Planting Fields Foundation’s annual Deck the Halls benefit kicked off the holiday season

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Margaret Frère, Sarah Coe, Jonathan Otto, Stephen Watters, Debra Del Vecchio, Robert Foschi, Bernadette Castro, Jenny Smith, CeCe Haydock, David R. Holmes, Jr., Mary MacDonald, Amy Xu, Louis and Barbara Vitetti, Jeffrey Lee Moore, and Tom McPartland at Planting Fields Foundation’s annual Deck the Halls benefit.

Planting Fields Foundation’s annual Deck the Halls benefit kicked off the holiday season on Saturday, December 9 in historic Coe Hall at Planting Fields, the former Oyster Bay Gold Coast estate of the Coe Family. Chaired by Paul Mateyunas, Danielle O’Kane, and Hilary Schuville, funds raised by the event support the ongoing restoration of the historic Olmsted Brothers-designed landscape of Planting Fields.

Special guests included descendants of the founders of Planting Fields including Sarah Coe and George Critides of New Haven, CT, Baroness Margaret Frère and Baron William Frère of Brussels, Belgium, and Louis and Barbara Vitetti from Rome, Italy.

Planting Fields Foundation welcomed the the Honorable former US Congressman Tom Suozzi and Long Island State Parks Regional Director, Chip Gorman and his wife Ann Marie Gorman to the event. Planting Fields Foundation trustees in attendance included Board Vice Chairs CeCe Haydock and Andrew Nevin, Board Treasurer Amy Xu, and President and CEO Dr. Gina J. Wouters.

Several Planting Fields Foundation trustees joined the festivities including former New York State Parks Commissioner Bernadette Castro, Debra Del Vecchio, Bob Foschi, DR Holmes, Michael Kempner, Mary MacDonald, Thomas McPartland, Jeffrey Lee Moore, Jonathan Otto, Jenny Smith, and Stephen Watters. Other guests included radio host Mark Simone, Marissa Perry, Lucia Nuzzi-Meyer, Tim and Michelle Gokey, Brad and Alfredo Paredes-Goldfarb, Dr. James and Liz Watson, Brian and Ashley Dooley, Susan and Jack Foley, and Vincent Simeone.

Amy Xu, Tom Suozzi, Louis Vitetti, and Barbara Vitetti.

The halls of the magnificent home-turned-museum were decked with all-natural greenery and decorations sourced from the grounds, including two sixteen-foot Norway Spruce trees, pine and spruce cones, dried and painted magnolia grandiflora, dried hydrangea, and fresh cut holly.

Planting Fields Foundation is a not-for-profit that strives to make relevant to all audiences the heritage of Planting Fields through ongoing landscape and architectural preservation, education programs, exhibitions, and community engagement.

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Amy Xu, Louis Vitetti, George Citrides, Sarah Coe, Barbara Vitetti, Tom Suozzi, and Gina Wouters.
Vincent Simeone, Louis Vitetti, Barbara Vitetti, and Gina Wouters.
L. to r.: Debbie and Bob Hussey; Anne and Stephen Watters.
Gina Wouters and Tom Suozzi.
Margaret Ross, Lucia Nuzzi-Meyer, and Debra Del Vecchio.
Larissa Szczupak, Paul Mateyunas, Lucia Nuzzi-Meyer, Marisa Perry, and friends.
L. to r.: Gina Wouters, Lily Deng, and Amy Xu; Michelle and Tim Gokey.
Mark Simone, Bernadette Castro, George Gorman, and Anne Marie Gorman.
Anne Marie Gorman, George Gorman, and Bernadette Castro.
Anne Marie Gorman, George Gorman, and Bernadette Castro.
L. to r.: Anthony Barton and Liz Burke; Michelle Gokey and Katiana Anglade.

L. to r.: Bernadette Castro and Mark Simone; Tom and Ellen McPartland.
Garfield and Martha Miller.
Kally DiPreta, Vincent Simeone, Anne Marie Gorman, and George Gorman.
L. to r.: Lilly McGurk and Marisa Perry; Jenny Smith and Ashley Dooley.
Bernadette Castro, Mark Simone, and CeCe Haydock.
L. to r.: Jenny Wouters, Gina Wouters, and David Almeida; Dabney Bowe and Milena Holmes.
Mary Macdonald and Jenny Wouters.
Jonathan Otto, David R. Holmes, Jr., and Eileen Otto.
L. to r.: Hannah Scott and Henry Kraft; Herma Schmitz and Matt Koleos.
John Pappas, Larissa Szscupak, Harriet Pappas, Sandy Tytel, and Paul Mateyunas.
L. to r.: MJ Carroll and Debra Del Vecchio; CeCe Haydock and Lily Sanders.
Barbara Vitetti, Louis Vitetti, Margaret Frère, and Sarah Coe.
Martin Schwartz and Ludmila Pollock.
L. to r.: Laura Casale and Amy Urban; Laura and Jason Ciullo.
Bob Foschi, Margaret Foschi, Sandy Tytel, and Jennifer Tytel.
L. to r.: Jenny and Peter Smith; Susan and Jack Foley.
Nicole Zuraitis performing at Deck the Halls.

Marisa Perry.
Danielle O’Kane, Paul Mateyunas, and Hilary Schuville.
Kathy LaForgia, Susan Popko, Lou LaForgia, Frank Kirby, and Tracy Wilson.
Justin Jannone and Cheryl DeGroat.
Christy Blohm, Peter Blohm, Anne Watters, Stephen Watters, and Michelle Gokey.

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