Philadelphia in Palm Beach: Part II, 1931-1935, cont.

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Nassau, 1933: "Greenie," Ellen Frazer, Marshall Brown, Mrs. Sam Morris, Robert Glendinning, and Phineas Whelan.

Chicago, June 1933

In Chicago for a Garden Club meet and a party at Marion McKinlock’s, Ellen Frazer visited the International Exposition.

Chestnut Hill, 1933-1935

The children’s Halloween party, 1933.
Christmas Eve at Jay and Mary Cooke’s. L. to r.: Mildred Packard, Jay Cooke, Mildred Swanson, and Johnny Packard.
L to R.: Robert “Daddy” Glendinning preps for a Mexican-themed party in Chestnut Hill.; The Frazers’ divorce received a lot of ink.

Following the news of the pending divorce, Ellen Frazer gave a cocktail party on the terrace of her new Chestnut Hill Greentree Road house she called “Morro Castle.” Rodman Wanamaker II and Alex Wanamaker. Four years later, Wanamaker would marry Beatrice Patterson in Southampton.
Tom Evans and Ellen Frazer. During the 1934 season, their trip together to Palm Beach made the society columns.
Tom Evans and Beatrice Patterson.
Francis Harrison at Bea Patterson’s birthday party.
Tom Evans and Jessie Widener.
Above: Sally Gowen. Bottom: Green Adamson, at Bea Patterson’s birthday party, Chestnut Hill.
Robert Glendinning with his grandson, Robert “Rippie” Glendinning Frazer; right, Elizabeth Glendinning, at their daughter’s new house “Morro Castle.”

Amidst the Wood, Field and Stream, 1934.

L to R.: Ellen Frazer’s sister, Mary Cooke, was a crack shot.; The morning hunt at Rolling Rock, 1934. Richard Mellon.
Rolling Rock Club. A morning hunt, 1934.
Rolling Rock Hunt Club. Left: Adelaide Hill. Right: Ethel Darlington and Adelaide Hill.

January-March, 1935.
El Paso, Tucson, Scottsdale, and Palm Springs.

Before heading to Palm Beach in late March and April, Ellen Frazer and friends went west for the winter. Her divorce was finalized and ex Persi Frazer married Peggy Isham in February 1935. Out west, she was joined by her Watch Hill friends, the Marstons, as well as other chums.

After being joined by her friends Leola Armour and Lester Armour in Chicago, the group boarded the Golden State Limited for Arizona. Above, the Armours and Frazer were photographed in El Paso.
Tucson. Rippie Frazer walking in front of the Arizona Desert School, a boys’ boarding school where he was enrolled.
Among some of Ellen Frazer’s most captivating photographs are these taken of her son at the Arizona desert School.
Like every cowboy in the making, Rippie learns the finer points of croquet.
Tucson. Rippie Frazer showing the school stables to his mother, Ellen Frazer, and grandparents, Robert and Elizabeth Glendinning.
At the Arizona Desert School parade and rodeo, Frazer jumps the fence aboard his horse Mush-Mouth.
A polo match at the Arizona Desert School.
Scottsdale. Ed Johnston and Ellen Frazer.
January, 1935. Superstition Mountain.
February, 1935. Biltmore Hotel, Scottsdale. Ellen Frazer photographed by Hunter Marston at The Biltmore at the same time her ex-husband Persifor Frazer III married Peggy Isham in Newport.

Palm Beach, 1934-1935.

During the 1934 season, Ellen Frazer and Tom Evans stayed at Casa Invierno, Albert and Glee Smith’s house on Jungle Road. The following season, she was at Casa dei Leoni, her parents’ home on Worth Avenue next to the Everglades Club.

1934. Garden Club of Palm Beach Flower Show. Glee Smith, club president Marion McKinlock, and Ellen Frazer. Frazer’s mother Elizabeth Glendinning was the honorary president of the Garden Club of Palm Beach.
Casa Invierno, Jungle Road. Marion Sims Wyeth, architect.
1934, Palm Beach. Ellen Frazer.
1934. Palm Beach. Ellen Frazer and her daughter Bettina Frazer.
Left: Tom Evans. Right: Laurance Armour, at Casa Invierno.
1934. Gulf Stream Polo & Gulf Stream Golf Club. Left: Robert Cassatt, nephew of Mary Cassatt. Right: May and J. Gordon Douglas. In 1930 Peggie Phipps married the Douglas’ son J. Gordon Douglas Jr.
L to R.: Clement “Clemmy” A. Griscom landed a big one in Palm Beach.; Ellen Frazer ready for an afternoon swim at the Wideners’ pool at Il Palmetto.
Newton Perry, Lacey Armour, and Martha Blair at the Joseph Widener’s Il Palmetto.
Petie Widener at Il Palmetto.
Joan Widener and friend at Il Palmetto.
Bath & Tennis Club. Above: Tom Dixon. Bottom: Glee Smith and Kitty Dixon.
Lto R.: 7 March 1934. Nancy Yuille weds Viscount Adare at her sister Mrs. Wolcott Blair’s house in Palm Beach. Charles Munn was Lord Adare’s best man.; Palm Beach, 1935. Society pets along with Ellen Frazer, Mary Glendinning Cooke, and Glee Smith.
Glee Smith and Newton Perry at Casa Invierno, Palm Beach.
March, 1934. Hialeah Race Track. Left: Lacey Armour and Susie Gardner. Right: Lacey Armour, Arthur Gardner, and Susie Gardner.

Palm Beach. March-April, 1935.

Ellen Frazer’s brother Robert Glendinning Jr. and his second wife Kitty take the family yacht out on the Everglades Club marina, directly behind his parents’ Worth Avenue Venetian-styled house Casa dei Leoni. Afar, a rare glimpse of the Mizner-designed three-story villa at the Everglades Club, long since demolished.
1935. A spin on Worth Avenue in their Palm beach wheelchair. Chief pedaler, Robert Glendinning Jr., with his wife Kitty Glendinning (left) and his mother, Elizabeth Glendinning.
Perkie Frazer greets the family’s Palm Beach wheelchair, his grandmother Elizabeth Glendinning (seated right), her daughter-in-law- Kitty Glendinning, and at the wheel, Robert Glendinning Jr.
Bath & Tennis Club. L. to r.: Bettina Frazer, Perky Frazer, Clara Thomson, and Tommy Thomson.
Casa dei Leoni, 450 Worth Avenue. The Glendinnings’ Mizner-designed Palm Beach house.
Casa dei Leoni. “Mother’s patio.”
April, 1935. Robert Glendinning on the terrace at Casa dei Leoni. Mr. Glendinning died the following year.
Egerton Warburton, on the terrace at Casa dei Leoni. Mr. Warburton’s parents, Barclay and Mary “Minnie” Brown Wanamaker Warburton, lived next door at Casa Maria Maronne. Following his divorce, Warburton’s wife Elizabeth married his cousin John Wanamaker.
Casa Maria Marrone, 1935. The Barclay and Minnie Wanamaker Warburton house, Worth Avenue, Palm Beach. Barclay Warburton became known as Palm Beach’s first “society mayor.” Today, the house is two separate houses with the west end of the house now known as Villa des Cygnes.
On the terrace at Casa dei Leoni, the children enjoy their lunch.
Isabel Dodge Sloane.
Ethel Darlington – George Garrett wedding announcement.

27 April 1935. Maryland Hunt Club, Baltimore

Left: Cordelia Drexel Biddle Duke Robertson. Right: Hostess Mathilde Johnston and guest.
“Cordy” Robertson and Jim Haines.
April, 1935. Maryland Hunt Club. “Cordy” Robertson, Sam Rea, and Warrington Gillette.

One last look back …

“Hope Starr’s Mexican debutante party.” Philadelphia, 1932.

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Photographs are from the Collection of Lucius Ordway Frazer.



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