Packing for Travel — Covid Edition

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At this point, we have gleaned all of the “Silver Linings” to be had from the pandemic playbook.  Spending quality time with family. Check. Catching up on old friends. Check. Learning something new. Check. Beautifying our 24/7 surroundings. Check. Extending cocktail hour. Check. Ad nauseam Zooming. Check.

We launched Packing for Travel Covid Edition earlier this month as a digital book. The eBook is chock full of useful information with live, real-time links to websites that offer up-to-date information on your destination and the facts you need to make informed decisions.

While we need to remain cautious and travel safely, we are optimistic that the world will come out of this crisis, open its borders and start welcoming global travelers once again.

By now, we are ready to fly the coop. Slowly and cautiously we will regain our place as citizens of the world.

For inspiration and individual growth, there is no substitute for travel. It broadens our reach and understanding of our fellow humans and our place on this glorious earth.

We applaud the arrival of the Covid vaccine but also acknowledge that air travel will be forever altered, with the addition of masks, shields and safety precautions.  It makes perfect sense to protect ourselves while in close proximity to others, a small inconvenience to pay for the reentry to the limitless possibilities that travel affords.

I recently flew and used this shield over my mask.  It was quite comfortable. These will be gifts to friends and family. For added peace of mind, we investigated the best products designed to keep you germ free.

L. to r.: One Piece Protective Goggles, $12 … Portable Air Sanitizer, $46.

A Seat Sheet makes sense as long as you sanitize the armrests. Ditto the tray table or just don’t use it at all.

Reusable Seat Sheet, $35.

A sanitizer wristband is great for children and adults. You don’t have to fumble through your bag to find your gel or spray.

Hand Sanitizer Wristband, $15.

My Secret Santa surprised me with a phone sanitizer.  This one is portable.

Portable Phone Disinfectant, $34.

Because of its versatility, this is one of my favorites.  It works at home, for travel, in the office and anywhere.

Portable UV Light Sanitizer, $50.

Now that we are starting to imagine our next adventure, what’s on your list?

Hilary’s first stop will be an island retreat:  “I have a love of island living; I mean who doesn’t?! Saint Barth’s is one of my favorite islands to visit. I am dreaming of one day swimming in those beautiful waters, enjoying the delicious French cuisine and shopping the fabulous boutiques. You don’t need to pack much when island hopping. A pretty dress that can go day to night, a bathing suit and coverup, white jeans that can be dressed up or down, and a tote to carry sunscreen and other essentials. Packing light also leaves room for the items you might have to have while on vacation … but then again you can always buy another suitcase! Here’s to making our dreams of travel a reality in 2021!”

Sunday St Tropez Floral Mini Dress, $250 / WeWoreWhat Floral One Piece Swimsuit, $195 / Charo RuizBelle Eyelet Top, $380 / Frame Le Crop Mini Boot Jeans, $220 / Just Be Queen Tulum Ruched Dress, $545 / Dior Aviator Sunglasses, $495 / Ben-Amun Valeria Drop Earrings, $195 / Carolina Santo Domingo Raffia Tote, $239 / Senso Fillipa Leather Sandals, $138.

Hilary at Nikki Beach … before the dancing!

On, we have been “Shopping our Friends” for the holiday season. Sea*Star Beachwear, created by Libby Fitzgerald,  are the best resort kicks for beach, boat and around the town. They are a 100% water friendly shoe, utilizing quick drying neoprene for men, women, and children.

Sea*Star Beachwear.

And while Hilary dreams of an island breeze, I am aspiring to a blast of cold mountain air!  It is hard to believe that it was just a year ago that we wrote our NYSD articles on skiing, What to Wear to Hit the Slopes, What to wear Apres Ski.


I have a hankering to travel out West to hit the slopes and to catch up with our son Jake who resides in Denver.  I have been eyeing a new one-piece for a lean silhouette.  Ski wear is an investment so choose wisely and stylishly.  Net-a-Porter is always schussing the best ski fashion on and off piste.

Perfect Moment Two-Tone Ski Suit, $990 / Cordova Beige Telluride, $1360 / Goldberg Faux Fur-Trimmed Belted, $1059.

I have a soft spot for these Dale of Norway Sweaters which are timeless classics. The nipped in waist is very flattering and the flat weave is cozy and comfortable.

Dale of Norway Sweaters on Amazon.


I consulted my young friend and expert ski-ess, Haley Gewehr, on the current protocol and trends. “Most mountains require you to wear a mask in addition to the classic buff.  Also people are getting a bit more retro with their gear. Lots of fun colors!”

Jake Klopp & Haley brightly attired with their Troll Polls.

Destination Aspen!

Perhaps these bright separates will get you noticed!

Perfect Moment Super Star Hooded, $560 / Goldbergh Red Bomba, $625 / Dragon Mirrored Ski Goggles, $170 / Erin Snow Merino Wool Turtleneck, $328 / Kask Shadow Ski Helmet, $499 / Perfect Moment Aurora II Houndstooth Pants, $450 / Sorel Moto Cozy Buckled Boots, $220

The Garmisch Sweater, 1978 — for the perfect Apres Ski.

The “stylish days” of air travel may be a thing of the past — read NYSD’s What to Wear on a Plane — but we are a creative and indomitable lot, so let’s forge new roads together.

I don’t know about you, but our eye is on the present and the future. Who isn’t looking forward to a bright and healthy 2021? Make the leap!

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