Palm Beach Social Diary

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Lotsie Hermann Holton in her vintage Thunderbird on Worth Avenue.

Finally at long last the temperature in Palm Beach is seasonally warm, 70 degrees or more … and all I can say is whoopee! In fact it is just perfect down here, clear, sunny, and toasty warm with no humidity. Let me tell you, we are all thrilled not to be shoveling snow up north!

Well, Palm Beachers have tossed away their sweaters, packed up their furs, put down the roof on their convertible cars … and baby … we are basking in the sunshine, hooray!

It is so warm and lovely we’re seeing pedestrians in bathing suits!

It is a new year and the Palm Beach Centennial is being celebrated all over town with banners decorating the streets and window displays, too.

This time of year is also the beginning of the round of benefits, which was kicked off by the sold-out Policeman’s Ball honoring everyone’s favorite philanthropist, Tom Quick.

A motorcycle on display at the Palm Beach Policemen’s Ball.
L. to r.: Ambassador Nancy Brinker.; Eileen Burns.

Next on the calendar was Emilia Fanjul’s “Night of Expectations” benefit at Cafe Boulud for the Glades Academy. Love this benefit as it feels just like a private party but even better, as it is for a great cause with everyone you know and adore right there!

There was also the Zoo Ball chaired by four great beauties: Christy Clark, Darlene Jordan, Brigit Koch, and Karin Luter. Sotheby’s star Jamie Niven brilliantly auctioned off all kinds of goodies like a Graff necklace and more. Everyone danced away to the cool music by Soul Survivor.

Jamie Niven and Elaine Langone.
Dr. Carter and Afsy Pottash.

Next came The Red Cross Ball which was a roaring success with Ambassadors flying in from all over the place to participate in the round of festivities, including Michele and Howard Kessler’s “warm up” dinner the night before at their dazzler of an oceanfront palazzo.

Terry Lundgren, Wilbur Ross, Donald Trump, and Howard Kessler.
Ambassador Arturo Valencia and his wife Veronica from Mexico.
Baron Christian de Massey and Shannon Donnelly.

This time of year the whole world shows up in our little town: My pals Jamee and Peter Gregory came to stay with me as Jamee had a book signing for New York Parties, Private Views and gave a sold-out lecture at the Palm Beach Preservation Foundation.

Peter and Jamee Gregory with John Mashek.
Michele Kessler and Boaz Mazor.
Boaz Mazor and Nicola Marcus.

Last week, handsome Douglas Hannant drew a big crowd at Neimans with his lovely feminine dress collection and brand new fragrance, Douglas Hannant de Robert Piguet. He also had a fashion show at Petra Levin’s house in honor of Caron Renaissance.

Douglas Hannant and Petra Levin.
The fashion presentation at Petra Levin’s, honoring Caron Renaissance.

On Sunday, Kenneth Jay Lane arrived to stay at Judy and Alfred Taubman’s Mizner palazzo as he was having a show at The Norton. You have to head right to the Norton Museum in West Palm Beach to take in his dazzling ‘jewels’ brilliantly displayed. Do not miss this!!

The entrance to the Norton dinner in honor of Kenneth Jay Lane and his exhibition.
Countess Cristina de Caraman and Kenneth Jay Lane.
Judy Taubman and Robin Hambro.
L. to r.: The table centerpiece.; Famed lawyer Frank Chopin.
Hillie Mahoney and Rupert Hambro with Kate Ford behind.
Cristina de Caraman and Kate Ford.
L. to r.: John Loring and Jean Tailer.; Tiffany Dubin.
Wilbur Ross, Pepe Fanjul, and Hillie Mahoney.

Everyone is crazy about Kenny … so there was one fete after another, starting with Cynthia Boardman’s cozy and little, but ever so glam, dinner at her drop dead beautiful oceanfront abode. You all must recognize the pool from the cover of Slim Aarons‘s book, Once Upon a Time. The following night Emilia and Pepe gave a dinner for him too! Our talented Kenny is one popular fellow!

Cynthia Boardman’s oceanfront pool which you must recognize from the cover of Slim Aarons’s Once Upon a Time.
Mila Mulroney and Kenneth Jay Lane.
Dinner table at Cynthia Boardman’s dazzling oceanfront house.

Have to mention the fabulous dinner dance Susan Telesco gave at Club Colette for her husband Dom in celebration of his birthday. Dom’s adorable wife, along with the talented party planner Bruce Sutka, magically transformed Club Colette into Capri, Italy … Limoncello and all!

The first the thing you saw when walking in the door was a photo of Capri, surrounded by flowers, lemon vines, greenery. We felt as if we had just stepped off the plane and arrived in paradise! Everything was perfection … from the antique centerpieces filled with flowers that Susan has collected for years … to the sensational live band GDO enterprises, and more!

Susan and Dom Telesco’s party at Club Colette transformed into an evening in Capri.
L. to r.: Dom Telesco.; Dom Telesco’s graduation photo.
India, Cricket, and Manzi Burns at Cricket’s dad’s birthday party.
Susan Telesco and Lynn Maddock.
Telesco grandchildren chatting.
Mary and Mark Freitas.
Bob Wright under the clear tent.
Table numbers in Italian.
Capri-themed centerpieces.
L. to r.: Limoncello flown in from Capri.; GDO enterprise band entertained.
Telesco family serenading Dom.

Another night we joined Donald and Melania Trump, Karen and Richard LeFrak, and Tina and Terry Lundgren for an alfresco dinner at Mar-a-Lago. What a treat that was! We sat outside under the stars and feasted on grilled steak, lobster, ice cream sundaes,  and more, yum!!

Wilbur Ross, Richard and Karen LeFrak, Donald and Melania Trump, and Tina and Terry Lundgren at Mar-a-Lago.
Chefs grilling on the terrace at Mar-a-Lago.

I met Karen and Tina the next morning to take a power walk down the beach, to burn off that delicious dinner. First we applauded the croquet players on the Mar-a-Lago lawn, then through the tunnel to spot sun worshippers and swimmers by the pool, then off to the beach.

Applauding the croquet players on the Mar-a-Lago lawn.
Inside the gates at Mar-a-Lago.
The pool at Mar-a-Lago.

Now this is no ordinary beach walk as we got to peek at some of the most spectacular houses you will ever see. It was really a grand house tour besides a great walk! What can I say, guess it was just another week in paradise AKA Palm Beach.

A beautiful Palm Beach setting for an early morning power walk.


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