Palm Beach Modern: Pitbull + Geoffrey Bradfield + Winslow Homer + Snowbirds

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Everglades Foundation benefit, The Breakers. Don’t Stop the Party and Give Me Everything not only probably made millions for Pitbull but also they are the bugle call for Palm Beach’s multitude of charitable organizations, perhaps none more essential to the quality of our lives than the Everglades Foundation. Saturday night’s drinks, dinner and show in the Ponce de Leon Ballroom attracted more than 800 supporters from most everywhere.

When better than Presidents’ Day weekend in South Florida … 80+ degree weather, offshore winds, rain, endless traffic jams, delays on the Middle Bridge, I-95 gridlock at all hours, helicopters hovering, motorcycle motorcades, sheriff cars at every intersection, and 45 having a night out from the Old Post House for a fundraiser in the North End at Monsorrel hosted by Nelson and Claudia Peltz.

Despite the challenges, this year’s Everglades Foundation gathering appeared sold out. In just a few minutes I met guests from Dallas, New Jersey, Naples, Denver, Dublin, and Miami, as ready to donate as rock along with Pitbull + Friends … while not as jaw dropping as Cardi B or Tyler the Creator, PB is a hybrid entertainer with a touch of Calle Ocho plus a dash of South Beach, and the Pitbullettes were Vegas-ready.

45 has arrived.

Before motoring to The Breakers, I stopped in at Taglialatella Gallery on Worth Avenue. Interior designer Geoffrey Bradfield was book signing (A 21st Century Palace Asia) and introducing his longtime associate Roric Tobin as a full partner, having recast their signature brand as B & T Global, to an SRO crowd of supporters and clients. A longtime associate designer with Bradfield’s firm, Tobin now shares equal amperage in the spotlight with Bradfield, focusing on their international roster of clients from Hollywood to Jerusalem to Mumbai.

At Friday afternoon’s Four Arts reception, I was talking about the weather with Jane Rylands, a recent South Florida émigré, who indicated it wasn’t the climate she expected. As for many years, she and her husband Philip Rylands, Ph.D., the new president and CEO of The Four Arts, have lived in Venice where he was director of the Collezione Peggy Guggenheim. 80+ degrees in February? Rain and wind in February? Welcome to the New South Florida calendar when the actual seasonal weather may be in May or October.

The Breakers, facade.

February 15, 2020 – 7 pm
2020 Everglades Foundation Benefit
The Breakers

Established in 1993 by the late George Barley and Paul Tudor Jones II, the Everglades Foundation focuses on influencing policies at state and national levels to restore the Everglades ecosystem and preserve Florida’s iconic wetlands. Headed by Carlos de la Cruz, Jr., chairman of the board, with Ellin Goetz and Joseph Z. Duke III, vice-chairs Among the Palm Beachers on the foundation’s board are Diana Barrett, Gary Lickle, Jimmy Buffett, Nancy Marshall, and Paul Tudor Jones II.

Michelle Henry, Gary Lickle, and Deborah Johnson.
Tonya and Eric Eikenberg, CEO of the Everglades Foundation.
L. to r.: Governor Ron DeSantis addressed the group; Carlos de la Cruz, chairman of the board.
L. to r.: Claudia de la Cruz; Lisa Pevaroff-Cohn and Gary Cohn.
Jamee and Marshall Field V.
Bob Kraft and Sonia Jones.
Rex Hamilton, Beryl LaCoste Hamilton, and Owen Baillie, director of corporate partnerships and foundation giving at the Everglades Foundation.
John Hendrickson and Ashley Schiff Ramos.
I was a guest of Ashley’s at Table 49.
Mei-Sze and Jeff Greene.
David and Suzanne Frisbie.
Gary Wendt.
Clockwise from above: Miss Florida 2020 – Monique Evans; David Moscow and Nanci Rands; Les Daniels.
The offshore wind kept most guests inside.
Michel Witmer and Dino Rivera.
Katie Carpenter, Jack Lynch, and Pam Taylor.
Shoshanna and Scott Wagner.
Eric and Diane Holm.
Mac and Ida Mazzone.
Mike and Gaelynn McGavick.
Gerry and Aisling Purcell with John and Amy Phelan.
Samantha Ramos and her father Mike Ramos introduced Pitbull + Friends.
Pitbull + Friends.
Pitbull + Friends.
Kara Pyle and Bobby Palette.
Harrison Sutherland, Maurice Ferre, and Matteo Ziff.
Ann Desruisseaux and George Norcross.
During the auction, Bob Kraft, and Sonia Jones.
Paul Tudor Jones II, David Tepper, and Gary Cohn.
Having the time of their lives … at The Breakers.
L. to r.: Chris Dewey and Nancy Clark; Angie and Gene Loring.
Terry and Gene Lockhart.
Ande Phipps and Tucker Frederickson.
Michael Landa, Amy Landa and Ally Blais, and Jason Landa.
Kristen and Charlie Krusen.

A few more moments with Pitbull … “Worldwide.”

Although slightly less twerking and tongue wagging than Rhianna and J-Lo, the Pitbullettes were an audience favorite.

Good night to The Breakers!

February 15, 2020  6:00 pm
B&T Global: Geoffrey Bradfield and Roric Tobin
Taglialatella Gallery
313 Worth Avenue

Roric Tobin, Amy Hoadley, and Geoffrey Bradfield.
Gallery owner Dominic Taglialatella.

February 14, 2020 – Member’s Reception
For America: Paintings from the National Academy of Design
Esther B. O’Keeffe Gallery
The Society of the Four Arts

The Four Arts recently welcomed its members for a reception marking the open of its latest exhibition For America: Paintings from the National Academy of Design.  Organized by the American Federation of Arts and the National Academy of Design, the show’s 100 artworks include an artist member’s portrait as well as an artist’s work donated to the collection. The representative exhibition clearly shows what separates American 19th and 20th century artists from their European counterparts.

According to The Four Arts, the National Academy does not allow photography.
Philip Rylands, president and CEO of The Four Arts.
L. to r.: Board member Michel Witmer heads up the Art Committee; Sharon Bush.
Ann Webb.
Col. Robert “Bobby” Spencer.
Richard Evans and Edwina Sandys.
Julia Herzig and Robert Desnick.

Vive la France! 

The French Heritage Society recently hosted its seasonal convergence at Club Colette. While I resist almost every urge to be modern, and however enjoyable the smoked salmon and tuxedo tartufo at Club Colette, I am reminded that the Monte Carlo-engineered roulette wheel wasn’t the only thing French at Bradley’s Beach Club. Even then, Palm Beachers loved everything French and for decades the chef de cuisine at Bradley’s casino was unrivaled. Bradley’s chef Jean Broca was believed the best toque west of Maxim’s.

February 12, 2020 – 7:00 pm
2020 French Heritage Society
Gala Dinner at Club Colette
215 Peruvian Avenue – Palm Beach

The French Heritage Society’s annual gala benefits its mission to preserve French architectural and cultural heritage in the US and France by raising funds for restoration, preservation and cultural grants, ensuring that the treasures of the shared French architectural and cultural heritage survive to inspire future generations. FHS made a recent donation of $2.6 million to aid in the restoration of Notre Dame.

L. to r.: Elizabeth Stribling, FHS chairman of the board, with Ronald Lee Fleming, the evening’s Honored Guest; Myrna Haft.
Michael A. Kovner, gala co-chairman, and CeCe Black, dinner chairman, welcomed 150 guests to this year’s event.
Nancy Place, Francis de Marneffe MD, and Diana Slocum.
Meredith Townsend and Bill Blind.
L. to r.: Ann Van Ness; Preston Mohr.
Rudy and Emmy Scheerer with Tom Thaler, dinner co-chair.
L. to r.:Geoffrey Bradfield; Paula Butler.

Snowbirds nest

And then a look at another genre of seasonal gathering, flocks of snowbirds sweeping through the sky. In search of the crested caracara, a few weeks ago I ventured in the early morning hours traveling overland for two hours to the 6,000-acre Overstreet Ranch in Kenansville. Named in honor of Henry Flagler’s third marriage to Mary Lily Kenan, this small whistle stop never quite became as notable as its namesake. Although I failed to spot the elusive caracara, I discovered one of Florida’s largest congregation of American bald eagles, albeit, soaring far beyond my modest camera lens range. Then again in the early morning hours, this past week I trekked to Wakohadatchee Wetlands in Delray Beach to capture the spectacular supermoon lighting up the sky at sunrise.

Wakodahatchee Wetlands, Delray Beach. Snowbirds soar above a supermoon moments before sunrise.

Wakodahatchee Wetlands
13270 Jog Road
Delray Beach

Snowbirds & the Supermoon …

Waiting for the sunrise as the brilliant moon descends.
Wood storks are in great numbers this season .. the herons and egrets not so much ..
Silhouette noir.
Crossing the pond.
The golden light on the far horizon.
Sunrise at Wakohadatchee Wetlands.
Just friends.
Family. “Yoga at 8.”
Work begins, twig by twig.
Morning routines.
Winging it.
At home below deck.
Life in the penthouse.

Along the railing.

Up in the wild blue …

On Florida’s Birding Trail …
Joe Overstreet Landing
4900 Joe Overstreet Road

Heartbreak Hotel, Kenansville. On the way to Overstreet Landing … just another 30 minutes from here …
Overstreet Ranch, Kenansville. The Overstreets, prominent multi-generational Central Florida ranchers, have a public road that allows boaters and birders to access Lake Kissimmee.
Cow crossings are frequent. Fifty head of cattle dispersed as I approached with my camera; this one didn’t move an inch.
A Great Blue Heron readies for take-off.
Eastern meadowlark.
Limpkin incoming.
Limpkin at ease.
Early morning birders at Lake Kissimmee.
There is a small pier for birdwatchers.
GBH on watch at Kissimmee.

Photography by AUGUSTUS MAYHEW.

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