Our 21st annual holiday Diary

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Friday, December 31, 2021. Well kids — and on this day at this very minute, we are still kids/non-grownups — with the New Year on its way, we will suddenly morph into thinking adults. Doncha know? As an ancient aunt use to say to me when I was a real kid. In the meantime we’re here to enjoy these moments of our annual Holiday Greetings article, reminding us that that side of peace and happiness is all around, sometimes often if we’re paying attention.

This is our 21st annual holiday Diary. There are about 65 in this lot. The cards have changed over the years. Where there were children in the portraits, now they’re standing with height above the paents. There are lots of moments where you can see the pleasure of the gatherings. And there is beauty everywhere; all kinds, all of which presents itself in our lives, at least briefly.

I look at every one as it comes in, but I realize that it’s not until JH has laid it out before, giving us a ride through Good Wishes that the gift becomes apparent to all of us, whether we know the senders, or not. For this is the gift to take you into a Happy New York. And God Bless.

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