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The view from John’s office on the 10th floor of the CBS Building, “Blackrock," as it was nicknamed! April 17, 1972.

April 1972. I  got a phone call from John Berg, the art director of Columbia Records.  He wanted me to come and talk about doing an LP cover illustration!

I loved working with John — he knew exactly what was best for me and since it was Columbia Records there was always a lot of exposure!  This time it was an  album of classical favorites conducted by Sir Thomas Beecham.

Again, I was counting my blessings that I got to do these and get paid to do it! Amazing!

The next day I met some old friends from out of town for lunch at Daley’s Dandelion.  I thought that would give them a good idea of what was going on in town.

A friend had moved to Brooklyn and was having a dinner party to “christen” the new apartment.  I hadn’t been to Brooklyn much and he gave me specific subway instructions.

The next day I made a day trip to Connecticut to see David Columbia’s boutique, Whipsnade’s, in Pound Ridge and discuss what would be appropriate for advertising.

On the way, the train stopped.  It had stalled.  I didn’t know that a train could stall.  It wasn’t long and we were soon on our way!

The blonde woman was reading and underlining The Enemy of the People.  She may have been an actress.

I was picked up at the Stamford station by Tim Anderson, who worked with David, and before going to the shop we stopped for ice cream at Friendly ice cream shoppe.  I hadn’t had lunch yet and ice cream sounded like a good idea!

The next day it rained. I put on my rain shoes and met Bobby Tuske for lunch at The Green Kitchen.

Bobby had had a band years before and when Paul Bartel and I made our movie, The Secret Cinema, his group was recommended to me for our discotheque sequence.  Since he lived with his parents in my neighborhood, over the years we became friends.

I had also met Alan Blair when we were both members of The Indoor Lighting Garden Club, a very informal gathering of people who grew plants under artificial lights.  I had a lot of plants but Alan had even more!

It was a fascinating group and aside from sharing information about what equipment was the best, there were occasionally guest speakers.  One of the best came from the Durolite Company — the representative explained the function and health benefits of full spectrum lights for plants, animals and people!

I exchanged all my lights for full spectrum bulbs and loved it. My work light was the best because the colors were as accurate as if it were sunlight!

And then it was Saturday and time to go to the country.

The weather was beginning to get really nice and it was time to think about the garden – as long as it didn’t rain!

And almost too soon it was Sunday night and time for me and Tybalt to pack up and go back into Manhattan. Again I noticed more graffiti in the subway.  Was this going to continue?

With all of the protests against the war and anti-Nixon/Agnew feelings, these weren’t even political!  They just looked like mindless desecration!

The following Monday I went with Sharon Powers to a performance of the Bach Mass in B minor at Central Presbyterian Church.

It was a beautiful performance with marvelous acoustics. Very moving.  The woman near us kept wiping away tears.

Afterwards, Sharon and I went to Serendipity III to finish off and celebrate a wonderful start to the week!

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