Patrick McMullan’s “Glamour, Grit & Grace: Portraits of Iconic New York Women”

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A view inside the Patrick McMullan x Lafayette 148 New York Madison Avenue opening.

Wednesday a week ago.

Who: for starters, Guest of Honor Patrick McMullan, plus Kelly Rutherford, Amy Sacco, Hannah Bronfman, Sophie Elgort, Fern Mallis, Muffie Potter Aston, Bettina Zilkha, Liliana Cavendish, Alva Chinn, Emma Snowdon-Jones, Gigi Grimstad, Sally Wu, Genevieve Bahrenburg, Paula Garces; Lafayette 148 CEO and Co-Founder Deirdre Quinn; Chief Creative Officer Barbara Gast, President Liz Fraser; Creative Director Emily Smith and VP of Marketing and Communications Donna Faircloth.

Exactly whereLafayette 148 New York, 956 Madison Avenue at 75th Street.

Deirdre Quinn, Emily Smith, Patrick McMullan, and Liz Fraser.

And why: The draw: A glamorous crowd descending on Lafayette 148 New York’s new Madison Avenue Townhouse for the opening of “Glamour, Grit & Grace: Portraits of Iconic New York Women,” by acclaimed lensman and chronicler of the last three decades of New York culture, Patrick McMullan. 

The show, which will be on view through January 1, 2020, features a series of black-and- white photographs showcasing trailblazing New York women captured by Patrick over his more than thirty-year career, all selected from his vast archives exclusively for the show.

Patrick McMullan and Sally Wu.

The exhibition features a Who’s Who of remarkable New York women, captured by his camera at parties, premieres and openings —  from the 1980’s through the present day. Among the chosen are images of Marisa Berenson, Sandra Bernhard, Glenn Close, Claire Danes, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Debbie Harry, Anne Hathaway, Iman, Grace Jones, Jill Kargman, Cyndi Lauper, Fran Lebowitz, Jenny Lumet, Debi Mazar, Julianna Margulies, Liza Minnelli, Julianne Moore, Sarah Jessica Parker, Rosie Perez, Emmy Rossum, Keri Russell, Amy Sacco, Susan Sarandon, Chloe Sevigny, Stephanie Seymour, Brook Shields, Marisa Tomei, Christy Turlington, Marisa Williams.

Patrick was there, of course: “From Uptown to Downtown and in between New York,” he told us, “I’ve made it my work documenting the city, its people and its celebrations. It’s a genuine thrill going back through the archives, seeing my work of these images of exciting, powerful and glamorous women in New York.

“Most good photographs,” he added, “are a matter of trust and engagement that we had with each other. It’s always great to look back see the women that I have met and known. These ladies always stood out and it’s such a joy to see them again, and remember those nights at Studio 54, to the galas at Lincoln Center. This is a glimpse of a few of the many that I have captured throughout my career — thread of extraordinary women through my work that I appreciate even more now.”

The Evening benefittedBring Change to Mind, a non-profit devoted to ending the stigma around mental illness, founded by Glenn Close, one of the exhibition’s subjects. From December 3rd to the 17th, Charitybuzz will auction the exhibition’s portraits, with 100% of proceeds benefitting Bring Change to Mind.

“This evening brings together so much of what we stand for — we’re a New York brand, also led by women for women,” said Lafayette 148 President Liz Fraser. “These women capture the New York spirit we celebrate — resilience, strength, confidence and beauty. And who could be more New York than Patrick McMullan?”

Glamour, Grit & Grace will be on view at Lafayette 148’s Madison Avenue Townhouse at 956 Madison Avenue through January 1, 2020.

L. to r.: Carol Schuster, Lily Liebel, and Christine Schuster ; Jill Manoff and Emily Smith.
Somers Farkas, Beth Rudin DeWoody, Susan Silvers, and Muffie Potter Aston.
L. to r.: Mike Chioto and Bridget Bahl; Janelle Marie Lloyd.
Karen Klopp, Amy Sacco, Polly Onet, and Pamela Taylor Yates.
L. to r.: Tabber Benedict and Natalie Merkle; Pamela O’Connor and Bruce Helander.
Kathy Reilly, Kim Dryer, and Melanie Seymour Holland.
L. to r.: Sally Wu and Emily Smith; Emily Smith and Genevieve Bahrenburg.
Kristopher Fraser and Tatijana Shoan.
L. to r.: Jill Manoff and Deirdre Quinn; Alva Chinn.
Barbara Gast, Patrick McMullan, and Fern Mallis.
L. to r.: Sophie Elgort; Kelly Rutherford and Hannah Bronfman.
Rachel Swack, Deirdre Quinn, Kathy Hochul, and Abby Erwin.
L. to r.: Avril Aguiar and James Aguiar; Patricia Shah and Angela Dotson.
Deirdre Quinn, Emily Smith, Patrick McMullan, and Liz Fraser.
Edgar Batista, Alva Chinn, and Patrick McMullan.
L. to r.: Fern Mallis, Patrick McMullan, and Emily Smith; Paula Garces.
Liliana Cavendish and Nicole Salmasi.
Elizabeth Cohen, Alfredo Mineo, and Jean Ziperski.
Amy Sacco, with her portrait.
Kelly Rutherford and Hannah Bronfman.

Photographs by Owen Hoffmann; Sean Zanni; Gonzalo Marroquin/Patrick McMullan

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