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The Jewish Museum’s 33rd Annual Purim Ball at the Park Avenue Armory.

The Jewish Museum held its 33rd Annual Purim Ball at the Park Avenue Armory on Wednesday, February 20, 2019. The annual gala gathered over 1,000 members of New York’s corporate, social, and cultural communities for a festive dinner and lively after party in celebration of Purim. This year’s Purim Ball raised a record $3 million in support of the Museum.

Claudia Gould, the Jewish Museum’s Helen Goldsmith Menschel Director, welcomed guests. Event Co-Chair, Stephen Scherr, introduced honorees Robert and Tracey Pruzan, recognized for their longtime service to the Jewish Museum and their outstanding commitment to philanthropy, the arts, and celebrating Jewish culture.

Robert Pruzan, Chairman of the Board, The Jewish Museum; and Tracey Winn Pruzan, honorees at The Jewish Museum’s Purim Ball 2019

Kelly Taxter, Barnett and Annalee Newman Curator of Contemporary Art, introduced honoree The Barnett and Annalee Newman Foundation, recognized for its support of the Museum’s contemporary art programming and of artists whose work exemplifies the Newmans’ spirit of inquiry. Heidi Colsman-Freyberger, Executive Director of The Barnett Newman Foundation, accepted the honor.

The carnival-themed event created by designer David Stark featured a 45-foot-tall Ferris wheel and fun carnival games for guests to enjoy.

Beth Nash and Claudia Gould

Notable guests included: Honorees Robert Pruzan and Tracey Pruzan; Claudia Gould; Richard Plepler and Lisa Plepler, Co-Chairs of the Purim Ball; Stephen Scherr and Susan Scherr, Co-Chairs of the Purim Ball; Blair Effron and Cheryl Effron; Scott Stringer; Jane Mayle; Gabi Asfour; Ian Wardropper; Thelma Golden; and Josh Russ Tupper and Niki Russ Federman.

Among the artists attending were: Rachel Feinstein and John Currin, Deborah Kass, Scooter LaForge, Izhar Patkin, Kiki Smith, and Frank Stella.

Tracey Winn Pruzan, Robert Pruzan, Chairman of the Board, The Jewish Museum, and Purim Ball 2019 Co-Chairs Cheryl Effron and Blair Effron
L to R.: Denise Porcaro and Joshua Russ Tupper; Frank Stella
Alyssa Urban, Tracey Winn Pruzan, Ellie Cullman, and Suzanne Vasile
L to R.: Glen Tobias and Lynn Tobias; Jane Mayle and Kadu Lennox
Andrew Klaber and Jackie Klaber
Fern Hurst and Amanda Hirsh
L to R.: Caryn Effron and Jewish Museum trustee Craig Effron; John Weiss and Stephanie Roach
Jewish Museum trustee Jonathan Crystal and Darcie Crystal, Elyse Buxbaum, Deputy Director of Development, The Jewish Museum, and New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer
L to R.: Kelly Taxter, Barnett and Annalee Newman Curator of Contemporary Art, the Jewish Museum, and Heidi Colsman-Freyberger, Executive Director, The Barnett Newman Foundation; Joseph Moinian and Jewish Museum trustee Nazee Moinian
Michael Kamsky, Chen Guoqing, Liu Ming, Jewish Museum trustee Ginny Kamsky, Zhang Xin, and Pan Shiyi
L to R.: Wendy Evans Joseph and Calvin Tsao; Rachel Feinstein
Robert Pruzan, Chairman of the Board, The Jewish Museum, Tracey Winn Pruzan, and Purim Ball 2019 Co-Chairs Susan Scherr and Stephen Scherr, Jewish Museum trustee
L to R.: Scooter LaForge and Izhar Patkin; Purim Ball 2019 Co-Chair Richard Plepler and Robert Pruzan, Chairman of the Board, The Jewish Museum
Patricia Cronin and Deborah Kass
L to R.: Thelma Golden; Niki Russ Federman
Zoran Skoko and Kiki Smith with stilt-walker
Members of Purim Ball After Party Committee

On Thursday February 21st, even the most jaded of the Palm Beachers could not hide their surprise and astonishment entering the Fritz Gallery on Royal Poinciana Way.

This very grand and beautiful new gallery was presenting the latest works of the beloved local painter Helmut Koller. Koller has 15 years of acclaimed presence all over the world. Wendy Fritz, the glamorous and charming art dealer, convinced Helmut Koller that it was time for him to make a solo show in Palm Beach and enjoy the recognition of his first supporters and collectors.

L to R.: Bonnie McElveen-Hunter, Helmut Koller, and Wendy Fritz; Wendy Victor and Helmut Koller

They came in droves and during three hours guests couldn’t get enough of these mysterious and striking animal paintings, understanding better why they grace the walls of beautiful homes including summer villas in Palm Beach and Monaco, chalets in Aspen and Gstaad, apartments in New York and Hong Kong, mansions in London and Paris and palaces in Russia and China. The two stars shone brightly, Wendy Fritz as the Lady of the House and Helmut Koller as the Master of the Wild Life, creator of the “Kollerism” movement.

This exhibition will be presented until March 17th at the Fritz Gallery 211 Poinciana Way, Palm Beach; hours Tuesday–Saturday 11am–5pm, Sunday and Monday by appointment only. Email or call (561) 906-5337

Kevin and Audrey Flannery
David and Gail Leavitt
Kathy Baldwin, Whitney Cameron-Hayes, and Jonathan Cameron-Hayes
Wendy Fritz, Benigna Kirsten, and Kim Kirsten
Countess Diane de La Begassiere
David Gilmour, Herb Jacobi, Jillian Gilmour, and Helmut Koller
Mai Hallingby and Michel Witmer
Amy Hoadley and Sharon Bush
Franck Laverdin and Baroness Von Oppenheim
Richard Connaughton, Audrey Flannery, Kevin Flannery, Karen Finnegan, Brent Finnegan, and Frank Breslin
L to R.: David and Suzanne Frisbie; Inger Anderson
Monique Ogilvie, Reinhardt Brandner, and Claudia Brandner
Helmut Koller, Karen Davison, and Annette Rawlings
Liz Ryan and Ed Carter
Norman Volk, Veronica Boswell, Cesare Barro, and Prince Eric De Bourbon-Parme
L to R.: Mathieu-Francois Spannagel and Countess Dorothea de La Houssaye; Edwina Sandys and Franck Laverdin
Laura Trepte, Wendy Fritz, and Eleanor Trepte
Rick Rose, Wendy Fritz, Anka Palitz, and Barry Duncan
Carol and Scott Williams
Willy Meyer, Eliza Meyer, Olivia Meyer, and Morgan Poos
Anka Palitz, Ron Burkardt, and Julie Hayek
L to R.: Valerie Peyton Horn; Kim Puffenbarger and George Palladino
Dragana Connaughton
Wendy and Silver Fritz
Ashley Frisbie

Photographs by Hagop Kalaidjian & Ben Rosser/ (Purim Ball); Annie Watt (Koller)

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