline travel will be more expensive and limited flights everywhere for a while.

When the over 60 travel boom was revealed last week, so was the announcement of the continued rise of STD’s (sexually transmitted diseases) among those 65 and up in my state of Arizona’s older community of Sun City. Apparently, these seniors have been very busy during the pandemic — or is it another sigh of testiness. Now they are getting their Covid and STD tests regularly. Medicare covers all.

Remember Ghislaine Maxwell of the Jeffrey Epstein scandal? Her story had so much promise in naming the “Big Names”.  Now she has kind of fizzled.  All we hear about is how exasperated she is in losing her hair while in prison.  Is that another edgy “condition”?  And of course, we have Gwyneth Paltrow making news revealing her extreme frustration at having long term effects of fatigue from her Covid bout last spring. While 500,000 people have died, Paltrow is now recommending her Goop $60 detoxifying super powder, long hikes in nature and infra-red saunas to deal with inflammation and brain fog.

A little goop’ll will do ya.

Everybody is anxious to MOVE ON.  Turn this page already.  But this is the era of feeling weird.  And weird is where we are no matter how much sex, travel, and supplements you try.  Time takes time (especially when we don’t know where we are headed).

And speaking of moving on — look at Kim and Kanye finally announcing their divorce. Or how about the biggest split of all — Harry and Meghan from the Monarchy.  We will see how Oprah can reboot the Sussexes’ (do they still get to keep that name) lives of “universal service” from their Montecito mansion.  Not to mention Oprah who has been MIA (except for last year’s “Soul” workshop tour) returning to do THE “Get” interview.  But can all of Queen Oprah’s horses and all of Queen Oprah’s men put that H&M Humpty Dumpty couple back together again in the right limelight? Only a lot of last minute editing will tell.

As a TV producer friend warned me, “This is not an interview — it is a reality show that will keep on going and going for one and all”. If that’s the case, Andy Cohen, NOT Oprah, should have hosted Meghan and Harry. After all, his popular show is called “Watch What Happens Live.”

Who better to be the next Housewife stars than H&M? You talk about a reality show!!  Just what they need! It’s better than a sex tape.

Let’s watch what happens!

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