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Emmet Nugent, Clara Nugent, Erin McGovern, Tom O'Sullivan, Danielle Obolevitch, and Pierce Redmond at The Society of the Friendly Sons of Saint Patrick in The City of New York's 239th Anniversary Dinner.

Last Wednesday, the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation (ADDF) continued the celebration of their 25th anniversary at the Sixth Annual Memories Matter Event, hosted at the American Museum of Natural History. In a special evening of hope and optimism, the event brought together Alzheimer’s advocates, caregivers, family, and supporters around the ADDF’s mission to conquer Alzheimer’s disease.

The event raised $1.2 million — every dollar of which will go directly to support promising science — and featured a special appearance from Tony-nominated actor and singer Jarrod Spector, who delivered a heartwarming and inspiring performance.

Ian Ginsberg, Stephanie Ginsberg, Wendy Wilshin, and Ron Dickerman.

Event Co-Founders Stephanie Ginsberg and Wendy Wilshin both spoke about their families’ journeys with Alzheimer’s and their work with the ADDF, remarking on the progress and optimism that this event has spurred over the last several years.

The evening also featured speakers Travis and Mark Macy, elite endurance athletes who participated in the World’s Toughest Race Eco-Challenge. They shared the heartfelt and hopeful story of completing the race despite Marks’ devastating diagnosis of early onset Alzheimer’s at only 64 years old.

Travis Macy, Amy Macy, Lila Macy, Waytt Macy, Pamela Macy, and Mark Macy.

Randal Sandler, Co-Vice Chair of the ADDF’s Board of Governors also spoke, sharing the news that the Lauder family has committed a historic gift of $200 million to the ADDF.

“This generous gift will further speed the progress of the entire field and ensure the ADDF finishes the mission we embarked on in honor of Mrs. Estee Lauder 25 years ago,” said Mr. Sandler. “Now, it is within our grasp to transform this devastating disease into something treatable and preventable for our families and all those who come after us.”

Notable guests included Katherine and Josh Lauder, Eliana Lauder, Stephanie and Ian Ginsberg, Ron Dickerman and Wendy Wilshin, Nancy Goodes, Tracey and Richard Travis, Elizabeth and Paul Greenbaum, Susan Gutfreund, and Harris Faulkner.

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Alec Ginsberg, Stephanie Ginsberg, and Ian Ginsberg.
Doug Winshall, Wendy Winshall, Hope Altheim, and Marc Altheim.
Eliana Lauder, Marley Zelinger, and Roxana Ghadimi.
Howard Fillit and Stan Warshawsky.
L. to r.: Laura and Stephen Toma; Susan Gutfreund.
Josh Lauder, Eliana Lauder, and Katherine Lauder.
Teddy Sandler, Liz Sandler, and Randal Sandler.
Mark Roithmayr and Nancy Goodes.
Vicki Howlett, Nancy Goodes, and Dale Tucker.
Tony Berlin and Harris Faulkner.
Bal Agrawal and Charlie Cangro.

Over 500 members and guests recently gathered for the Society of the Friendly Sons of Saint Patrick in The City of New York for the Society’s 239th Anniversary Dinner, held at at Cipriani 42nd Street. All attendees wore white or black tie with decorations to one of the city’s oldest and most anticipated celebrations of St. Patrick’s Day.

Following a convivial cocktail hour, dinner commenced with a moving invocation from Timothy Cardinal Dolan. Diners enjoyed dessert and coffee while listening to the three traditional toasts. John A. Coleman III, President of the Society, offered a toast to the President of the United States.

John A. Coleman III, Anastasia Coleman, Avery Coleman, Brooke Coleman, and Tania Tetlow.

Guest speakers John J. Miller, the Chief Law Enforcement and Intelligence Analyst for CNN, toasted the United States, while Niall O’Dowd, founder of IrishCentral as well as Irish America magazine and the Irish Voice newspaper, spoke of the Day We Celebrate.

While post-anniversary dinner gathering spots like the Stork Club, Toots Shor’s, and the 21 Club may be no more, the Society continued the festivities at Cipriani until retiring for the evening in anticipation of the patron saint of Ireland’s feast day on the morrow.

Brian Gallagher, Caitlin Gallagher, Karen Gallagher, and Courtney Gallagher.
Donald Carey Jr., Donald Carey, and Hugh Carey.
L. to r.: Diane Fitzsimons and Catherine Lenihan; Lucas E. Smith and Caoimhe Stafford.
Charles Mackenzie, Peter Hein, Helena Nolan, and Charles E. Dorkey III.
L. to r.: Lawrence Cooke, John Miller, Cardinal Dolan, John A. Coleman III, Niall O’Dowd, Nan Moore Smith, and friends.
Terrance Burke, Maddie Cottingham, Mchael Burke, Emma Burke, and Tim Cole.
L. to r.: Mark Gilbertson and Nan Moore Smith; Chele and Richard Farley.
Michael Bloomberg, Loretta Brennan Glucksman, and Honorable Raymond W. Kelly.
Niall O’Dowd and John Miller.

Museum of Arts and Design Chair Emeritus Barbara Tober hosted an intimate lunch and tour of the Museum’s latest exhibition, Generation Paper: A Fashion Phenom of the 1960s. Tober wore a paper dress from The Store at MAD.

Chief Curator Elissa Auther led the tour and discussed the era’s short-lived phenomenon of paper fashion while looking at more than 80 rare garments and accessories crafted from non-woven textiles. “These fashions, introduced in 1966 as a promotional campaign for Scott Paper Company, combined bold, graphic design with space-age innovations in materials. Surfacing a little-known chapter in the history of design, Generation Paper illuminates the creative partnerships of craft and commerce in the development of semi-synthetic and synthetic materials,” shared Auther.

Scenes from Generation Paper: A Fashion Phenom of the 1960s.

Director Tim Rodgers greeted guests including Carrie Barratt, Joan Hardy Clark, Machine Dazzle, Michele Gerber Klein, Margaret Hedberg, Mary Hilliard, Ruth La Furla, Kniecole Lewis, Michael Musto, Liane Pei, Sanna Sabbagh, and Lynn Yaeger.

Generation Paper: A Fashion Phenom of the 1960s is on view at the Museum of Arts and Design until August 27, 2023.

L. to r.: Elissa Auther, Machine Dazzle, and Barbara Tober; Kniecole Lewis.
L. to r.: Carrie Rebora Barratt; Markarian, Sana Sabbagh, and Pachara Bunnag.
Susan Gutfreund.
L. to r.: Michael Musto and Lynn Yaeger; Tim Rogers and Darci Spasojevich.
Sana Sabbagh, Barbara Tober, Layla Diba, and Susan Gutfreund.
L. to r.: Machine Dazzle and Joan Hardy Clark; Michele Gerber Klein and Tim Rogers.
L. to r.: Mary Hilliard and Joan Hardy Clark; Jacqueline Garrett and Layla Diba.
Elissa Auther, Ruth La Ferla, and Sophia Strawser.
Liana Torres and Lillie Morales.
Liane Pei and Sanna Sabbagh.
Debie Morris and Cassandre Balosso-Bardin.

Photographs by Patrick McMullan (MAD); Rupert Ramsay/ (ADDF);  Jill Nelson/John Sanderson/ (Friendly Sons). 

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