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Guests at the opening reception for Ted Hartley's "Stories In Color" at Keyes Art Gallery in Sag Harbor, NY.

Approximately 150 supporters and guests gathered at a private club in New York City on Wednesday, October 19th, for the Inaugural Luncheon of The Women’s Committee of The Society of the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick in the City of New York.  This was the first women’s event for The Society. Founded in 1784, it is one of the oldest charitable organizations in New York State. The Society embraces its historical mission by focusing its charitable efforts on primary and secondary education, Irish arts and culture, and legal immigration assistance.

Proceeds from the luncheon will support the Friendly Sons Scholars Program, which is administered in partnership with the Inner-City Scholarship Fund.

Guests enjoyed an entertaining presentation by Bonnie Brennan, President, Christie’s America. Very Reverend Enrique Salvo, Rector of St. Patricks Cathedral, offered the opening prayer.

Amy Tyree, Fabiana Ramirez, and Andrea Dale.
Anastasia and John Coleman, with Michelle Goppedge.
Anne Keating, Jaime McGuire, and Mary Davidson.
Becky Murray, Carion Sherry, and Christine Miller Martin.
Erin Cunningham, Emily McLellan, and Margot McGinness.
Jill Granz and Kristen Jordan.
L. to r.: Tom and Heather Leeds; Martha Sharp and Kate Allen.
Kara Young and Chele Farley.
Mark Gilbertson, Bonnie Brennan, and John Coleman.
Sarah Miller Dearie, Rev. Enrique Salvo, and Chele Farley.
Suzie Knechtal, Nan Smith, and Maureen Finegan.
Tiff Metcalf and Carol Carbonetti.
Zari Callahan, Margot McGinness, and Melissa Gibbons.
Zari Callahan, Mark Gilbertson, and Arlene Cruz.

Madcap accessories designer and philanthropist Libbie Mugrabi recently celebrated the first anniversary of underwriting London’s Victoria and Albert Museum’s Fashion In Motion program; the first year of a three-year commitment.

South African fashion designer Thebe Magugu created the program’s fall show, which is free to the public, dubbed ‘Discard Theory.’ Magugu said the sustainable clothes were made from discarded fabrics from America and Europe. The show featured the designer’s luxury ready-to-wear collections and accessories, which drew inspiration from his South African heritage by interweaving African motifs and craft to create vibrant and celebratory looks that explore history, culture, and politics of the continent. The collection is available at Bergdorf Goodman.

Libbie Mugrabi, Thebe Magugu, and Jane Scher

Following the show, Libbie hosted a dinner for the designer at the city’s posh new hot spot, the 22 Club. Guests included iconic English designer Zandra Rhodes, Sarah Bailey, Harriet Quick, Susan Bender, Lainey Sheradon-Young, Jane Scher, designer Marko Matysik, Chandler Tregaskes and R. Couri Hay. Libbie toasted the designer, saying “Fashion is an art that is continuously evolving, and by supporting young designers like Thebe, we are able to give them a platform at the V&A to showcase their new designs and ideas.”

The V&A curator Oriole Cullen shared about Thebe that he “deftly manages to both celebrate the possibilities and joy of fashion whilst also causing us, as viewers and consumers to reflect and question how we can all be better when it comes to our own engagement with fashion and the politics that surround it.”

Visit to lear more.

Marko Matysik and Harriett Quick.
Victoria Grant and Lorna May.
L. to r.: Chandler Tregaskes; Harriet Quick and Susan Bender Whitfield.
Lainey Sheridan-Young and R. Couri Hay.
David Brownlie-Marshall, Carlo Brandelli, and Ewa Wilczynski.
Tameem Antoniades and friend.
Libbie Mugrabi with a friend.
Libbie Mugrabi and friends.

On the evening of October 22nd, actor, studio executive, and artist Ted Hartley unveiled his newest exhibition, “Stories in Color,” at Keyes Art Gallery in Sag Harbor, NY. The show features more than 20 of Hartley’s works, including his Ukraine Series, with proceeds benefiting the Olena Zelenska Foundation, a newly formed charity founded by the First Lady of Ukraine that provides medicine, education, and humanitarian aid.

Guests at the opening of Ted Hartley’s “Stories in Color,” at Keyes Art Gallery.

The opening celebration included a party where Keyes Art Gallery welcomed more than 50 notable art lovers, industry professionals, and media influencers. Among the guests were artists April Gornik and Eric Fischl; art collectors E.T. and Lyn Williams; Corinne Erni, Deputy Director of Curatorial Affairs at the Parrish Art Museum; Carrie Rebora Barratt, interim director of LongHouse Reserve; esteemed designers Amy Lau, David Scott, Anthony Ingrao, Randy Kemper, and Jayne Michaels, among others.

Ted Hartley’s “Stories In Color.”

The celebration culminated with an intimate dinner at the The American Hotel Restaurant. Throughout the evening, guests were welcomed by Ted while enjoying the dinner.

The show will be running through December 1st, 2022 at Keyes Art Gallery, 45 Main Street, Sag Harbor, NY.

Jason Amis, Ted Hartley, Carrie Rebora Barratt, and George Negroponte.
April Gornik, Eric Fischl, and Katharina Plath.
Alan Schachter, E.T. Williams, Lyn Williams, and Corinne Strauss.
Nathan Orsman, David Scott, Jayne Michaels, and Todd Pickard.
Helen Allen, Victoria Quoss, and Jennifer Ogden.
Brook Mason, Duncan Darrow, and Wendy Moonan.
Lisa Jackson, Amy Lau, Lee Calicchio, Jason Dodd, and Lola de Miguel.
Julie Keyes, Corinne Ernie, and Virva Hinnemo.
Joshua Young, Debra Aflalo Young, Anthony Ingrao, Jason Isaly, Randy Kemper, and Sabina Streeter.

The 21st Annual ADAPT Community Network Golf Tournament was held at Brae Burn Country Club in Purchase, New York on October 17th. The event was sold-out and attended by over 150 people. The annual tournament supports ADAPT Community Network, with all proceeds from the event helping to fund the delivery of life-affirming programs and services to children and adults with disabilities and their families. The event raised $180,000.

Steve Lacy, anchor, FOX 5 News at 5:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m., and two-time Emmy-winner Teresa Priolo, FOX 5 News reporter and anchor, hosted this year’s event. The tournament honored Frank Grasso, Chief Executive Officer, TGI Office Automation.

Steve Lacy, Frank Grasso, Teresa Priolo, and Edward Matthews.

Following the day of golf, hors d’oeuvres and cocktails were served on the patio of the Brae Burn Country Club. Edward R. Matthews, CEO of ADAPT Community Network, gave welcome remarks. Steve Lacy and Teresa Priolo presented the ADAPT Golf Tournament awards.

“We thank everyone who supported this year’s golf tournament,” says Ed Matthews. “We were delighted to honor Frank Grasso, Chief Executive Officer, TGI Office Automation. We thank Steve Lacy and Teresa Priolo for being such dedicated longtime supporters to ADAPT, and we also thank this year’s ADAPT Golf Committee.

Teresa Priolo and Steve Lacy.
Rayne Wainwright and Joel Baez.

The 2022 ADAPT Golf Tournament Committee was Michael Berger, Valentino Galella, Edward R. Matthews, Jeffrey Weiss, and Alan Zack.

ADAPT Community Network is the leading human service not‐for‐profit and a pioneer in providing cutting‐edge programs and services for people with disabilities. Every day, we build a more inclusive world for thousands of New Yorkers through education, technology, health, residential, and recreational programs in all five boroughs. Our schools and services encompass many people who have challenges beyond cerebral palsy such as autism, Down syndrome, spina bifida, and neuromuscular disorders, among others. We are the largest provider of pre‐school education for children with disabilities in New York. ADAPT’s 100 comprehensive programs serve over 20,000 children and adults with disabilities and their families.

Steve Lacy, Edward Matthews, Teresa Priolo, Alan Zack, Valentino Galella, Laura Hickman, and Jeff Weiss.

To donate, or for more information about ADAPT Community Network, go to:

Ben Wang, Jason Winograd, Stephen Kennelly, and Matt Underwood.
Bill Essling, Mike Ramos, Jim Casalino, and Valentino Galella.
Dahlian Porter, Andy Rubin, Mark Senders, and Gary Dreyfuss.
Jerry Jackson, Frank Grasso, Jordan Sparer, Michael Sandler, and William Imbesi.
Mark Spivack, Jason Englander, Gary Philips, and Jeff Weiss.
Marty Litt, Jared Litt, Alan Zack, and Ben Zack.
Bahram Hormozdyaran, Matt Marshall, Colin Waden, and Sam Schubach.
Kevin and Laura Hickman.
Edward R. Matthews, Mariette McBride, Linda Laul, Elizabeth Matthews, Christopher Laul, and James Meindl.
Frank Grasso and family and friends.

Photographs by John Sanderson/ (Hartley)

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