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Today, Lauren Lawrence is featuring a dream told to her by Pia Getty.

For those who follow the social world of New York, Pia’s name was once everyday familiar back in the ‘80s and ‘90s, along with her two sisters Alexandra von Furstenberg and Crown Princess Marie-Chantal, daughters of  duty-free tycoon billionaire Robert Miller. They were a welcome and frequent sight to New Yorkers and very popular among the younger social crowd.

Back then they were always in one social journal or another, along with their photograph — often together. They were all in prep school and living with their parents at the Carlyle. Despite all the publicity surrounding them, off-camera, they were real people, well-brought up heiresses who were just nice girls to be around.

The fabulous Miller sisters.

With the new century, growing/grown up Pia, the eldest, was first to marry right out of college in 1992 to Christopher Getty of the oil fortune. The lavish wedding took place in Bali on a mountaintop before 300 guests and Indonesian children dropping rose petals on them.

Her wedding was considered low key and intimate compared to her sisters’ weddings which were lavish. After the weddings, the Miller sisters, as they were well known, lived more private lives then  they had as young socialites.

All three were very pretty and grew up to be young beauties, but they also developed quieter, more stable social images, as if they’d retired from the social scene.

The Miller sisters are an interesting portrait of a family including their mother and father. He was a native of Quincy, Mass., and she was a native of Ecuador.

Robert Miller is the third richest man in England; the son of a bookkeeper and salesman back in Quincy, Mass., and a Canadian born mother who had been a governess before she married. One characteristic the sisters share is clearly having been brought up in a stable and caring household.

Two, almost three, decades later, Pia, divorced, lives in London, and is mother of three sons and a daughter. She’s the American spokeswoman for the cosmetics company Sephora which is owned by her father. She also is not fond of publicity or public attention. Although I recently saw a photo of her with her daughter at a public event; and it was a sweet one of mother/daughter together with great pride on mother’s face.

SOCIETY DREAMS by Lauren Lawrence

Pia’s Dream: I am standing at the edge of a sea, on the beach at dawn. I am happy and wearing my favorite electric blue dress. I am throwing balls of different colors into the horizon. My dream is in Technicolor. This dream occurred days before my husband proposed.

The Interpretation: Pia’s wish-fulfillment dream presents an ethereal tableau filled with beginnings — it starts at the edge of the sea, at dawn, with the dreamer poised for renewal and rebirth. Infused with the first light, we know there is glistening.

Wearing ‘electric’ blue, the dreamer is plugged in, as it were, clothed in the vibrational intensity of love. Spheres are flung into the horizon; worlds are thrown away for a new world is to begin — nothing is beyond reach, apparently.

What better symbol than an harmonious sphere of wholeness and completion to represent a forthcoming proposal which the intuitive psyche must have sensed?

Quite literally, something momentous is on the horizon: The orbs in the heavens are realigning; galaxies are being remade. Such is the magical power of love. Similarly, the tossing of balls is a declarative mix of throwaway joy and pre-bridal bouquets of hopefulness.

Le coeur s’ouvre. The balls represent circles, rings that conjure marital harmonies, connectednesses and eternities. One understands that the desire to give offerings is the oblations of a grateful heart. Yet the fantasy of throwing balls is also celebratory in nature … like so many parties.

It could be either, or both. Only the dreamer’s jubilance is unmistakable. In another view, there is the realization that earthly objets are dispensable in a heavenly realm of wedded bliss.

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