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Monday, June 10, 2024. A beautiful weekend just passed. I’m one of those people who out of habit looks at the weather forecast every morning. Having lived most of my life in the Northeast — Massachusetts, Maine in College, and New York — except for 15 years I lived in Los Angeles, it’s the natural thing to do.

So naturally I’m used to the Change in the Weather. But if you’ve been looking at those daily reports as long as I have, change is what you expect of Mother Nature.  Yes, we still have the four seasons but after another mild winter, like the last three or four, the forecasts these days seem more like a toss of the dice rather.

For example, in the past three weeks in this lovely Spring about to fade into Summer, there have been almost daily — with brief exceptions of course — predictions of rain. And indeed, we always can always use more.

Post-rain puddling outside the Met Museum.

But by most days, it has simply been sunny and bright, and warm — no matter the predictions. Yesterday we had about ten minutes of mist, or almost-like, in the early morning. But not enough for the smallest puddle. And the massive clouds drifted through regally whiter than white, slowly and elegantly across the bluer than blue skies.

This matter is not important in our day-to-day lives, but it always leaves me wondering — if the changes we are living these days with match the weather. And vice versa.

No matter, this past Friday — and for some, last Thursday – the population of the town decreased noticeably because Friday was That Annual Day when many (who can) leave town for the Summer, or at least on the weekends, and the two Girls schools in my neighborhood basically turn out their lights until early Autumn rolls around again.

School’s out.

So for the rest of us, if you live near one of our many parks, it’s gorgeous. Meanwhile, the many events — like the beautiful clouds — which we report on annually, continue, as you can see on today’s …

Midlife, Mental Health, and more. Weill Cornell Medicine’s Women’s Health Council spring presentation and reception took place on Thursday, May 30th. The panel discussion, Menopause Reimagined: Midlife, Mental Health and the Next Generation of Women’s Health Care, featured presentations by Drs. Susan Loeb-Zeitlin and Lauren Osborne alongside moderator Dr. Laura Riley, Chair of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Weill Cornell Medicine, focused on menopause and mental health care.

The panelists discussed topics such as menopausal mood disturbances and how Weill Cornell is changing our care models to deliver better support to women through midlife.

Dr. Laura Riley, Dr. Susan Loeb-Zeitlin and Dr. Lauren Osborne.

Dr. Loeb-Zeitlin, founder and director of the Women’s Midlife Center at Weill Cornell Medicine, discussed new approaches to women’s health care, and how Weill Cornell doctors are driving important research that will improve mental health care during menopause and beyond.

Dr. Lauren Osborne, obstetrician and psychiatrist, and vice chair of clinical research in OB-GYN at Weill Cornell Medicine, shared insights into the common mood disturbances women experience during menopause, like depression, anxiety and insomnia, how these issues are treated, and the impact they have on a woman’s quality of life, productivity and physical health.

Dr. Laura Riley, Dr. Geraldine McGinty, Ellen Davis, Dr. Susan Loeb-Zeitlin, and Dr. Lauren Osborne.
Dr. Laura Riley, Dr. Francis Lee, Denise Kellen and Jenna Segal
Dr. Laura Riley, Dr. Francis Lee, Denise Kellen, and Jenna Segal.
Barbara Friedman and Barbara Gallay.
Ellen Davis and Pamela Sanders
Ellen Davis and Pamela Sanders.
Joy Bauer and Dr. Susan Loeb-Zeitlin; Jae French
L. to r.: Joy Bauer and Dr. Susan Loeb-Zeitlin; Jae French.
Ivanna Yoo and Torrey Pierce.

Meanwhile, continuing: American-Scandinavian Foundation (ASF) hosted its annual Spring Gala this past May 16th at the Metropolitan Club in New York City.

ASF paid tribute to three distinguished Guests of Honor: Craig Dykers and Elaine Molinar of Snøhetta, a world-renowned integrated architecture, landscape architecture and design company based in NYC and Oslo; and Thor Thors Jr., one of ASF’s longest-serving Executive Trustees.

In welcoming guests, ASF President Edward Gallagher stated, “Tonight we are honoring three individuals who exemplify the mission of the ASF, Executive Trustee Thor Thors, Jr, who received the Niels Poulson Award in recognition of his outstanding service to ASF for nearly 50 years; and Elaine Molinar and Craig Dykers, whose iconic designs have inspired millions in Scandinavia, the United States, and around the globe.”

Terje Lande, Craig Dykers, Elaine Molinar, Carol Domina, Virginia Thors, Thor Thors Jr., Edward Gallagher
ASF Board Chair Terje Lande, Craig Dykers, Elaine Molinar, ASF Executive Trustee and Gala Chair Carol E. Domina, Virginia Thors and ASF Executive Trustee Thor Thors Jr., and ASF President Edward Gallagher.

President of Iceland Guðni Th. Jóhannesson recorded a video message commending Mr. Thors for the gala: “I am honored to say a few words of gratitude and praise for a good friend, a good friend of Iceland [and] the U.S., and a strong promoter of positive ties between our two countries. We are proud to have you as our representative in the U.S. And I want to thank the ASF and all its members for your valuable work in promoting ties between the U.S. and the Nordic region, and for preserving and strengthening the Nordic heritage in the United States.”

Edward Gallagher Welcome
ASF President Edward Gallagher.

Terje Land with Thor Thors Jr.
ASF Board Chair Terje Land presents the ASF Niels Poulson Award to ASF Executive Trustee Thor Thors Jr.

The Foundation presented its Cultural Award to Craig Dykers, an ASF Advisory Trustee since 2012, and Elaine Molinar. ASF Board Chair Terje Lande presented the award, commenting, “Snøhetta focuses on well-being, biodiversity, sustainability, and empowering the communities where they work.” Mr. Dykers and Ms. Molinar were introduced by artist José Parlá, who said, “Together, Craig and Elaine approach architecture with a deep humanism, prioritizing people and community in every design.”

Elaine Molinar and Craig Dykers
Elaine Molinar and Craig Dykers.

The Gala Co-Chairs were Carol E. Domina and Monika A. Heimbold. Vice Chairs were Kristina Kittilsen Weller and Steve Weller; Trond S. Jensen; and Ragnar and Laureen Meyer-Knutsen.

All proceeds of ASF’s Spring Gala benefit the Foundation’s continuing initiatives to promote cultural and education exchange between the United States and the five Nordic countries: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden.

For more information, visit

Monika Heimbold, Edward Gallagher, Carol Domina
ASF Executive Trustee Monika Heimbold, ASF President Edward Gallagher, and ASF Executive Trustee and Gala Chair Carol E. Domina.
Heidi Olafsen and Trond S. Jensen with friends.
ASF Executive Trustee Trond S. Jensen and Norway’s Consul General Heidi Olafsen with friends.
ASF Executive Trustee Thor Thors Jr., and family.
Rabbi Mary Zamore, Terje Lande, Heidi Olafsen on Far Right with Guests
Rabbi Mary Zamore, ASF Board Chair Terje Lande, Norway’s Consul General Heidi Olafsen (far right) with friends.
Ellen Port with Guests
ASF Executive Trustee Ellen Port with friends.
James Stewart and Lena Kaplan
ASF Executive Trustees James M. Stewart and Lena Biörck Kaplan.
This elegant evening included a special performance by Soprano Emily Richter, the 2024 recipient of ASF’s Birgit Nilsson Award and the 2024 Grand Finalist winner of the Eric and Dominique Laffont Metropolitan Opera Competition.

Also this past May 16th: Studio Gohard and its newly appointed Creative Director, Axel Huynh, hosted a private cocktail reception to celebrate the unveiling of “Hidden Treasures,” a special exhibition featuring works by Huynh alongside two emerging French artists Aurélie Hoegy and Aurèce Vettier.

Presented in collaboration with The Spaceless Gallery, the “Hidden Treasures” exhibition preview offers a celebration of contemporary art, design and craft, and was timed to preview during NYCxDESIGN, drawing a distinguished crowd who came together to raise a glass to the incredible craft and creativity of the Studio Gohard team.

​Notable guests at the cocktail reception on that Thursday night included Guillaume Riquier (Ralph Lauren); Leigh Nowicki (Ralph Pucci), Liliane Franklin Sanders (Lanvin/St. John), Ricardo Rojas (celebrity hairstylist), Olivier Péchou (Hermès Home); Rachael Stollar (Designer/Architect); Aurélie Hoegy (artist), Vané Russo (artist); Rubeen Salem (artist); Julien Chapuis (Metropolitan Museum of Art); Laura H. Mathis (Christie’s); Laetitia Adam (Tory Burch); Lautaro Tambutto (Creative Director); Spaceless Gallery founder Béatrice Masi; and many more, alongside the Ateliers Gohard team, led by president Baptiste Gohard, U.S. General Manager Karine Lecomte, and newly appointed creative director Axel Huynh.

Photo 1 - Baptiste Gohard, Axel Huynh, Karine Lacomte McShane
Baptiste Gohard, Axel Huynh, and Karine Lacomte McShane.
Photo 2 -Aurelie Haegy, Ksenia Carreras.jpg
Aurelie Haegy and Ksenia Carreras.
Photo 3 - Jacob Madden, Vane Russo, Axel Huynh, Lautoro Tambutto
Jacob Madden, Vane Russo, Axel Huynh, and Lautoro Tambutto.
Photo 4 - Oliver Pechou, Beatrice Masi, Axel Huynh.jpg
Oliver Pechou, Beatrice Masi, and Axel Huynh.
Photo 5 -Jeffrey Caldwell, Carson Gray
Jeffrey Caldwell and Carson Gray.
Photo 6 -Olivia Hollaus, Ricardo Rojas
Olivia Hollaus and Ricardo Rojas.
Photo 7 -Guillaume Riquier, Liliane Franklin, Axel Huynh
Guillaume Riquier, Liliane Franklin, and Axel Huynh.
Photo 8- Jordan Gentil, Laetitia Adam, Axel Huynh
Jordan Gentil, Laetitia Adam, and Axel Huynh.
Photo 10 -Carlos Batile, Pepe Zicatela, Richard Peterson
Carlos Batile, Pepe Zicatela, and Richard Peterson.
Photo 11-Paul Landowski, Timothe Polet, Guillaume Baillobay, Boris Deniau, Vincent Rustuel, Beatrice Masi
Paul Landowski, Timothe Polet, Guillaume Baillobay, Boris Deniau, Vincent Rustuel, and Beatrice Masi.
Photo 12- Anthony Cognaux, Delphine Cognaux
Anthony and Delphine Cognaux.

Studio Brooke (Weill Cornell); Christine Butler (ASF); BFA/Miguel McSongwe (Studio Gohard)

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