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At one of the legendary Paige Rense Noland’s annual backyard lobster bakes, Geoffrey Bradfield raised his glass and proposed a sparkling toast to Paige thanking her for all the designers and architects she showcased during her tenure at Architectural Digest. Where would they be, if not for …

When Paige Rense Noland passed away several weeks ago, newspapers and magazines took a moment to recount her legacy. Here are a few snapshots of Paige at home in Florida and her Private View Art Gallery. In 2014, she opened the gallery on Brazilian Avenue to exhibit her late husband Kenneth Noland’s paintings and works on paper. During those years, she commuted from a summer place in Port Clyde, Maine, to the Florida house south of Southern Boulevard (So-So) on a lake block off South Flagler Drive. Bon voyage Paige!

A message from Paige. PRN’s note box.
Apart from the formal living room and to the left of the main hall, Paige’s real living area, highlighted with one of Ken Noland’s paintings.
Paige and Lucy, for whom she dedicated her last book Home At Last: Animal Sanctuaries in America, published in 2019 by the Humane Society of the United States. Lucy appears excited about the flash.
Paige once began telling the story of how she brought this chair back from Africa and somehow the story was unending. Above the chair, a Ken Noland work on paper; The Africa chair, details.
Paige and Ken Noland bought the 1920s MedRev house in 2004, spending winters there until Ken Noland died in 2010.
Paige holding a photo of her and Ken Noland set in a bookcase in the main living-dining area.
Also on the bookshelf, a framed AD cover under glass.
Paige’s stepson William Noland who works in sculpture, photography and video. William Noland Studios is located in Hillsborough, North Carolina.
Another perspective on the living area.
In 2014, she and a partner opened the Private View Art Gallery on Brazilian Avenue on Palm Beach to show Noland’s work and those of his contemporaries.

At the Private View Gallery

The work of Anthony Caro and Kenneth Noland.
Paige and Susan Lloyd.

At Club Colette, Paige hosted a dinner for Norman Lear.
The centerpiece at the annual Kenneth Noland lobster bake.
Clo and Charles Cohen.
Longtime photo editor at Architectural Digest Jim Huntington, with Susan Lloyd.
Out by the pool.
During several seasons, Paige, founding editor of Bon Appétit magazine, hosted Sunday Suppers.
Dinner at Paige’s.
Paige and Victoria Cushing at a reception for her 2018 book ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST: Autobiography of a Magazine, 1920-2010.
Paige at Jenny Garrigues’ gallery and shop on Peruvian Avenue at VIEWPOINTS, my first photography show in 2018.
One night I asked about this work that was on a far wall. “It’s the last piece Ken Noland did before he died — “The Last Noland.”
Full Moon over Villa Noland.

Paige Rense Noland (1929-2021).


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