Seeing the Sun & Stars and Cycling for Survival

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The scene at the Society of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center’s Cycle for Survival.

On February 29th at The Colony Hotel, The Society of MSK’s Palm Beach event raised $75,000 supporting Cycle for Survival, the official rare cancer fundraiser of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK). Since 2007, the Cycle for Survival community has enabled hundreds of MSK doctors and scientists to pursue bold ideas. Funding from Cycle for Survival has led to the FDA approval of new drugs, lifesaving clinical trials, state-of-the-art DNA sequencers that are aiding in key cancer breakthroughs — and much more.

The high-energy poolside event included an instructor-led ride on stationary bicycles, food & beverages, and many more activities.

Eleanora Kennedy, Andrew Sisti, and Sarah Wetenhall.

Guests included Bettina Anderson, Bryan Carey, Paul Carey, Trish Carroll, Jennifer Charlston, Barbara Crocker, Mary Davidson, Lauren Day Roberts, Hilary Dick, William Deitrick, Webb Egerton, Annie Falk, Alexia Hamm Ryan, Barbara Glatt, Jamee and Peter Gregory, Amy Hoadley, Wendy Jacobson, Robyn Joseph, Eleanora Kennedy, Jennifer Kinsman, Martha Lamphere, Chloe Lazard, Erin Lazard, Robin Leacock, Stacey Leuliette, Nicole Limbocker, Jack Lynch, Taylor Materio, Meg McCartney, Elizabeth Meigher, Harrison Morgan, Trish Pace, Kathy Prounis, Farley Rentschler, Lilly Salcedo, Lauriston Roach Segerson, Ramona Singer, Andrew Sisti, Tom Shaffer, Hope Smith, Sharon Bush, Pam Taylor, Kathy Thomas, Camilla Webster, Julia Wetherell, and Maggie Woehlcke.

The Society of MSK is a volunteer group established in 1946 to aid patient care, support cancer research, and educate the public. Working closely with the MSK staff, volunteers enhance paLent well-being and promote awareness of cancer prevention and treatment.

Sharon Bush, Meg McCartney, Webb Egerton, Amy Hoadley, Muffie Potter Aston, Alexia Hamm Ryan, and Karen Klopp.
Martha Lamphere, Eleanora Kennedy, Sarah Wetenhall, Camilla Webster, Jennifer Charlston, and Catherine Carey.
L. to r.: Margaret Luce, Will Deitrick, and Trish Pace; Jamee and Peter Gregory.
Claudia Kelly, Barbara Crocker, Junior Kennedy, Natasha Whitby, and Andrew Sisti.
Meg McCartney, Sarah Wetenhall, Stacey Leuliette, and Bettina Anderson.
L. to r.: Barbara Glatt and Robyn Joseph; Nicole Limbacher and Mary Davidson.
Lauriston Segerson, Muffie Potter Aston, Jamee Gregory, and Sarah Wetenhall.
Grace Walker and Kent Anderson.
L. to r.: Hilary Dick and Andrew Sisti; Julia Wetherell and Bettina Anderson.
Paul Carey with “Jorgio,” Catherine Carey, Bryan Carey, and Bryan Carey II with “Hopscotch.”
Camilla Webster, Sarah Wetenhall, and Karen Klopp.

MorseLife held the second annual Donald M. Ephraim Sun & Stars International Film Festival at the Kravis Center in West Palm Beach with the U.S. premiere of the documentary “Taking Venice.” The festival presented a curated lineup that spanned genres from both up-and-coming and established filmmakers from around the world.

The 25 films included gripping documentaries, Jewish-themed dramas, historical epics and LGBTQIA narratives, as well as heartwarming romances and comedies. Guests explored the diverse films showing at the Kravis Center West Palm Beach and EVO Entertainment at the Delray Marketplace. The festival honors North Palm Beach resident Donald M. Ephraim, who led the Palm Beach Jewish Film Festival for decades. It is overseen by Artistic Director Barbara Scharres, the former director of programming at the Gene Siskel Film Center at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

L. to r.: Terri Sriberg and Don Ephraim; Joan and David Genser.

The festival, which closed on March 11th, kicked off with the U.S. premiere of the documentary “Taking Venice,” directed by Amei Wallach, who attended the premiere. Other VIPs in attendance included Terri Sriberg, Bunny Forman, Linda Glazer, Helene Kaplan, Diane Quinn, Marlene Strauss, Nora Ann Wallace, Eileen Berman and Jay Bauer, Susan Mendik and Ronald Casty, Carol and Bert Crawford, Joan and David Genser, Esther and Stephen Gordon, Jean Sharf and Larry Herbert, Wendy and Larry Levy, Deborah and Clifton Robbins, Judith and Lawrence Schlager, Marlene and Martin Silver, Beth and Leonard Wilf, Ellen and Edward Wolf and Eliot Ephraim.

L. to r.: Martin and Marlene Silver; Ellen and Ed Wolf.

The long-standing mission of MorseLife is to enhance and improve the lives of seniors in our care. A charitable, not-for-profit organization, its programs include short-term rehabilitation, long term care, independent and assisted living, home health care, care management, Alzheimer’s care, meals-on-wheels and research and training. Founded in 1983, MorseLife has built a reputation and tradition of caring for seniors with excellence, dignity and compassion — honoring senior living — now and forever.

For more information about MorseLife Health System or The Donald M. Ephraim Palm Beach Film Festival presented by MorseLife, visit, email or call 561.867.4138

L. to r.: Lenny and Beth Wilf; Andie and Howard Kaye.
L. to r.: Keith and Pam Myers; Larry Herbert and Jean Sharf.
L. to r.: Ron Casty and Susan Mendik; Diane Quinn and Diane Bergner.
L. to r.: Eileen Berman and Jay Bauer; Deborah and Clifton Robbins.
Linda Glazer and Buny Forman.
L. to r.: Lawerence and Judith Schlager; Vicki and Arthur Loring.
Amei Wallach, Dr. Philip Rylands, and Barbara Sharres.
L. to r.: Gopal and Alexandra Rajegowda; Carol and Burt Crawford.
L. to r.: Caroline Srybnik and Helene Kaplan; Malcom and Carole Sklar.

Photographs by CAPEHART 

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