NYSD and Bunny Williams host a joint book party

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This past Tuesday night, NYSD and Bunny Williams and John Rosselli hosted a joint book party/signing at John’s Gallery on East 61st between Second and First Avenues. It was a huge success in terms of numbers. The Gallery is the perfect place for a cocktail/book party, and because the proprietor is the supreme tastemaker in the interior design industry. All the pros and those with taste, including the fashion legends have been going to him since the 1950s. Yes, you read that right.

So when a hundred or two gather in those rooms full of great stuff, it’s not unlike being a great cocktail party. You love it for everything about it. There must have been more than 250 in all. It started at 6 although people were there at 5:30. It was scheduled to end at 8 but many still could not tear themselves away, because it was just great company all around. The two books being feted were Bunny’s new “Love Affairs With Houses.” These are houses that Bunny has always admired; not hers, but others.

Bunny Williams, John Rosselli, Sian Ballen, Lesley Hauge, and Jeff Hirsch

And the other book was NYSD’s book, Making Rooms Your Own: Lessons from Interior Designers, based on our HOUSE series that’s done entirely by Sian Ballen and Lesley Hauge with JH photographing. Published by Rizzoli, it contains 31 of the interior designers they’ve covered over the years. If you’re a lover of the column, buy the book!

A good time was had by all. Yakety-yak and don’t talk back!

Mickey Ateyeh, Barbara Tober, and Anna Bergman
John Barman and Kelly Graham
Carey Brown, Erin McGerry, Nathalie Aldrich, and Lindsay Lane
Sarah Tomey and Ron Longe

Carolyn Englefeld, Styles Calwell, and Danny Sager
Niall Smith and Barbara Kirshbaum
Brian Sawyer and Bunny Williams
Phyllis Kay
DPC and Charlotte Ford
Charlotte Ford and Emilia Saint-Amand
Penny Drue Baird and John Rosselli
L. to r.: JH and Eleanora Kennedy; Kathy Sloan

Margaret Russell and Bunny Williams
Jeff Hirsch and Bill Doyle
L. to r.: Mallory Hatcher and Lindsey Lane; Sarah Bray and Rachel Cooper
John Rosselli and DPC
David Miller Engel and Jim Gomiela
Michael McGraw, John Rosselli, and David Duncan
Jennifer Ford and Kathryn Rowe
L. to r.: Katie Ridder; Portia Dudley and Adrienne Jordan
Lee Link and French Link
Daniel Aubrey, DPC, Clodagh, and Ellen Sweeney
John Rosselli and Carol Prisant
David Telvetore, Garrow Kedigian, and Jason Hirsch
Kay Moini, Annie Zander, and Jeff Hirsch
Left: Annie Zander, founder of the Peruvian Connection and her VP of Marketing, Kay Moini. A few minutes after Annie Watt took this photo (right) Annie Zander came up to Paige Peterson (they had never met) and asked her where she got her sweater coat. “At a shop called Peruvian Connection on 76th Street and Columbus Avenue,” she answered. “That’s my shop!” Annie announced excitedly, followed by swoops and whoops by both women. “I love your stuff!” Paige exclaimed, adding, “I was just there yesterday and bought some things!” Everyone was pleased.

L. to r.: Mary Carson Dobbs and Nan Philip; Pamela Rausch and David Hottenroth
Alex Papachristidis, Jacqueline Sagora, and Wendy Moonan
Jeanne Lawrence, Kevin McLaughlin, and Barbara McLaughlin
Christopher Spitzmiller, John Rosselli, and Anthony Bellomo
Gail Gilbert, John Rosselli, and Lynn Gilbert
David Hirsch, Jason Hirsch, Joy McEwan, and Rochelle Hirsch
Carolyn Sollis, John Rosselli, and Jeffrey Bilhuber
Carolyn Coulter, Daniella Hortencio, and Terri Mahoney
Mary Snow, Rochelle Hirsch, JH, and Danielle Hirsch
Elizabeth Mellon, John Rosselli, and Henry Mellon
Richard Childs, John Rosselli, and John Fun
L. to r.: Emilia Saint-Amand and Elizabeth Saint-Amand; Charlie Scheips and Eleanora Kennedy
Richard Childs, John Rosselli, and John Fun
Carolyn Coulter, Daniella Hortencio, and Terri Mahoney
David Hirsch and DPC.
Elizabeth Mellon, John Rosselli, and Henry Mellon
L. to r.: Carolyn Sollis, John Rosselli, and Ron Brick; Nina Reeves and Christina Juarez
Ann Harris and Martha Glass
Delia Von Neuschatz, DPC, and Annie Zander

Delia Von Neuschatz, Sian Ballen, Danielle Hirsch, and Kelley Carter
Ron Brick and Clodagh
Mark Gilbertson, Kathy Prounis, Othon Prounis, and Stewart Manger
JH with Danielle Hirsch and Lesley Hauge
Jeff Hirsch, Lesley Hauge, Sian Ballen, and DPC
Louise Cronan, Howard Christian, Keith Langham, and William Cronan
Carol Vargo and Patty Madara
Anthony Baratta, Eric Espinoza, and Sian Ballen
Eleanora Kennedy, Kathy Prounis, Othon Prounis, Sian Ballen, Matthew Yee, and Vincente Wolf
Lisa Bytner and Catherine Carey
L. to r.: John Rosselli and Clark Ferguson; Sharon Hoge and Keith Langham
Alex Speiser, Alexandra Speiser, Sian Ballen, and William Speiser

Edward Lee Cave and Susan Brody
David Holland and Melanie Seymour Holland
Paige Peterson and Duane Hampton
Gerald Bland, John Rosselli, and Deborah Webster
Stacey Bewkes, Katie Ridder, and and Susanna Salk
Andrew Owen and D’Ann Tollett

Photographs by Annie Watt.

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