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The Statue of Teddy Roosevelt at the entrance to the Museum of Natural History. 4:30 PM. Photo: JH.

Wednesday, March 9, 2021. A bright, sunny day in New York yesterday, with temps climbing up to the mid-40s. The good forecast was for today’s touching 60. I can already see the trees in front of the building beginning their journey to foliage.

Hollywood Lights. I didn’t watch it, although I saw a couple of  short clips. She has star power, whether you “like” her or not. 

With the location background — on a terrace with sweeping views of landscaping for billionaires — they actually looked like a Hollywood couple. In the right place. Although ironically, Los Angeles itself isn’t looking like that in many spots these days.

The Opening Shot. A couple of stars, and Oprah looking very Hollywood herself. Just to be clear, I’m talking about the look of the Hollywood in your dreams; not the real one.

I’ve been vaguely following the drama of what’s happening to the Royal Family vis-à-vis the Harry and Meghan for some time now. For no other reason than it’s easy reading. And it allows you to plug into somebody else’s “emotional,” and turn it off when you’ve had enough. And have a bowl of vanilla ice cream with chocolate covered almonds. 

The Royals are good for that, even better than the actual Movie Stars. Plus it turns out Prince Harry’s got a great baritone voice that adds to the image. He could be the 21st century John Wayne. 

Although I think Meghan’s performance in this International Family Drama may be her only chance at the Oscar. Don’t misunderstand; as a viewer, I liked her. She has had an interesting and very different experience compared to most of us. But even if she goes on to have a career, she’ll never get a role as all-engrossing as this one.

Although, looking at those “clips” yapped about in the Press and media is what’s happening to everyone or most everyone all over the world these days, in one way or another.  They’re the Liz Taylor/Richard Burton of the 21st century. Because of the hullaballoo in the media about the couple and the in-laws, we’re able to put aside our own troubles with the world (and ourselves) for a few minutes. The show must go on. It sells tickets. The royal twist is currently a very popular diversion for us. It’s “long ago and far away…”

A number of women I know have strong opinions about Meghan (the Duchess) and they are not kindly. In a film they’d cast a Joan Crawford or Bette Davis in the role of the Duchess. Or maybe Agnes Moorehead. But that ole Brit himself, Billy Shakespeare, once wrote in his hit play As You Like It: 

“The world is a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts.”  

That’s you and me, folks, and Harry and Meg, and Her Majesty and all the rest of this gruff crowd, with all best wishes.

Watching Meghan with Oprah, I couldn’t help wondering what it was like for her to be sitting across from her. The Prince’s wife had to have grown up in awe of Oprah. As it’s been for millions and millions of Americans. she must have privately felt very flattered to be there … and to share her company with an international audience.

Fame’s a bitch. Remember, we all come from somewhere else. It’s all entertainment. So’s the Royal Family. Prince Harry’s great-great uncle David, the Duke of Windsor, did something very similar more than 80 years ago when he gave up the throne and married that woman (and a divorcee as well!). What that woman offered him (by marrying her) was the freedom to live the way he wished to live, and with the people he wished to live. He may have come to regret the move, but maybe not.

This century’s Duchess is very pretty. She’s really very beautiful. I can see how he’d be attracted. There is also a soft dash of the exotic too, enough for his generation of American males who like the romance. An international woman.

Maybe she’ll boss him around, like the mother he lost to the Fates. Or, you know, they may be married forever. But in the meantime, she gets to play a part she never could have dreamed of. Maybe he likes that. He’s got something to offer this beautiful woman. He can prove he deserves her.

He is a man with a father who has reached his eighth decade, still waiting to play the role he was born to play: succeeding his mother on the throne. This is a record. Charles’ great-great-grandfather Edward VII held the title of Prince of Wales in waiting, until he was in his early 60s. When it happened, he said it was “too late” — he’d lived in the waiting. These are not common dilemmas — but they are still human.

Although he finally made it to throne, it was “too late” for Edward VII.

The back-and-forth Sunday night with a friend who watched:

She wrote: “Two hours of two privileged people whining about their fate.” Very sorry that I watched the two of them. I wasted two hours of MY life … ha ha. Actually, I am the real idiot for watching it.

“High maintenance forever. Notice how she stuck the knife in Kate. Well, she stuck the knife in everyone. The best was when Harry said his family has cut him off financially. And then OOPS he forgot the millions his mother left him. Imagine being poor, or sick, watching the two of them whine about their ‘plight.’”

DPC wrote. Yes, but that’s a reflection of that life and those who populate it. These two are on the loose – on an adventure which neither was prepared for. But that’s life. How could they possibly be interesting otherwise without that story? Wishing them a happy ending as well as a happy getting-along.

So it’s Monday night in New York, a town that is just beginning to come alive again, but we’re moving forward and now we’ve got the American version of “The Crown.” Tabloidal, of course, and always competing with the cell. This is all over-the-backyard-fence stuff just like there used to be. But updated.  If she’s that domineering and obnoxious, that won’t be anyone’s problem but Harry’s. Just like all marriages. But great for selling something; good for business.

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