Palm Royale: A Party with a Purpose

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Guests gathering at Kim and Greg Dryer's Palm Beach home for “Cocktails àla Palm Royale” a benefit evening for Habitat for Humanity of Greater Palm Beach County.

Kim and Greg Dryer opened their historic Palm Beach home for “Cocktails àla Palm Royale” with actress Mindy Cohn, the actress who stars as “Ann Holiday,” The Shiny Sheet society editor, on the hit AppleTV series Palm Royale. The event benefited Habitat for Humanity of Greater Palm Beach County.

Hosts Greg and Kim Dryer.

Guests arriving in their Palm Beach chic cocktail attire were welcomed with a signature Grasshopper cocktail and nostalgic tunes from 1969 by DJ Yawar while mingling in the courtyard of the Marion Sims Wyeth-designed property.

Habitat for Humanity’s Chief Advancement Officer Julia Murphy and Board Chair Kevin Elwell joined Kim Dryer in welcoming guests including: Dr. Brent Ridge, Jonathan Adler and Simon Doonan, Liz Lange, Mark Badgley and James Mischka, Margaret Josephs, Steven Stolman and Rich Wilkie, Sharon Bush, Leonard Lauren, Kathy Prounis, Jean Shafiroff, Ramona Singer, Kristen Bardin, Whitney Schott, Christy Maasbach, Whitney Hesse, Jamie Curtis and Jason Colin, Meg and James McCartney, Farley Rentschler, Cheryl McKee, Jim Dove, Scott Sanders and Peter Wilson, Meredith Schott, and Christine and George Ledes.

“We are deeply grateful for this incredible opportunity, which was made possible by the generous support of our hosts, sponsors, and Mindy Cohn,” expressed Julia Murphy.

“This remarkable event raised awareness and funds for our mission of bringing people together to build homes, communities, and hope. A party with a purpose, what is more Palm Beach than that!”

Entering the Dryer’s Marion Sims Wyeth-designed property for “Cocktails àla Palm Royale.”

Leonard Lauren, Mindy Cohn, and Kim Dryer.
L. to r.: Kevin and Sarah Elwell; Kristen Bardin.
Meg McCartney securing a “Grasshopper.”
L. to r.: Garland Hall and Michael Goodfellow; Mark Badgley and James Mischka.
L. to r.: Jonathan Adler, Liz Lange, and Simon Doonan; Mira Fain and Kevin Small.
Mindy Cohn with friend Dr. Brent Ridge.
Mindy Cohn with friend Dr. Brent Ridge.
L. to r.: Ramona Singer; Jamie Curtis and Jason Colin.
L. to r.: Rich Wilkie and Steven Stolman; Mark Lukas and Edward Celata.
L. to r.: Julie Peyton and Angelina Bayer; Stephen Mooney and Scott Velozo.
James and Meg McCartney with David Granville and Jeff Pfeifle.
L. to r.: Brian Brady and Jim Karas; Joseph and Max McNamara.
Kristen Bardin, Art Roffey, and Gail Danto.
L. to r.: Kathy Prounis and Jim Dove; Alan and Penny Murphy.
Mindy Cohn and pals Jonathan Adler and Simon Doonan.
Mindy Cohn and pals Jonathan Adler and Simon Doonan.
L. to r.: Joe Santone and Alexandra Bain; Hank and Lisette Siegel.
L. to r.: Jennifer Thomason, Mindy Cohn, and Kim Dryer; Jean Shafiroff.
L. to r.: Tracy Fulham and Steven Stolman; David Granville and Jeff Pfeifle.
Maria Salgado, Patrick LeTourneau, Joan Limongello, and Peter Hallock.
Emily Dryer and Whitney Hesse; Margaret Josephs and Julia Murphy
L. to r.: Emily Dryer and Whitney Hesse; Margaret Josephs and Julia Murphy.
113_Christy Maasbach; George Ledes and Christine Schott.jpeg
L. to r.: Christy Maasbach; George Ledes and Christine Schott.

The surprise moment of the evening, however, came when Cohn returned to The Colony Hotel to find the real Palm Beach Daily News (aka The Shiny Sheet) Society Editor Shannon Donnelly dining at Swifty’s with owner Robert Caravaggi and friends.

The two had a good laugh, a short chat, and went on to resume their respective evenings. Donnelly, by the way, does not drink “Grasshoppers,” but rather prefers a “French 75” — a fun, fizzy, elegant cocktail, crafted with a base of gin, topped by a generous amount of bubbly, a splash of lemon juice, and simple syrup.

Shiny Sheet Society Editor Shannon Donnelly and Palm Royale Star Mindy Cohn at The Colony Palm Beach (Photo: CK Schott).

According to an interview by Entertainment Columnist Kristina Webb, who has been covering the series for The Shiny Sheet, Cohn actually “modeled Ann (Holiday) after famed gossip and society columnist Hedda Hopper, whose column Hedda Hopper’s Hollywood was a must-read in newspapers across the country for decades.”

Photographs by CAPEHART

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