Planting Fields celebrates its annual ‘Deck the Halls’ holiday benefit

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The Planting Fields Foundation in Oyster Bay, New York hosted its “Deck the Halls Annual Benefit” in historic Coe Hall on Saturday, December 4th, 2021. This year, the celebration was dedicated to supporting the restoration of the Olmsted Brothers’ vision for the designed landscape of Planting Fields in order to solidify it as a vibrant and singular historic site. The event raised close to $200,000 in sponsorship and ticket sales for Planting Fields Foundation.

Each holiday season, the magnificent Coe estate is decorated to the hilt and hosts festive events. This year, it is decorated with birch, white pine, holly, spruce, poinsettia and southern magnolia gathered from around the property and used throughout the house.

Cocktails in Coe Hall.

Highlights from the evening included a cocktail reception, full-service catering, a live band, and beautiful views of the lush holiday décor of each room.

Executive Director Gina Wouters and Event Chairs Duncan Sahner, Michael Kempner and Alexis McAndrew hosted the evening, with a record 350 guests in attendance. Some of this year’s guests included: Debra and Claudio Del Vecchio, Valerie and Wright Ohrstrom, Brenda and Karyn Van Der Mije, Ashley and Brian Dooley, Kirsten and Jay Benjamin, Elizabeth and James Watson, Hal Davidson and Sally Peters, Mary Elizabeth Andriotis, Lauren Andriotis, S.J. Tilden, Jody and Hannah Burns, Anne and Stephen Watters, Nelson DeMille, Peter and Amy Xu, Sen. James and Carol Gaughran, Susan and Jack Foley, Michelle and Tim Gokey, John Casaly and Louise Parent, Bruce Addison and Michael Foster, Kathryn Curran and Noel Gish, Tom and Ellen McPartland, and Diego and Carolina Fuschetto.

Alexis McAndrew, Michael Kempner, Gina J. Wouters, Duncan Sahner, Hal Davidson, and Hannah Burns.
Hal Davidson.

Planting fields is a magnificent Gold Coast Estate from the 1920s. Located in Oyster Bay, New York and originally landscaped by the Olmsted Brothers, the grounds feature 409 acres of greenhouses, rolling lawns, formal gardens, woodland paths and outstanding plant collections. Planting Fields is one of only a few surviving estates on Long Island with its original acreage intact, as well as its buildings, including Coe Hall, a 65-room Tudor Revival mansion designed by architects Alexander Walker and Leon Gillette.

Founded in 1952 by William R. Coe, the Planting Fields Foundation is a not-for-profit, public educational foundation, chartered by the New York State Board of Regents and tax exempt under the status for a 501(c)(3) organization. The Foundation receives grant funding to support ongoing landscape and architectural preservation, education programs, exhibitions and community engagement.

Margaret and Robert Foschi.
S.J. Tilden and friends.
Amanda Shea, Jean Wynn Shea, and Robert Shea.
Peter Xu, Amy Xu, Sally Sun, and friends.
L. to r.: Heather Nielsen, Nick Nielsen; Victoria Greenleaf and Lisa Eastman.
Senator and Mrs. James F. Gaughran, Charles Prizzi, and Gina J. Wouters.
Carol Large and Lisa Ott with friends.
L. to r.: Valerie and Wright Ohrstrom; Andrew and Amos Nevin

Kirsten Benjamin, Susan Foley, Jay Benjamin, and Jack Foley.
L. to r.: Jenny Smith; Victoria Greenleaf and Lisa Eastman.

Michelle and Tim Gokey.
Eric Vaughn and Tim Dooley with friends.
L. to r.: Dr. Geoffrey Scott Carroll; Jody and Hannah Burns.
Diego Fuschetto, Carolina Fuschetto, and Alexis McAndrew.
Gabby Keller and Nicole Adam with friends.
Jeffrey Keutmann and friends.
L. to r.: Irene Hong Edwards and Will Edwards; Kathryn Curran and Noel Gish.
Brad Peel and David R. Holmes with friends.
Annie Hayes, Nelson DeMille, Dan Barbiero, and Helen Barbiero.
Rebecca Hathaway, Sealy Hopkinson, Julie Rinaldini, and Louis Rinaldini.
Right: Duncan Sahner and Hannah Burns.
Caitlin Colban-Waldron, Rebecca Slagle, Toni Barnes, Lilly McGurk, and Liya Thachil.
Jeffrey Lee Moore, Luis Rinaldini, and Hal Davidson.
L. to r.: Anne and Stephen Watters; David Almeida and Gina J. Wouters.
Karyn Winnington,Brenda Van der Mije, Heather Van Der Mije, and Alexis McAndrew.
Ian Huschle and friends.
Diego Simonian, Diego Fuschetto, Carolina Simonian, and Carolina Fuschetto.
John Casaly and Louise Parent with friends.
Nelson DeMille, Gina J. Wouters, and Daria Lamb.
Debra Del Vecchio, Gina J. Wouters, and Claudio Del Vecchio.
Elizabeth and James Watson.

Photographs by Lancine Jenneh/

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