For the past 17 years, New York Social Diary has published thousands of pages of party and event photos, along with accompanying editorial, to a high caliber and dedicated readership worldwide.

We’re proud of the fact that we have been able to provide a valuable service in helping publicize and promote the many important causes and social and business activities of your organization and clientele.

In order to continue highlighting these efforts, NYSD will be charging a fee for publishing party pictures and accompanying editorial for all submissions going forward.

The fee schedule is as follows:

Up to 12 photos: $150.
Up to 20 photos: $250.
Up to 30 photos: $350.
*35-50 Photos (Full Page): $500.

In all instances, write-up must be kept to 250 words or less.

For purely commercial events, which do not include a non-profit organization as benefactor, the fee is as follows:

Up to 12 photos: $300.
Up to 25 photos: $500.

In each instance, write-up must be kept to 150 words or less.

Submissions must be made by uploading both the identified photographs and write-up (Word doc or PDF) using the following link:

Immediate payment can be made quickly and conveniently via the following links:



The photographs will run within one week from the day that payment is processed.

As always, NYSD reserves the right to refuse any submission if found to be inappropriate for any reason.