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The Society of Memorial Sloan Kettering's 7th Annual Winter Lunch at the Rainbow Room.

On Wednesday, February 5, 2020, NET-A-PORTER and The Society of Memorial Sloan Kettering hosted its 7th Annual Winter Lunch at The Rainbow Room in Rockefeller Center. Sponsored by NET-A-PORTER for the fifth consecutive year, the event was co-chaired by Shabnam Henry, Breanna Khoury, Rebekah McCabe, Dara O’Hara and Amanda Waldron.

More than 275 of The Society of MSK’s most high-profile supporters enjoyed cocktails and a seated lunch at one of New York City’s most iconic spaces — the Rainbow Room in Rockefeller Center — which was transformed by Ron Wendt Design, making for a truly glamorous event.

“We are so grateful for the past five years of this partnership with NET-A-PORTER for the Winter Lunch,” said Kate Allen, president of The Society of Memorial Sloan Kettering. “Working together with such a well-regarded and prominent organization such as NET-A-PORTER has allowed us to educate a larger public on The Society’s efforts and further awareness of MSK’s work to improve the treatment of pediatric patients.”

President of The Society of Memorial Sloan Kettering, Kate Allen.

Notable guests included: Alison Loehnis – President of NET-A-PORTER and MR PORTER and 2020 Honorary MSK Chair, Elizabeth von der Goltz, Kate Allen, Shabnam Henry, Breanna Khoury, Rebekah McCabe, Dara O’Hara, Amanda Waldron, Brent Neale Winston, Sara Gilbane Sullivan, Patricia Herrera Lansing, Tabitha Simmons, Leandra Medine, Jessica Seinfeld, Jennifer Fisher, Sofia Sanchez de Batek, Gabriela Hearst, Gucci Westman, Rosie Assoulin, Virginia Tomenson, Marcella Guarino, Kate Davis, Ferebee Taube, Annie Taube, Jennifer Oken, Lisa Errico, Amory McAndrew, Travis Acquavella, Lili Buffett, Mimi Ritzen Crawford, Erin O’Connor, CeCe Barfield Thompson, Martha Sharp, Marcie Pantzer, Anna Burke Patterson, Jill Kargman, Nili Lotan, Yesim Philip, Carolina de Neufville, Indré Rockefeller, Ana Khouri, Jessica Sailer Van Lith, Sylvana Durrett, Sarah Hoover, Nell Diamond, Anne-Gaëlle Van De Weghe, Paul Arnhold, Brett Heyman, Jane Keltner de Valle,  Rickie De Sole Webster, Gigi Stone Woods, Colby Mulgari, Kimberly Nemser, Austen Cruz, Marisa Rose van Bokhorst, Allison Aston, Betsy Pitts, Alexandra Vidal Trullols, Jenna Crespi and Mariel Kriss Sholem.

The Winter Lunch will raise critical funds to support The Society of Memorial Sloan Kettering’s newest fundraising initiative, Precision Cancer Medicine for MSK Kids. Precision Medicine brings the right drug to the right patient at the right time. At MSK Kids, critical support for the Precision Cancer Medicine Program will help bring new, more effective drugs to children with cancer, faster. For more information, visit

Kate Allen, Dr. Andrew Kung, and Alison Loehnis.
Rosie Assoulin, Elizabeth von der Goltz, and Ana Khouri.
Indré Rockefeller.
Shabnam Henry, Rebekah McCabe, Kate Allen, and Dara O’Hara.
Lili Buffett.
Brent Neale Winston, Amory McAndrew, and Jennifer Argenti.
L. to r.: Breanna Khoury and Elizabeth von der Goltz; Marcie Pantzer and Virginia Tomenson.
Gabriela Hearst, Kate Allen, and Alison Loehnis.
Annie Taube, Joanna Baker de Neufville, Allison Aston, and Virginia Tomenson.

Americares, the health-focused relief and development organization, highlighted its global health programs, including its emergency response work in the U.S. and around the world, at its second annual Winter Luncheon on January 30th.

The invitation-only event featured an intimate conversation with Actor, Director, Producer and Americares Board Member Tony Goldwyn, discussing his hands-on work with the nonprofit over the past two decades. Americares Board Members Samhita Jayanti and Sarah Saint-Amand co-hosted the successful event along with Alvia Mahmud, Amie Munk and Christie Kuehner.

Tony Goldwyn.

Americares helps communities prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters, increase access to medicine and medical supplies, improve and expand clinical services, prevent disease and promote good health. Since its founding, Americares has provided more than $18 billion in aid to 164 countries, including the United States.

For more information, visit

Sarah Saint-Amand, Tony Goldwyn, and Samhita Jayanti.
Sana Clegg.
Oksana Falenchuk.
Katherine Birch.
Jenny Goldstein and Tara Waters.
Jacqui Johnson and Michelle Mutter.
Holly Donaldson Casella and Vanessa Bendinelli.
Heather Hansen.
Gunjan Agrawal and Vani Bettegowda.
Dr. Sonal Parr.
Christine Squires, Tony Goldwyn, Christie Kuehner, and Alvia Mahmud.
Christine Squires, Amanda Riesenberg, and Andrew Allen.
Christie Kuehner, Sarah Saint-Amand, Alvia Mahmud, and Samhita Jayanti.
Beth Kojima and Dr. Sonal Parr.

Last week, Wendy Carduner welcomed 175 Junior and Intermediate members to Doubles Club (in The Sherry-Netherland Hotel) for their inaugural Apres Ski & Fondue Party.

Guests didn’t need snow to enjoy a 19-foot-long buffet station that included cheese fondue, truffle pizza, black Angus sliders & fries, tempura bass, asparagus flan and a very tempting dessert table.

Whitney Schott, Hadley Nagel, Ann Hunter Van Kirk, Russell & Lindsay Grant,  Krissie Darr, Bradley Elkman, Tara Tunney, Alexandra Pappas, Amy Hutchings, Charles Jones, Rebecca Regan, Meghan & Adam Klopp, Georgina Schaeffer, Jill Kargman and many, many more filled the dance floor until the clock struck midnight.

L. to r.: Whitney Schott, Hadley Nagel, and Wendy Carduner; Katie Harlow, Emily Gaudiani, Adele Bernhard, Helena Hackley, Pilar Bennett, and Keely Conway.
Von Massey, Ann Hunter van Kirk, and Courtney Lyons.
Sean Hennessey, Caroline Casey, Fred Spencer, and Amy Hutchings.
Sam Haig, Jason Guss, Pyper Ribble, Evan Coates, and Bradley Elkman.
Louise Armstrong, Georgina Shaeffer, and Alexandra Pappas.
L. to r.: Aley Russel, Charles Jones, and Alexandra Schwab; Jill Kargman and Lance Scott.
Zander Chatman, Meghan Klopp, and Adam Klopp.
Chris Mcgoldrick, Sophie Jedlin, Robert Strang, and Brian O’Rourke.
Russell Grant, Will Sheehan, Blake Funston, Ellen McGrath, Lindsay Grant, and Camille Barbier.
Aviva Mackin, Phoebe Darling, Foster Darling, friend, Laura Brown, and Laura Malloy.

Photographs by BFA / Rommel Demano & Kelly Taub (MSK); John Sanderson/ (Doubles)

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