Planting Fields Foundation’s annual Deck the Halls benefit at Coe Hall

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Gina Wouters, Tim Dooley, D.R. Holmes , Jenny Smith, Duncan Sahner, CeCe Haydock, Amy Xu, Mary MacDonald, Stephen Watters, Bob Mackay, Tom McPartland, Debra Del Vecchio, Bernadette Castro

On December 3, Planting Fields Foundation hosted their annual Deck the Halls benefit at Coe Hall in Oyster Bay, New York to raise funds to manage and preserve the 409-acre Olmsted Brothers-designed historic estate. Vice-Chair of Planting Fields Foundation Board of Trustees, CeCe Haydock, and Gina J. Wouters, President and CEO, welcomed guests inside the historic house museum to kick off the holiday season in style.

The event was chaired by Alexis McAndrew,  Samantha Amante, Aileen Gumprecht, Danielle O’Kane, Hilary Schuville. Guests enjoyed the holiday decorations all throughout the house as well as hors d’oeuvres, festive cocktails, and music throughout the night.

Cece Haydock.
Gina Wouters.
Duncan Sahner, Stephen Watters, Amy Xu, and Bob MacKay.

Special guests included author Nelson DeMille, actress Susan Lucci, and award-winning artist and author Cathy Graham. Other Planting Fields Foundation Board of Trustees in attendance included Bruce Addison, former NYS Parks Commissioner Bernadette Castro, Debra Del Vecchio, Amy Xu, Duncan Sahner, and Margaret Frère.

Nelson DeMille and Susan Lucci.
Ian Gumprecht, John Bancroft, Kim Bancroft, and Aileen Gumprecht.
Bob Foschi, Vincent Simeone, Margaret Foschi, and David Almeida.
L. to r.: Danielle O’Kane, Aileen Gumprecht, and Megan Urdea; Lynn Dixon and Jess Green.
Rob Baxter, Meg Frere, William Frere, and S. J. Tilden.
Gina Wouters, Lilly Deng, Debra Del Vecchio, Amy Xu, and Margaret Foschi.
L. to r.: Peter Cahalan, Eileen Kremers, and Gina Wouters; Suzanne Bancroft and Kim Bancroft.
Sandy Pearson, Bernadette Castro, and Rich Hagner.
Charlie O’Connell, Libby O’Connell, Matt O’Connell, David Lamb, and Daria Lamb.
Cathy Cabrera, Javier Cabrera, Ellen McMillin, and John McMillin.
L. to r.: Kathy and Lou LaForgia; Stephen and Anne Watters.
Ron Alyse Cammerer, Jess Green, Gwendolyn Gillies, Julia Weidinger, and Lynn Dixon.
L. to r.: Amelia Shelton and Jennifer Tytel; Sandy Pearson ans Gina Wouters.
Tom Bostwick, Ian Huschul, Lorraine Huschul, Emily Bostwick, and Adrienne Jones.
Debra Del Vecchio, Paul Mateyunas, Larissa Szczupak, Virginia Pierrepont, and Sandy Tytel.
L. to r.: Brad Dorin, Lynn Dorin, and Samantha Dorin; Cathy Graham, Bruce Addison, and Gina Wouters.
Paul Johnson, Tiffany Aprile, Shari Tripathi, and Ian Busching.
Nina Haydock, Cece Haydock, and Gina Wouters.
L. to r.: Tory Walsh, Maria Hackley, and Jeanie Jones; Kristina Davison, Cathy Graham, and Harry Davison.
Danielle O’Kane, Samantha Amante , Alexis McAndrew, Hilary Schuville, and Aileen Gumprecht.
Stephen Watters, Nelson DeMille, Daniel Barbiero, Ellen McPartland, and Tom McPartland.
L. to r.: Lindsey Pryor and Larry Remmel; Henry Clark, Harriet Gerard Clark, and Neil Collie.
Virginia Pierrepont, Barkley Jones, Jeanie Jones, Nelson Walsh, and Sherlock Hackley.
Albert DiMeo, David Malsheske; William Frere, Meg Frere, Gina Wouters
David Holmes, Christian Remmel, David Lamb, Evan Eulyck
Chris Mecca, Mason Hughes; Katiana Anglade, Alexandra Wolfe
Suzi Chase
Lilly Deng, Amy Xu, Duncan Sahner; Adrienne Jones, Maria Hackley
Bruce Addison
Cece Haydock, Amy Xu, Debra Del Vecchio; Julia Curry, Samantha Dennis

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