Real life in the city

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Looking south across the Great Lawn, 9:30 AM; Memorial Day, 2019. Photo: Paige Peterson.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019.  Early summer weather over the holiday weekend, yesterday reaching up to the mid-80s right into the early evening. And no humidity. The city remained very quiet until mid-afternoon when people started coming back to town. Although this will be one of those weeks that is shorter, and quieter. The summer season is upon us.

Yesterday, Monday, felt like Sunday. Our friend Paige Peterson who’s an early-riser, likes to go for a walk in the Park early mornings. Yesterday morning about 9:30 passing the great lawn, she was astonished to see there wasn’t a soul around. In New York City. Amazing. She took the picture. The skyline looks slightly unfamiliar as if the newer towers could be goal posts.

Later in the day Paige walked across the park again to meet me for a quick dinner. It was late afternoon. There were lots of people in the Park. She took the path that crosses through an arch, under a walking bridge behind the Metropolitan Museum (where Cleopatra’s Needle is located). There was a young cellist playing the Theme from Schindler’s List to the passersby.

When I first looked at it, it felt like a movie. About real life in the city on a Sunday/Monday summer afternoon behind the Met.

Out on Fifth Avenue just across from the Museum, Paige ran into three sailor boys taking in the sights of the big town. Otherwise there were few people around. Then on Madison Avenue, looking south on a Monday afternoon at 6:10, very few cars.

Madison Avenue and 77th street deserted on Memorial Day evening.
Our boys in front of the Met.

By late afternoon, those granddaddy cumulus clouds were moving in from the West. Stopping at the light on 72nd and Third, moving west, I couldn’t resist getting a shot of some of them, bigger, greater, more powerful, dwarfing us in all our dramas. A beautiful day in New York.

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