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Monday, December 31, 2018. New Year’s Eve. It is very quiet here in New York as we bid farewell to the Old Year and hopefully welcome the New. The moment is a certain relief from the day-to-day changing world we are living in. JH and I are in the 19th (!) year of our digital venture (and adventure). JH was taking a well-deserved weekend rest with his wife way up in the quiet Connecticut countryside.

The temperature outside is in the mid-40s. It’s probably a few degrees colder up-country, but all in all the weather’s been very warm for winter in the northeast. Out in ‘Zona where Blair Sabol dwells, they are having a winter (sort of), even with snow in some parts.

Reigning cats and dogs at the dinner table, a hilarious video sent from our friend Jim Mitchell.

Here in the almost-silence of East End Avenue, I’d been perusing this year’s Holiday and Christmas cards which JH put together for your eyes. It seemed to me the holiday cards were very slow in coming in this year. By mid-month I had the feeling that we weren’t going to see so many this year. Someone else told me they were noticing the same thing. Then they suddenly came by the score, right up until this past Saturday.

I should add that I’ve never been a Card sender, although I’ve always liked getting them. I particularly liked them after we started the NYSD because it gave me the opportunity to see different people’s choices. I recall when I was growing up, the Christmas cards (there were no “Holiday” cards then) were religious in content (the baby Jesus and the manger) to light and Santa-y.

Some young families enclosed a family shot, but otherwise images were rare. Now, it’s the flip side, and has been for about twenty years. Also this year more came digitally – not all of which could be transferred onto the site. And a greater number came without the perfunctory family photo. And lots with animals, particularly dawgs. They are the children of the elder ages, no doubt. And a pleasure, including the kitties, for the world if your heart is open.

Happy New Year to All, and to your animals, and may Peace be with us! And thank you again for your readership.

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