Spinning Into Spring

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Doubles Club's Spin Into Spring event guests applaud for Mark Gilbertson.

Wednesday, April 26, 2023. Sunny days so far this week with temps in the low 60s, keeping some chill in the air. The city is busy.

Down at the Sherry-Netherland, at Doubles, the private club held its Spin Into Spring dinner dance with 200 in attendance. Doubles’ directrice Wendy Carduner took a moment to thank Mark Gilbertson for all that he does to make the Doubles Associates celebrations so successful. 

More applause for Mark Gilbertson.

Mark is a born organizer and party host. When Wendy refers to his ability to gather the guests (in numbers), everyone knows what she’s referring to. Mark is one of those guys who gets on the phone and spreads the word and gets the joint jumping. Being reminded of his tasks, 200 guests happily applauded in agreement.

From there it was the great Doubles dinner menu which featured an assuredly delicious entree of Glazed Salmon with Basmati Rice followed not long after by ABBA’S favorite “Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie” filled the dance floor with Hilary Dick, Mary Snow, Katherine Boulud, Bryan York Colwell, Eric Brinker, Amy Hoadley, Victor Geraci, Noel and Chris Momsen, and Paige and John Rustum among the scores of dancing guests, and a good time was had by all …

Betsy Gorton, Franco Finstad, David Gorton, and Paula Arrojo.
L. to r.: Hilary Dick and Chele Farley; Mary Snow and Brian Evans.
Greer Elizick, Sidney Forster, Taylor Anderson, and Tayrn Anderson.
L. to r.: Vanessa Noell, Andrew Nodell, and Lisa Silhanek; Don and Zari Callahan.
Kathy Reilly, Noell Momsen, Jackie Yale, and Paige Rustum.
L. to r.: Julia Parsley and Lizzy Nunley; Eric Brinker and Josh Stuart.
Ted Duff, Lauren Duff, and Mark Gilbertson.
L. to r.: Robert Brown and Faron Tozer Brown; Amy Hoadley and Polly Onet.
Victor Geraci, Chuck Weinstock, and Siobhan Callahan Hanson.
L. to r.: Katherine Boulud; Hugo Hewitt and Jill Cohen.
Brian Colwell, Faron Tozer Brown, and Stewart Manger.
Georgina Schaffer, Adam Brenner, and friend.

This year’s Children’s Museum of Manhattan (CMOM) Sunday Funday was the largest ever CMOM fundraising event. More than 850 people of all ages were on hand for a day of food, fun, music, games, art and more last Sunday at Chelsea Piers, Pier 60.

Marisa Leister, Stephanie Stuchin and Nessia Sloane Kushner co-chaired and raised more than $550,000 to help underwrite CMOM’s work at the museum and in the community. This includes their interactive exhibits, research-backed programs, and outreach programs to serve vulnerable children — including those affected by poverty, homelessness, and parental incarceration.

Justin the Magician.
Ramblin’ Dan.
Mad Science show.

The Children’s Museum of Manhattan (CMOM) is a nationally recognized leader in early childhood development. It features four floors of interactive exhibits, daily public programs, and educator-led workshops for children and families from all socio-economic backgrounds.

CMOM experiences are research-based and designed to help young children build their intellectual, emotional, physical, and social skills needed for school readiness, and to thrive in today’s world. The programs focus on learning through arts and creativity, health and wellness, science and environment, world cultures and civic mindedness. Each year it welcomes close to 350,000 people through its museum-based and city-wide outreach programs.

CMOM CEO Dava Schub and daughter.
CMOM Founding Board Chair Laurie M. Tisch and Kara Medoff Barnett.
Sunday Funday Committee Member Amir Akhavan and children with Nickelodeon Spongebob characters.
Sunday Funday Committee Member Jessica Tan and children.
Sunday Funday Committee Members Nayun Shin and Ji Lee.
Sunday Funday Nickelodeon Paw Patrol characters.
Trustee Joshua Lafer and daughter.
Trustee Julia Arnhold and Melissa Seligmann.
Trustee Laurie Zucker-Lederman and grandson.
Trustee Sewit Teckie and daughter.
Trustee Stephanie Stuchin, CEO Dava Schub, and CMOM Trustee Marisa Leister.
Emeka Okafur and Ilana Nunn Okafur and children.
Maggie Grise, Carolyn Tisch Blodgett, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, and Laurie M. Tisch.
Marc Kirschner and granddaughters.
Nancy Fisher and Carla Solomon.
New York Giants Head Coach Brian Daboll and John Rhea.
Sidney McLaurin, Theresa Williamson, and Lauran Tuck.
Sylvia Hall, CMOM Trustee Tiffany Hall, and John Rea.

Meanwhile, last week down in Palm Beach at an always-must-attend event, the Annie Watt Agency held its 3rd annual “Impromptu Portraits — One Night Only” fundraising exhibition. The invitation-only cocktail party, which was held at The Colony Hotel Solarium, brought out more than 200 glittering guests eager to catch the camera eye of Annie and her experienced team of photographers.

The scene at the Colony Hotel for the 3rd annual “Impromptu Portraits — One Night Only.”

Annie Watt has long had a stellar reputation for ‘paying it forward’ in Palm Beach and in Manhattan in gathering philanthropic contributions. The tradition continued for this “festive and dazzling” event with the support from The Colony owners, Sarah and Andrew Wetenhall.

The 2023 Honoree, Fashion Icon Iris Apfel was in attendance, selecting the Palm Beach Police Department as the recipients of the proceeds from the exhibition’s print sales. Palm Beach Chief of Police Nicholas P. Caristo and Major John Scanlan were in attendance also.

Guests viewing the exhibit in the Solarium.

More than 600 photos were on exhibit showcasing various events and parties, as well as portraits of well-known celebrities such as: Tom Hanks, Tommy Hilfiger, Jane Fonda, Barbara Walters, Candice Bergen, Sylvester Stallone, to name just a few.

All photos are available for purchase online through Annie’s website, www.AnnieWattPhotography.com

Annie had enthusiastic support from her event manager, Alexandra-Dana Gusita, as well as 6 of her photographers, 2 videographers, and a social media creator who were active onsite throughout the evening.
Errol Rappaport, Taty Horoshko, Iris Apfel, Annie Watt, and Chief of Police Nicholas P. Caristo.
Major John Scanlan, Bruce Siegal, “Iris”, Annie Watt, and Palm Beach Police Chief Nicholas P. Caristo.
Harry Benson and Iris Apfel.
Meg McCartney and Robert Caravaggi.
Eleanora Kennedy, Robert Leacock, and Robin Baker Leacock.
Ryan Kelly, Kiera Rumbough, Sabrina Forsythe, Brooke Kelly, and Prentice Brower.
Bruce Helander, Rolando, and Guy Beaumont Palmer.
George Ledes and Christine Schott Ledes.
Mackenzie Valk, Catherine Loevner, and Vivian Picheny.
Rolise Rachel and Lisa Kao.
Dottie Herman and Ron Burkhardt.
Lenny Lauren and Michel Witmer.
Faith Spencer and Marianna Abbate.
Frank D’Agostino and Jane Greaves.
Scott Moses and Lucy Anthony Webster.
Camilla Webster and Nina Yacavino.
Rick Rose and Julie Hayek.
Eileen Judell and Judy McLaren.
Annette De Lorenzo and Alex Donner.
Laurie Bodor and Jim Clark.
Lee and CeCe Black.
Samantha Delgado and Alexandra Dana Gusita.
Douglas Evans and Kianna Rivera.
Carol Calicchio and Diana Davis.
Harry Benson and Pamela O’Connor.
Felicia Taylor Gottsengen, Nicki McDonald, and Deirdre Byrne.
Gail Worth, Frank Orenstein, Arlette Gordon, and Jack Phillips.
Lieba Nesis, with Maria and Ken Fishel.
Major John Scanlan, Holly Holden, and Palm Beach Police Chief Nicholas P. Caristo.

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