Photographer Christophe von Hohenberg Book Signing at Coe & Co Gallery Palm Beach

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Photographer Christophe von Hohenberg and and pal Maribel Alvarez at his book signing at Coe & Co Gallery in Palm Beach.

New York-based, internationally acclaimed photographer Christophe von Hohenberg unveiled his much anticipated White Album of the Hamptons book during a pre-launch at Palm Beach’s Coe + Co Photography Gallery.

The March 24th event on showcasing an exhibit of previously unseen photographs featured in his latest book, raised more than $2,500 for the Duke Nelson Memorial Scholarship, an endowment fund under the Dreyfoos School of the Arts Foundation.  The scholarship was founded in memory a Dreyfoos alum who at 23 was shot while filming a rap video in Fort Lauderdale. Von Hohenberg is donating 100% of proceeds from the sale of a 20 x 24 edition of Fog on Georgica Pond to the scholarship.

“I can’t thank Christophe enough for supporting the cause dearest to my heart. Duke was part of my family,” said Maribel Alvarez. “He struggled to champion those who, like him, fought to overcome continuous challenges while turning them into opportunities. He inspired and led them. Today, my family and friends are committed to the ongoing endowment fund in Duke’s name.”

Von Hohenberg is donating 100% of proceeds from the sale of a 20 x 24 edition of Fog on Georgica Pond to the Duke Nelson Memorial scholarship.

More than 100 guests — many of whom flew in from New York or drove from Miami — attended the three-hour event which was held primarily outdoors. All available books sold out in record time, with von Hohenberg taking the time to dedicate and sign each one.

Pam Taylor, Tom Shaffer, and Kim Charlton — who purchased von Hohenberg’s “The Feather,” one of six photographs which have been sold to date.

“Christophe’s book documenting Andy Warhol’s funeral was genius,’ said Jane Holzer (aka Baby Jane) “I look forward to his latest book and the exhibit at Coe and Co.”

Guests included Chris Snyder, Director of Development at Dreyfoos School of the Arts Foundation, and Ben Guy, a dear friend of Duke’s. Other notable attendees included former super model Kim Charlton, renown artists Priscilla Rattazzi and Elizabeth Thompson, Marco Posatti, Tommy MorrisonManuel Balontin, Felicia Taylor, George Ledes, Peter Soros, Electra Toub, Yaz Hernanez, Alain de Grelle, Alvin Valley, Michel Witmer, Jean Shafiroff, Christopher Castroviejo, Diane de la Begassiere and Philippe Delgrange, owner of Le Bilboquet Palm Beach who immediately raised the stakes on Fog on Georgica Pond.

Sylvia Hemingway and Peter Soros.
Robin and Robert Leacock.
Michel Witmer and Grayson Lambert.

Jay McInerney states in the book’s foreword: “The ghostly figures on the sand, silhouetted against the surf and the sky, might be famous New Yorkers, but their individuating characteristics have been bleached away by the sun and the figurative squint of the observer.  The humans have become anonymous and diminished against the overwhelming backdrop of the ocean. These images are by turns soothing, and haunting and yet somehow familiar.”

George Ledes, Restaurateur Philippe Del Grange, and interior designer Helen Feid.

“These images are about healing,” said von Hohenberg, “Following footprints on the shoreline, picking up seashells with the wind and water kissing my face centers my soul.  These beaches serve as a cleansing tonic to my mind, making me feel refreshed and whole and temporarily washing away my anxieties.”

The book demonstrates Hohenberg’s mastery no matter the subject; by employing a style that innovatively plays with light and exposure. He captures the dream-like beauty and breathtaking soul of these familiar beaches and leaves viewers feeling like they have entered a bewitching environs.

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