Philharmonia Foundation’s Let Freedom Ring fundraiser

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Musicians and guests at the annual fundraiser for the Philharmonia Foundation in support of the Philharmonia's upcoming Let Freedom Ring concert series.

On May 15th, Mrs. Sharon Jacob hosted the annual fundraiser for the Philharmonia Foundation, the American non-profit of London’s Philharmonia Orchestra, in support of the Philharmonia’s upcoming Let Freedom Ring concert series. Guests were treated to a specially curated musical performance by members of the Philharmonia at Mrs. Jacob’s home, featuring the music of George Walker, George Gershwin, Jessie Montgomery, and Duke Ellington.

Matthew Hurlock, President of the Philharmonia Foundation, and Thorben Dittes, Chief Executive of the Philharmonia Orchestra, spoke.

Matthew Hurlock.
Thorben Dittes.
Sharon Jacob.

The Philharmonia Foundation supports the Philharmonia Orchestra, a world-class British Symphony orchestra led by Principal Conductor Santtu-Matias Rouvali, on its tours of the US and ambitious music performance and education programs around the world. Sir John-Eliot Gardiner is Principal Guest Conductor Emeritus and Marin Alsop is Principal Guest Conductor.

Members of the Philharmonia Orchestra perform a specially curated musical performance.

The Philharmonia’s landmark concert series in London this fall, Let Freedom Ring, celebrates the diversity of the American artists whose music has shaped their nation’s identity: the songs of enslaved people that gave birth to the Blues and paved the way for jazz; the folk music of countless immigrants; the melodies of musical theatre and the classical tradition.  The series, supported by the Philharmonia Foundation, includes free performances, live concert experiences for children and events with leading lights of American music, including Marin Alsop, Ravi Coltrane, and Esperanza Spalding.

For queries, please contact William Mendelowitz, Director of Development, Philharmonia Orchestra

L. to r.: Jennifer Bernstein and Sharon Jacob; Linda Zagaria and Lisa Ferber.
Isaac Thweatt and Paul Sparks.
Matt Hurlock and Benjamin Hildner.
L. to r.: Marshall Watson and Susan Dunlevy; Ann Billingsley, Sharon Jacob, and Julie Lanning.
Amanda Grove Holmén and Thorben Dittes.
Maureen Mulheren, Sharon Jacob, and Amanda Grove Holmén.
Anne Watkins, Ken Selody, and Ann Selody.
Ann Byers, Tom Byers, and Aileen Bruner.
Margaret Bowland, Wade Zamechek, Megan Newman, Cathryn Christensen, and Deogratias.
Leslie Weiss and Margaret Bowland.
Muffie Harrington and Michael Comstock.
John Klopp, Karen Klopp, and William Mendelowitz.
L. to r.: Paul Sparks and Susan Dunlevy; Tom and Ann Byers.
Nicole Salmasi and Brian Foreman.
Tina Schafer, Natalie Ross, Richard Zakin, and Holly Lowen.
Ellen and Brian McClenahan.
Jill Totenberg, Doug Stanglin, Kathy Shraga, and Susan Mathisen.
L. to r.: Jozelyn Davis and Bill Jacob; Megan Newman and Jozelyn Davis.
Michael Lanning and Ann Silotti.
Coleman McCarten, Julie Lanning, Matthew Hurlock, Muffie Harrington, Patricia Ceballos, and Michael Lanning.
Holly Lowen, Tiffany Gardner, and Isaac Thweat.
Aileen Bruner, Natalie Stange, Maureen Mulheren, and Barbara Scott.
Patricia Gillespie and Cathryn Christensen.
Matthew and Severa Hurlock.
Michael Sotithos and Mary Kathryn Navab.
Dallas Dalton and Julie Lanning.
Tina Shafer and Richard Zakin.
Amanda Grove Holmén and Anne Watkins.
Tiffany Gardner, Sharon Jacob, Ann Byers, and Maureen Mulheren.
Kathy Linburn and Maureen Mulheren.
Sharon Jacob and Amelia Prounis.
Marshall Watson, Susan Dunlevy, and Sharon Jacob.
Daniel Meyer and Torben Dittes.
Nicole Salmasi and Sharon Jacob.

Photographs by David DuPuy/

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