“Pink Muse,” an exhibition of works by Helen Frankenthaler and watercolors by Debra Drexler

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Debra Drexler.

Ann Nitze and Evelyn Tompkins in collaboration with Ritika Ravi of IVAR and the fashion house, ETRO, presented on October 4th, “Pink Muse” an exhibition of works by the late iconic Abstract Expressionist artist, Helen Frankenthaler, and watercolors by Hawaii and New York based artist, Debra Drexler.

In response to the beauty of these abstract works including Frankenthaler’s Tales of Genji IV (1998), IVAR created a unique pair of sapphire and diamond drop earrings, “Pink Legends” for the exhibition and ETRO previewed their mini pink Vela Bag from their new Fall-Winter Collection celebrating a shared inspiration by the color pink.

Helen Frankenthaler, Tales of Genji IV, 1998.
Debra Drexler Watercolor and IVAR jewelry.
Etro Mini Vela Bag.
Watercolors by Debra Drexler.

xJS_017 Debra Drexler watercolor

Lovers of the New York School of painting abstraction, jewelry, and fashion also gathered to celebrate the Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons and oohed and aahed over two darling tiny Chihuahua recue puppies, Ulu and Bindy who are looking for their forever home. 10% of the proceeds from this exhibition will benefit the Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons.

Evelyn Tompkins and Debra Drexler.
Ann Nitze and Masami Shiraishi.
L. to r.: Margo Langenberg; April Gow, Ann Nitze, and Dame Jillian Sackler.
Bart Bland and Claudia Doring-Baez.
Mayme Hackett, Ritika Ravi, and Caroline Nation.
L. to r.: Hannah Rutherfoord and Carroll Cummings; Maria Fairchild and Katherine David of Etro.
L. to r.: Lisa Bytner and Ann Nitze; Mayme Hackett and Ashley Bernhard.
L. to r.: Zari and Don Callahan.
L. to r.: Martha Glass, Ritika Ravi, and Ashley Bernhard; Elisabeth Fawcett and William Fitzgerald.
Victor Geraci, Michelle Alford, and Bill Priestler.
L. to r.: Ros L’Esperance, Shelley Carr, and Libby Fitzgerald; Don Callahan and Ann Unterberg.
Isabelle Simone, Evelyn Tompkins, Shelley Malkin, Kevin Ramnaraine, and Isabelle Trapnell Marino.
L. to r.: Claudia Doring-Baez and Gloria Fieldcamp; Tiff and Lili Metcalf.
William McMahan and Linda Hickox.
L. to r.: John Knott and Mark Gilbertson; Kathy Rayner and Mai Hallingby.
John Fondas, Carlos Picon, and Geoffrey Bradfield.
L. to r.: Zibby Tozer and Katie Tozer; Natasha Gordon and Felicia Mannix.
Hollis Taggart, Kathy Rayner, and Kimberly Nichols of ARF with rescue Chihuahuas Lulu and Bindy.
L. to r.: Kathy Reilly; Nancy Furlotti and Peter Wolff.
Leslie Coleman, Melanie Holland, John Fondas, and Karen Glover.
L. to r.:  Jill Lee modeling Etro; Angela Mariani and Christopher Mason.
Tana Dye, Allegra Thoresen, and Walter Deane.
L. to r.: Lisa McCarthy and Baxter; Cindy Ketchum, Richard Perry, and Katie Tozer.
L. to r.: Sylvie and Olivey Chantecaille; Ann Nitze and Alberto Mariaca.
Mark Gilbertson, Denise LeFrak, and Richard Perry.
L. to r.: Ritika Ravi and Stephanie Stokes; Adrienne Darling, Karen Glover, and Anne Marie Bratten.

Photographs by John Sanderson/AnnieWatt.com

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